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Scaffold U Head

Types of Scaffold U Head for Concrete Shoring Support. Fixed & Adjustable U Head and Fork Head.

U Head

Scaffold U heads include fixed and adjustable types. They are top-head components of the shoring scaffold system for concrete slabs and beams. In concrete shuttering, the top U head is used to support timber, steel, or aluminum scaffold beams, including H20 timber beams, steel section boxes, aluma beams, etc.

Fixed scaffold u head is with tubular or striped spigot connecting with scaffold verticals. Include two-way type and four-way type. Four-way type of fixed scaffold U head is called fixed fork head(cross head) too.

Adjustable scaffold U head is also called scaffold U jacks. Scaffold U jacks included an adjustable threaded tube or bar to adjust scaffolding to a specified height in construction.  Same as fixed U head, adjustable U jacks include two-way U jacks and four-way fork-head jacks as well.

Scaffold U heads are designed for different types of scaffolding including ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, frame scaffolding, quick lock scaffold, crab 60 shoring scaffolding, tube and clamp system, etc.

The head sizes of the U-head scaffolding are customized based on your beam width. Adjusting range and overall height of the scaffold U head are customized from 100 to 1000mm.

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U Head Scaffolding Types

Main Frame Scaffolding U Head Jacks

U Head jacks are adjustable. Include solid and hollow types. The diameter of the U Jack stem is 26mm to 48mm.

Adjustable Fork head with Screw Jack Base

Fork Head jacks are also called four way jacks. It can support beams from all direction. Fork head jack stem diameter mostly 38mm for scaffold system and 48mm for shoring system.

Formwork Cross Head Fixed Fork Heads

The fixed cross head is also called fixed four way fork heads. It is not adjustable. But with a spigot. The spigot connects with scaffold poles and props in construction.

coarse threaded scaffold screw jack u head top head for ringlock system

Coarse threaded (quick threaded) scaffold U head jacks are components of ringlock system scaffold.  Faster in adjusting and good for hot dip galvanizing with thicker zinc thickness.

48mm Scaffold U Head Jacks for Crab 60 Scaffolding System

OD48mm diameter scaffold U jacks are components of the crab 60 shoring system. It is jointed with OD60mm Crab 60 vertical parts of standards, triangle frames to form a heavy-duty shoring tower for high load request concrete shuttering work.

Slab Post Adj U Head

Extension U heads are with holes. They are used as an inner tube work together with scaffold poles or outer tubes.  You can fix the holes to make the extension u head to a required position.

galvanized universal jack for scaffolding

Universal jacks can be used together with socket U head fixing by the bolts.  Universal Jack + Fixed U Head = Adjustable U Jacks

U Head Scaffolding Manufacturing Video

Wellmade Manufactures U Head Scaffolding According to ISO 9001 & ISo 3834, EN1009 CE Certification Requirement.

We Customize Scaffold U Heads in Sizes, Diameters, Adjustable Lengths, and Jack Nuts to Match Your Scaffolding and Shoring System.

After the U-head welding, they will be finished in galvanized, painted or powder coated for anti-corrosion purposes.

  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Painted, Coated, Galvanized
  • Steel Grade: S235, S355, 45 Steel
  • Pitch: 6.35mm and 8mm(Fast Threads)
  • Diameter: 26-48mm



U Head Scaffolding

U Head Scaffold Sizes

U head  for 48mm Ringlock Scaffolding

Part No.DescriptionPitchFinishing
WRU3860 – AOD38x600mm Scaffold U Head Jack6.35mmHDG|Cold Gal
WRU3840 – AOD38x400mm Scaffold U Head Jack6.35mmHDG|Cold Gal
WRU3860 – QOD38600mm Scaffold U Head Jack8.00mmHDG|Cold Gal
WRU3840 – QOD38x400mm Scaffold U Head Jack8.00mmHDG|Cold Gal

U Head for 60mm Ringlock Shore System

Part No.DescriptionPitchFinishing
WRU4860 – AOD48x600mm Scaffold U Head Jack6.35mmHDG|Cold Gal
WRU4840 – AOD48x400mm Scaffold U Head Jack6.35mmHDG|Cold Gal

U Head for Kwikstage Scaffolding

Part No.DescriptionPitchFinishing
WKU3873 – HOD38x730mm U Head Jack for South Africa Kwikstage6.35mmHDG|Cold Gal
WKU3565 – SOD35x650mm  Solid U Head for Australia Kwikstage6.35mmHDG|Cold Gal
WKU3571 – IOD35x708mm  Solid U Head for Indonesia Speedshore6.35mmHDG|Cold Gal

U Head for Cuplock Scaffolding

Part No.DescriptionPitchFinishing
WCU3876 – HOD38x760mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGal | Painted
WCU3860- HOD38x600mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGal | Painted

U Head for Quick Lock Scaffolding

Part No.DescriptionPitchFinishing
WQU3460 – SOD38x760mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized|Coated
WCU3860- HOD38x600mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized|Coated
WQU3615 – FFixed U Head 150mmNoGalvanized|Coated

U Head for Crab 60 Scaffolding System

Part No.DescriptionPitchFinishing
WCBU4860 – HOD48x600mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized

U Head for 42mm Traditional Frames

Part No.DescriptionPitchFinishing
W1F3060 – SOD30x600mm Solid U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized|Paint
W1F3260 – SOD32x600mm Solid U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized|Paint
W1F3460 – SOD34x600mm Solid U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized|Paint
W1F3560 – SOD35x600mm Solid U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized|Paint

U Head for 60mm&57mm Shoring Frames

Part No.DescriptionPitchFinishing
WSFU4860 – HOD48x600mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized
WSFU4880 – HOD48x800mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized
WSFU4890 – HOD48x900mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized
WSFU48100 – HOD48x1000mm U Head Scaffold6.35mmGalvanized

U Head for Steel Props

Part No.DescriptionSpigotFinishing
WSP36100 – FOD36x100mm U Head ScaffoldTubularGalvanized
WSP36150 – FOD36x150mm U Head ScaffoldTubularGalvanized
WSP32100 – FOD32x100mm U Head ScaffoldTubularGalvanized
WSP32150 – FOD32x150mm U Head ScaffoldTubularGalvanized
WSP26100 – FOD26x100mm U Head ScaffoldTubularGalvanized
WSP26100 – FOD26x100mm U Head ScaffoldTubularGalvanized


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