Cuplock Scaffold Planks

Cuplock scaffolding steel planks work with cuplock horizontal parts to form the work platform for building constructions, birdcages, access towers, and walking boards. Thus it is also called walking boards, scaffold platforms, steel scaffold boards, etc.


  1. Material: S235
  2. Finishing: Galvanized( GI & Hot Dip Galvanized)
  3. Width: 9” (228.6mm)
  4. Length: 3’-10’ Match with Cuplock Ledger Axial Size
  5. Steel Thickness: 1.5 – 2.0mm


  1. Easy Erect(Just Put On Cuplock Ledgers)
  2. Durable: Galvanized Surface with Long Life
  3. Compatible with All Brand of Cuplock System
  4. Work for Ringlock System
  5. EN 12811 Class 3 Heavy Duty Safety Load Capacity

Wellmade is a professional cuplock scaffolding parts manufacturer and exporter in China. Our cuplock scaffolding planks are CE-certified safety and tested according to EN 12811 standards for sale. Send us a mail to get a good price now.

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Planks  Types

  • Cuplock Steel Plank with Hooks
  • Plain End Cuplock Plank (Scaffold Battens)

Hook On Cuplock Planks

Hook-on cuplock planks works with OD48.3mm cuplock ledgers.  it is easy to erect, just need to put them on the cuplock ledgers.

cuplock scaffolding steel planks with hooks long and short sizes
cuplock scaffolding steel planks with hooks long and short sizes

Plain End Cuplock Steel Planks

Plain end cuplock plank is also called scaffold battens or metal decks.  There works with cuplock omega transoms in the erection. The omega transoms with a seat allow scaffold battens to sit on it without moving.

cuplock scaffold battens with plain ends without hooks
cuplock scaffold battens with plain ends without hooks

Cuplock Scaffold Steel Plank Size & Specifications

Code No.ItemsSizeWeight (KG)Finishing
WCP022 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx2′4.07Pre-gal & HDG
WCP033 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx3′6.15Pre-gal & HDG
WCP044 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx4′8.23Pre-gal & HDG
WCP055 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx5′10.32Pre-gal & HDG
WCP066 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx6′12.40Pre-gal & HDG
WCP077 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx7′14.48Pre-gal & HDG
WCP088 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx8′16.57Pre-gal & HDG
WCP099 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx9′18.65Pre-gal & HDG
WCP1010 ft Scaffold Planks9″x67.5mmx10′20.73Pre-gal & HDG

Cuplock Planks VS Cuplock Ledger Size

Cuplock planks lengths need to match up with the sizes of cuplock ledgers. Ledger sizes are measured axial center to center sizes.  The sizes can be standard sizes in 0.6m to 3.0m. Customized sizes are available too.

How to Calculate Cuplock Scaffolding Quantities

If you want to know how to calculate the cuplock scaffold quantities, can open the following pages: How to Calculate Scaffolding Quantities 

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