Aluminum Planks For Scaffold

Wellmade is Aluminum Plank Manufacturer In China. We Produce All Sizes Aluminum Planks for Your Scaffolding Systems and Frames.
Wellmade’s Aluminum Planks is Lightweight. And Safe Duty of Our Aluminum Planks is More Than 500 Pounds.
Anti- Slip Surface of Wellmade’s Aluminum Planks Bring Another Security to Your Construction Scaffolding.
As CE Certified Aluminum Scaffold Planks Manufacturer, You can find Top Quality of Aluminum Planks In Fabrication Design, Welding, Aluminum Alloy Grade.
Wellmade Offers Door to Door Aluminum Delivery All Around The USA&Canada from China.
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Wellmade Aluminum Scaffold Planks

Wellmade aluminum planks are ideal for swing stage, ladder jack, or catwalk applications. They are manufactured in twist-proof and slip-resistant decking construction that provides stability and safety.

Wellmade aluminum scaffolding planks are made from sturdy, excellent quality aluminum. They are manufactured intended to hold up to the elements and will withstand heavy use.

You can find from Wellmade aluminum scaffolding planks available in numerous lengths, widths, and weight rated for one, two, or three people. There are different types of aluminum scaffolding planks in Wellmade:

  • Full aluminum planks
  • Aluminum planks with plywood
  • Aluminum planks with trapdoor and platform ladders

With aluminum scaffolding planks, you will be able to move and walk naturally without fears of the scaffold plank twisting, bending, or feeling unsteady beneath your feet. Because our aluminum scaffold planks are manufactured in twist-proof design.

In addition, Wellmade aluminum scaffold planks are light in weight featuring individual decking to keep material build-up to a minimum. Compared to metal scaffold planks, the aluminum scaffold planks are much easier handling in building and construction.

Our aluminum scaffold planks are available in different sizes. The most popular sizes of aluminum scaffold planks you will find from Wellmade would be 19 inches and 24 inches. Wellmade aluminum scaffold planks are able to work with all scaffolding system and frames:

  • Ringlock (pin lock scaffold)
  • Cuplock
  • Scaffolding frames shoring
  • Lightweight type

Whether you need aluminum planks to hold a single person, two, or even three people, Wellmade aluminum scaffold planks are what exactly you need. Our aluminum scaffold plank can hold up to 750 pounds. So, you can feel confident and safe in your job.

What’s more, Wellmade aluminum planks can be customized. We will customize your aluminum scaffold planks in width and length according to your construction scaffolding design.

Wellmade aluminum scaffold plank is manufactured and distributed to USA, Canada, and other companies throughout the world. We offer a product warranty to make your import free and easy.

Wellmade is certified to the ISO9001 management system, ISO3834 & EN1090 CE management, and welding certificate.

Wellmade Scaffold is indeed a professional one-stop aluminum scaffold planks manufacturing solution. Send us your specific requirements and we will do the rest for you! We have a complete solution for the aluminum scaffold planks you need. We are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum scaffold plank in China for more than 10 years.

Learn more about our selection of aluminum scaffold plank and determine which size and length are right for your next projects. Reach out to the Wellmade Scaffold team today! Our service team and experienced sales team is capable to answer your questions quickly and provide you with the advice you need to make the right choice.

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Wellmade’s Full Aluminum Planks

Code No.DescriptionSizeWeight(LBS)
WAL19055′ Aluminum Planks19″ x 5′25
WAL19077′ Aluminum Planks19″ x 7′30
WAL19088’Aluminum Planks19″ x 8′35
WAL191010′ Aluminum Planks19″ x 10′39
Aluminium Plank with plywood platform
Aluminium Plank with plywood platform

Aluminum Planks with Plywood

Code No.DescriptionSizeWeight(LBS)
WALP 19077’Aluminium Plywood Deck19″ x 7′35.1
WALP 191010’Aluminium Plywood Deck19″ x 10′51

Aluminum Planks Integrated with Trapdoor Open Window and Single Ladder

WMAL2401Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 1.07m24″x1.07m11KG
WMAL2415Trapdoor Scaffold Platform  1.57m24″x1.57m15KG
WMAL2420Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 2.07m24″x2.07m19KG
WMAL2425Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 2.57m24″x2.57m23KG
WMAL2430Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 3.07m24″x3.07m27KG
Aluminium Plank with plywood platform
Aluminium Plank with plywood platform


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