U Head Jack

U head jack is also called u jack scaffolding,u head jack base, adjustable u head, adjustable stirrup head etc.

It is scaffold components used for shuttering. In the shuttering construction, the U head jack works with acrow props, scaffold systems(ringlock, cuplock, kwiksgage, quick lock, frame scaffolding), tube and clamps, heavy duty shoring system (crab 60 scaffolding, 60mm shore system ringlock, shoring frame, etc), and steel soldier to support steel, aluminium, and timber primary decking and form the slab shoring system in concrete.

Wellmade U head jacks are tested according to EN 12810 standards. We supply hot dip galvanized, painted, and E-galvanized U-head jacks with the required size and specifications.

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  1. Compatible with standards parts of scaffolding
  2. Heavy duty load ensure safety of construction
  3. Offer load test report
  4. Long life and repeat using
  5. CE (ISO3834& EN 1090) certified
  6. ISO 9001 Quality Control
  7. Free Embosses On Products
  8. Packed by Steel Pallets Convenient for Stock and Transportation
Wellmade U Jack Scaffolding is Used popularly in Support for Concrete Formwork System. It is compatible with Slab Formwork, Beam Formwork.
The U Jack Scaffolding Size is Decide and Designed according to the Formwork Beams. Include the formwork main beam and secondary beam sizes.
In Fabrication, Wellmade keeps holes on flaps of the U Jack Scaffolding.  This hole is designed for construction safety. It helps formwork beams and u head jack conjunction together. Makes construction concrete and shoring scaffolding material more stable during concrete forming and shuttering.
You can consult the U Jack Scaffolding Safety Load Capacity and Technical Data before U Jack Scaffolding Buying.
The thickness of the Steel Plate Material on the U Jack Scaffolding Impacts U Jack Scaffolding Safety Load Too.  Thicker Plate of the U Head, Stronger Load.
Threaded bars dimension and sizes are designed to compatible with the inner diameter of Scaffolding System Vertical Tubes and Poles.
Normally You can choose O.D 36mm Solid U Head Screw Jacks and O..D 38mm U Jacks for O.D 48.3mm Ringlock Scaffolding.
For Heavy Duty and High Load Shoring Ringlock Scaffolding, U Head Jack Scaffolding could be O.D 48mm.

Scaffold U Jack Scaffolding For Ringlock System

WRJU3636mm Solid U JackRinglock, Cuplcok,KwikstageOD36x600mm7.40KG
WRJU3838mm Hollow U JackRinglock, Cuplcok,KwikstageOD38x600mm6.35KG
WRJU4848mm Hollow&Solid U JackOD 60mm RinglockOD48x600mm7.5KG


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