Cuplock Ledger

Wellmade is Cuplock Scaffolding Manufacturer. Cuplock Ledger is Horizontal Parts of The Cuplock Scaffolding System.

Wellmade Produces Cuplock Ledgers According to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE Standard. You Can Find Plump and Strong Welding Line Cuplock Ledgers in Our Factory.

Cuplock Ledger Sizes are Customized in Wellmade. While Standard Cuplock Ledger Size Include 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m etc.

Cuplock Ledger Weight Chart and Load Capacity of each size are available.

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Painted and Galvanized Cuplock Ledgers 

Wellmade’s Cuplock Ledger is made by  Scaffold Tube 48.3mm O.D.
Our Cuplock Scaffolding Raw Material is tested according to BS1139 and EN10219 Standard.   
Forged Ledger Blades are Components at both ends of the Cuplock Ledgers. It is connecting part of the Cuplock Scaffold Ledgers, Fixing between Cuplock Standard Cups.
Wellmade Scaffold’s Forged Ledger Blades are More Stable Material Than Cast Cuplock Ledger Blades. It Keeps Cuplock Scaffolding Tower In Stable and Safety In Construction.
There are galvanized finished cuplock ledgers and paint ledgers in Wellmade:  
  1. Galvanized Cuplock Ledgers are with Open End Cuplock Ledger Blades. There is a Hole on Galvanizing Cuplock Ledger Blades. The Hole helps  Galvanizing Zinc Flowing during Hot Dip Galvanize.
  2. Paint Cuplock Ledger is with  Closed Type of Ledger Blades. Closed Ledger Blades Helps Save Paint Liquid.
Customized Lengths of Cuplock Ledgers are available according to Your Construction Scaffolding Design and Formwork Concrete Requirement.
Wellmade Cuplock Ledgers Quality Controlling System is According to ISO 9001 Standard Requirement. You Can Find The Test of the Cuplock Ledgers from Steel Raw Material, Steel Scaffold Tubes, Welding Line Test, Load Capacity Test and Mock-Up Inspection of the Cuplock Scaffolding System.

Normal Cuplock Ledger Scaffolding Sizes

Code No.ItemsSize&SpecificationWeight(KG)Finishing
WCL0600.6m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x600mm5.44HDG & Paint
WCL0900.9m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x900mm7.82HDG & Paint
WCL1001.0m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x1000mm8.62HDG & Paint
WCL1201.2m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x1200mm9.41HDG & Paint
WCL1251.25m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x1250mm10.62HDG & Paint
WCL1301.30m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x1300mm11.02HDG & Paint
WCL1501.5m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x1500mm12.62HDG & Paint
WCL1601.6m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x1600mm13.40HDG & Paint
WCL1801.8m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x1800mm14.99HDG & Paint
WCL2002.0m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x2000mm16.58HDG & Paint
WCL2502.5m Cuplock LedgerOD48.3x2500mm20.58HDG & Paint
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