Cuplock Scaffolding Standard

Cuplock Scaffolding Standard Vertical is made by OD48.3x3.2mm Scaffold Tube in S235 and S355 Steel Grade For Normal Duty and OD48.3x4.0mm Scaffold Tube for Heavy Duty Hi Load Shore System. 

Cuplock Scaffolding Standard is with Forged/Cast Top Cup in Customized and Pressed Steel Bottom Cup at every 500 intervals to be connected by cuplock scaffolding ledger horizontals between 2 cuplock standards. 

Cuplock Standard(Hot Dip Galvanized)

Cuplock Scaffolding Standards


Galvanized Cuplock Scaffolding Standard Size

Size&Specifications(ODxTHxLH) Weight
OD48.3x3.2mmx1'8" 7.77
OD48.3x3.2mmx3'3" 13.88
OD48.3x3.2mmx4'3" 18.22
OD48.3x3.2mmx4'11" 19.91
OD48.3x3.2mmx6' 24.31
OD48.3x3.2mmx6'6" 25.99
OD48.3x3.2mmx7'6" 30.37
OD48.3x3.2mmx8'2" 32.05
OD48.3x3.2mmx9'2" 36.47
OD48.3x3.2mmx9'10" 38.16

 Cuplock Standard(Painted) 

Painted Cuplock Scaffolding Standards

Cuplock Scaffolding Standards (Painted)

Length Weight(lbs)
OD48.3x3.2mmx0.5m 7.77
OD48.3x3.2mmx1m 13.88
OD48.3x3.2mmx1.3m 18.22
OD48.3x3.2mmx1.5m 19.91
OD48.3x3.2mmx1.8m 24.31
OD48.3x3.2mmx2m 25.99
OD48.3x3.2mmx2.3m 30.37
OD48.3x3.2mmx2.5m 32.05
OD48.3x3.2mmx2.8m 36.47
OD48.3x3.2mmx3m 38.16





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