Scaffold Jack U - Slab Formwork Painted U Head

U Jack Scaffolding with Parts of  U head(painted or galvanized), Jack nut, and Threaded Bars., It is components of Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Kwikstage Scaffolding and Scaffold Frame System.
According to The U Jack Scaffolding Threaded Bar Type, There are Solid U Jack Scaffolding and Hollow U Jack Scaffolding.
Solid U Jack Scaffolding is made from Round Bars. While Hollow Type U Jack Scaffolding is made from Hollow Steel Pipes in Seamless or Welded.
Wellmade Customize Your U Jack Scaffolding In Size, Specification and Surface Treatment.  You can Find Painted, E-galvanized(zinc-plated), Self-finished and Hot dip galvanized U Jack Scaffolding from Wellmade.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Wellmade U Jack Scaffolding is Used popularly in Support for Concrete Formwork System. It is compatible with Slab Formwork, Beam Formwork.
The U Jack Scaffolding Size is Decide and Designed according to the Formwork Beams. Include the formwork main beam and secondary beam sizes.
In Fabrication, Wellmade keeps holes on flaps of the U Jack Scaffolding.  This hole is designed for construction safety. It helps formwork beams and u head jack conjunction together. Makes construction concrete and shoring scaffolding material more stable during concrete forming and shuttering.
You can consult the U Jack Scaffolding Safety Load Capacity and Technical Data before U Jack Scaffolding Buying.
The thickness of the Steel Plate Material on the U Jack Scaffolding Impacts U Jack Scaffolding Safety Load Too.  Thicker Plate of the U Head, Stronger Load.
Threaded bars dimension and sizes are designed to compatible with the inner diameter of Scaffolding System Vertical Tubes and Poles.
Normally You can choose O.D 36mm Solid U Head Screw Jacks and O..D 38mm U Jacks for O.D 48.3mm Ringlock Scaffolding.
For Heavy Duty and High Load Shoring Ringlock Scaffolding, U Head Jack Scaffolding could be O.D 48mm.

Scaffold U Jack Scaffolding For Ringlock System

WRJU3636mm Solid U JackRinglock, Cuplcok,KwikstageOD36x600mm7.40KG
WRJU3838mm Hollow U JackRinglock, Cuplcok,KwikstageOD38x600mm6.35KG
WRJU4848mm Hollow&Solid U JackOD 60mm RinglockOD48x600mm7.5KG


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