How to Fix Scaffold Spigot On Ringlock Standards

Ringlock scaffolding system is a modular scaffold system. Ringlock standards are the vertical parts of the ring system. Sizes are 0.5m to 4m in height. In construction, you need to erect ringlock standards one to another to make the scaffolding reach your construction height requirement.

In this case, ringlock scaffold spigots are the important connectors for the ringlock scaffolding system.

How to fix the spigot on the ringlock standards?

1. Pressed in one end of the spigot inside of the ringlock in manufacturing


1)save time avoid fixing two ends of the spigot

2)Save one set of bolts and nuts for each ringlock standards

3)Scaffold spigot is not removable

4)Not suitable for formwork scaffolding which needs to insert U head (fixed and adjustable u head jacks) or fixed fork head and fork head jacks inside of the ringlock standards, instead of scaffold spigots.

2. Open End Ringlock Standards with Separate Scaffold Spigot Coupling Pins


1)Can be used for all construction, facade, and formwork scaffolding

2)Easy to work with adjustable U head and fixed U head for formwork scaffolding slab and beam shoring.

3)Take more time in scaffold erection

4)Need more bolts and nuts to fix the ringlock spigot inside of both lower and up ringlock standards

 3. Scaffold spigot fixed inside of ringlock standards by bolts and nuts


1)Save time at the construction site, only need to fix one end of the spigot on up ringlock standards

2)Bolt and nuts are removable if want to use the ringlock standards work with scaffold U heads

3)Can use for both formwork concrete shoring and construction building scaffolding

4. Long Integrally cast spigot with cross holes


1)The spigot can be inserted into the ringlock standards much deeper

2)Take more weight and distribute more load

3)Suitable for table formwork scaffolds that need to be hanged and moved in construction integrally.

4)Stable fixing and connection without any risks of looses and loss.

5) Use two 8.8 class strong M12x60mm bolts and nuts or use scaffold hinged pins for convenient connection.

Note: A suitable tools are needed to tighten the bolts and nuts when fixing scaffold spigot inside of the ringlock scaffold standards.
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