How to Fix Spigot On Ringlock Standard

Ringlock Standard Vertical and Spigot Can be Fixed by bolt and Nut, which is removable,convenient to use for concrete formwork support that connect with U Head Jack.
Non-removable way between spigot and ringlock standard is press-in spigot into the ringlock standard.
There are 2 ways of this type of press-in Type Spgiot.
One Fixing Way Between Standard and Spigot is Spot Pressing Like Layher Allround System. Another Way of the press-in is Line Pressing.Which is better and stronger, which used in a lot of Europe Scaffolding and Formwork Companies too.
Which one do you like?
ringock spigot is fixed by way shape into standard
ringlock standard spigot fixed by spot way into standard verticals
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