Concrete Formwork Cross Head for Slab and Beam

Wellmade is formwork cross head manufacturer in China. The cross head is also called fork head scaffold.
We produces two different types of formwork cross head:
  • Fixed  type formwork cross head
  • Adjustable formwork cross head

Fixed forkhead with a spigot connected with the scaffolding poles. While the adjustable cross head is with a screw stem and jack nuts.

Wellmade’s adjustable cross head jacks are the same function as scaffold u head. It is used to support the concrete formwork beams in construction.  Engineering, the formwork cross heads are compatible with all types of concrete forwmork system include slab formwork and beam formwork, etc.
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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Formwork Cross Head

Wellmade’s formwork cross head is a type of 4 way direction u head. It is working with all brands of formwork systems include Peri and Doka formwork.
In the construction, you can use the formwork corss head in the steel formwork, timber formwork, aluminum formwork, and steel-ply composition formwork system.
There are fixed type and adjustable type of cross heads in Wellmade. Both of them are used to support the formwork beams.  Because of the special four way direction design, Wellmade’s formwork cross heads are able to support all types of formwork beams: timber Beams, aluminium beams, and steel beams, etc.  

Adjustable Fork head with Screw Jack Base

In fabrication, Wellmade’s fixed type of formwork cross head could with different types of a spigot. Basically, there are tubular type spigot and U-shaped spigot with handle. In construction shoring, the formwork cross head spigots are used to be inserted into holes of the top plate of the scaffolding shoring props.  
Wellmade is not only producing the fixed and adjustable cross heads, you can find all other shoring components of the concrete formwork, including scaffolding props, u head jacks, formwork panels, scaffolding jacks, all types of scaffold systems, and frames, etc.
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Concrete Formwork Fixed Cross Head Size&Specification

WFCH-P Fixed Cross Head with Plate Spigot245x155x35mm2.5KG
WFCH-TFixed Cross Head with Hollow Tube Spigot245x155x35mm2.6KG
WFCH-BFixed Cross Head with Solid Bar Spigot245x155x35mm2.7KG

Why Wellmade Scaffold?
l Independent Test 24 Hours On:
1. –Raw Material Chemical & Physicals Test, Ensuring Qualified Grade Steel;
2. -24 Hours Sampling Welding Quality Test
3. -Scaffolding Safety Load Capacity Test
4. Mock-up Inspection Before Mass Production
l ISO3834 & EN1090 CE Management and Welding Certificate
ISO9001 Management System
Win – Win Business Philosophies, Bring Benefits to Clients By Product Value
l Pursue Long Term Partnership By Quality & Service
l Expert in Layher and Peri Scaffolding System & Components


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