Cuplock Scaffolding Standard

Wellmade is Cuplock Scaffolding Manufacturer. Cuplock Standard is Vertical Parts of Cuplock Scaffolding System. It Is Made From OD48.3mm Standard Scaffold Pipes With Top Cups and Bottom Cups On.

Wellmade Cuplock Standards are Tested According to EN 12810 Standard.  Welding Quality of the Standards is Conform to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE Requirement.

You Can find Both Galvanized and Painted Cuplock Standards from Wellmade. Our Cuplock Standards are Adapter with All Brand Cuplock Scaffolding System.

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Cuplock Standard Guide

What is cuplock standard

Cuplock standard is also called cuplock verticals. It is steel upright in the cup lock modular scaffold system.  In construction, the cup lock standard transfers the entire weight from the structure to the ground.

In manufacturing, the cuplock standards are manufactured from 3.2mm or 4.0mm thickness scaffolding pipes. On the standard OD48mm scaffold tube welded with serval sets of top cup and bottom cup. The cuplcok cups are locking cuplock ledgers, brace, brackets in installation.  Cuplock scaffolding cups are welded at 50cm intervals according to international standards.

Cuplock standards effective measurement is top to bottom(not including the cuplock spigot). We call it the length or height of the cuplock standard. You can find the standard sizes of the cuplcok vericals are 0.5m, 1.0, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m,3.0m, 3.5m, etc.

In quality control, the cuplock standard steel raw materials are tested according to BS1139 standard. Cuplock cup strengths are also tested before being put into mass production.

cuplock scaffold standard and standard sizes

cuplock scaffolding standard and standard sizesMore than standard cuplock verticals at every 50cm, there are 1.8m and 2.3m cuplock standards too. The special 1.8m and 2.3m cuplcok standards are designed for safe protection and handrail requirements in construction. It strengthens the cuplock tower bearing in construction and formwork too.

Wellmade customs your cuplcok standard sizes & specifications too. For instance, you can find 60cm interval cup lock standards here.

What is Cuplock Scaffolding

Cuplock scaffolding is one of the 3 major types of scaffolding systems. It is prefabricated modular steel scaffolding material used widely for construction, shoring, building, maintenance, etc. The cuplock scaffolding is different from other scaffold materials because it is welded with cups. While other 3 types of scaffolding include ringlock, kwikstage, quick lock scaffold:

  1. Ringlock with Rosette Rings
  2. Kwikstage with Star Clips
  3. Quick Lock with Flower Rosette

How Strong is Cuplock Scaffold Standards

Cuplock scaffold standard yield strength is more than 235N/mm2. You can ask cuplcok standard with yield strength in 355 N/mm2 for both 3.2mm and 4.0mm cuplock poles.

Wellmade Cuplock Standard(Verticals)

Wellmade is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of cuplock system scaffolding. The standard of cuplock scaffolding is the vertical parts of the cup lock system scaffold. It is in O.D 48.3 mm tubular with top cup and bottom cup.

We manufacture Wellmade cuplock verticals for different industrial, residential, and commercial markets.

All of our cuplock vertical is manufactured to meet all scaffolding industry standards. Wellmade cuplock vertical is one of Wellmade’s broad selection of cuplock scaffolding accessories.

Our cuplock vertical is one of the most popular and most used cuplock scaffolding on the market today for its easy to assemble benefits. It also improves labour productivity.

Wellmade cuplock vertical is fabricated using fine metal to ensure high-strength. You can find from Wellmade a cuplock vertical with many beneficial features:

  • the simplicity of components and their connection
  • versatility of application
  • elimination of loose wedges
  • low maintenance
  • no special tools required for assembly
  • galvanized components for corrosion resistance
  • lightweight
  • high-load capacity

You can use a Wellmade cuplock vertical for access or formwork support. They are versatile and widely used in demolition, construction, or maintenance projects for any structural type.

Wellmade cuplock vertical is available in various sizes, specifications, weight, designs, and finishes. For the finishes, you can find painted cuplock vertical, powder-coated cuplock vertical, and galvanized cuplock vertical.

Wellmade is the most trusted exporters and manufacturers of cuplock vertical used in scaffolding formwork. In fact, Wellmade cuplock vertical is very popular in the marketplace.

We are a professional company in China that delivers and manufactures the best-in-class cuplock vertical and other scaffolding as per your requirements.

We also offer custom cuplock vertical based on your specific requirements. In the production, we utilize modern fabrication technology, consecutive in accordance with internationally accredited manufacturing procedures and principles.

Wellmade guarantees the best features in our cuplock vertical and other scaffolding products. We strive to give you the best cuplock vertical at very competitive prices.

Cuplock Scaffolding Standard Sizes & Specification

CodeItemsSize(mm)Top Cup No.Weight(lbs)
WCS05Cuplock Standard 0.5mO.D 48.3×50017.77
WCS10Cuplock Standard 1.0mO.D 48.3×1000213.88
WCS13Cuplock Standard 1.3mO.D 48.3×1300318.22
WCS15Cuplock Standard 1.5mO.D 48.3×1500319.91
WCS18Cuplock Standard 1.8mO.D 48.3×1800424.31
WCS20Cuplock Standard 2.0mO.D 48.3×2000425.99
WCS23Cuplock Standard 2.3mO.D 48.3×2300530.37
WCS25Cuplock Standard 2.5mO.D 48.3×2500532.05
WCS28Cuplock Standard 2.8mO.D 48.3×2800636.47
WCS30Cuplock Standard 3.0mO.D 48.3×3000638.16

Cuplock Scaffolding Manual Down Load (PDF)

Cuplock Scaffolding Ledgers

Cuplock Scaffolding Ledgers
Cuplock Scaffolding Ledgers
Cuplock Scaffold Ledgers are horizontal members of Cup lock System Scaffold. It is with legder blades to connect with cuplcok standards. Cuplock Ledgers are made from Outer Diameter Scaffold Tube 48.3mm, BS1139 EN10219 Standard.  
Forged Ledger Blades are Components at both ends of the Cuplock Ledgers. Wellmade Scaffold use only Forged Ledger Blades to Remain great quality and safe products.  
There are galvanized finished cuplock ledgers and paint ledgers. While You can find Galvanized Ledger Blades are Opened Type. The Open holes are used for Galvanizing Flows. Painted Cuplock Ledgers are with Closed Type of Blades. The Closed Cuplock Blades Save Cost to avoid Paint Waste.
Customized Lengths of cuplock ledgers are available according to construction scaffolding design.
Wellmade Scaffold, as China ISO9001 & CE Certificated Scaffolding Manufacturer, keeps ISO3834 & En1090 Europe Standard Requirement in Welding and ISO9001 Management Controlling System in Scaffolding Material Production, Quality, and Safety.

Cuplock Scaffold Transoms

cuplock scaffolding transom
cuplock scaffolding transom
Cuplock Scaffold Transoms are 5 Boards Platform Support in 1.3m. It also supports between Hop-Up Bracket Platform.
The transom span inside ledgers.
It is made from OD 48.3 x 3.2mm Scaffold Tube in lightweight with Wedge Device to Avoid any move of cuplock ledgers. 
Wellmade’s Cuplock Transom is compatible with all other Cuplock System Components.
There are normal Intermediate Cuplock Transom and Inside Cuplock Scaffolding Transom According to Purpose of Construction Scaffolding Usage and Design.
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