Cuplock Scaffold Planks

Wellmade’s Cuplock Scaffolding Parts are Tested Conform to EN12811 Standard.

As EN1090 & ISO 3834 (CE) Certified Cuplock Scaffolding Parts Manufacturer, You can find Plump &Strong Welding Seam of All Wellmade’s Cuplock Scaffolding Parts to Secure Your Construction Safety.

Cuplock Plank is Access Components of Cuplock Scaffolding. The Cuplock Scaffolding Parts form Walk Boards&Work Platform For Your Building and Access Tower.

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Raw Material In Test

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The Cuplock Scaffolding Parts Include Standard Verticals, Ledger Horizontals, Diagonal Braces, Adjustable Screw Jacks, Steel Planks, Cuplock Stairs, Hop Up Brackets etc.

Wellmade’s  Cuplock Steel Plank is a type of Scaffolding Walk Board with Hooks.
The Cuplock Scaffolding Parts is Galvanized Steel In Size of230mm width,67mm height.
Wellmade’s Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Plank Parts are compatible with all Brands, All Size&Specificaitons of Cuplock Scaffolding Systems.
Wellmade Customized Your Cuplock Scaffolding Parts and Planks in Length According to Your Construction Scaffolding Design.

Cuplock Scaffold Plank Size

Code No.ItemsSize
WCP022 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx2′
WCP033 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx3′
WCP044 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx4′
WCP055 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx5′
WCP066 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx6′
WCP077 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx7′
WCP088 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx8′
WCP099 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx9′
WCP1010 ft Scaffold Planks230x67mmx10′



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