Metal Scaffold Plank

Metal plank is one common type of scaffold plank. As a professional manufacturer of scaffold planks, we would like to introduce the metal planks, types of metal scaffold planks, and advantages compared to other types of scaffold planks.

Metal planks are scaffold planks made of steel material. It is flat pieces placed between scaffold verticals to form platforms on the scaffold for workers working, standing, walking, and accessing during construction.

Metal plank types include hook-on scaffold boards and plain ends steel planks.

The hook-on scaffold boards are steel boards with plank hooks at both ends. They are hooked to scaffold horizontal members, like scaffold ledgers, transoms, etc, and are secured by hook wind protection locks.

Plain ends steel planks with no hooks. They are secured by scaffold board clamps or steel wires during construction.

How Long Do Steel Scaffold Boards Last?

Steel scaffold boards are always galvanized or painted for rusty protection purposes. The life span of the metal scaffold plank is as follows:

  • Hot dip galvanized steel scaffold planks can use for 15-20 years
  • Pre-galvanized scaffold metal planks can use 3-10 years
  • Painted scaffold metal planks can use 2-6 years

How Much Weight of Scaffold Metal Plank Hold?

According to the scaffold metal deck bearing weight, there are light-duty (one-person), medium-duty(two-person), and heavy-duty(three-person) scaffold planks. (Refer to SAIA USA )

TypesCenter Span LoadType
Heavy duty750 LBSThrer Person Load
Medium Duty500 LBSTwo Person Load
Light Duty250 LBSOne Person Load

In EN 12811 standard, scaffold metal plank load class includes Class 1 to Class 6

TypesUniformly DistributeConcentrated Load
500x500mm Area
Load Class 10.75 KN1.5 KN
Load Class 21.5 KN1.5 KN
Load Class 32.0 KN1.5 KN
Load Class 43.0 KN3.0 KN
Load Class 54.5 KN3.0 KN
Load Class 66.0 KN3.0 KN

Metal Plank Advantages

  1. With Anti-slip surface treatment
  2. Not Split
  3. Long Life
  4. Easy to Stock
  5. Fire Resistant
  6. Can be Fabricated Customized and with Hooks
  7. Recyclable

Scaffold Metal Plank Specifications

Steel Scaffold Plank Width

200mm, 210mm,225mm, 230mm, 227mm,240mm, 250mm, 300mm, 320mm, 400mm, 420mm, 450mm, 480mm, 500mm

Steel Scaffold Plank Thickness (Height)

38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 76mm, 63mm

Most Common Sizes of Metal Scaffold Plank

 210(width)x45mm(thick) Scaffold Metal Decks

No.Items Finishing Standard
WMD105210x45mmx0.5m Metal Deck Galvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD110210x45mmx1.0m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD115210x45mmx1.5m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD120210x45mmx2.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD125210x45mmx2.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD130210x45mmx3.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD135210x45mmx3.5m Metal Deck GalvanizedEN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD140210x45mmx4.0m Metal Deck GalvanizedEN12811&AS1576&EN1004
210 x 45mm Metal Scaffold Plank
210 x 45mm Metal Scaffold Plank

225(width)x38mm(thick) Metal Scaffold Boards

WMD205225x38mmx0.5m Metal Scaffold BoardsGalvanized|PaintedEn12811&En1004
WMD210225x38mmx1.0m Metal Scaffold BoardsGalvanized|PaintedEn12811&En1004
WMD215225x38mmx1.5m Metal Scaffold BoardsGalvanized|PaintedEn12811&En1004
WMD220225x38mmx2.0m Metal Scaffold BoardsGalvanized|PaintedEn12811&En1004
WMD225225x38mmx2.5m Metal Scaffold BoardsGalvanized|PaintedEn12811&En1004
WMD230225x38mmx3.0m Metal Scaffold BoardsGalvanized|PaintedEn12811&En1004
WMD235225x38mmx3.5m Metal Scaffold BoardsGalvanized|PaintedEn12811&En1004
WMD240225x38mmx4.0m Metal Scaffold BoardsGalvanized|PaintedEn12811&En1004
225 x 38mm scaffold board planks metal deck
225 x 38mm scaffold board planks metal deck

 240(width)x45mm(thick) Saffold Metal Planks

WMD405240x45mmx0.5m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD410240x45mmx1.0m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD415240x45mmx1.5m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD420240x45mmx2.0m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD425240x45mmx2.5m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD430240x45mmx3.0m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD435240x45mmx3.5m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
WMD440240x45mmx4.0m Metal DeckGalvanized EN12811&AS1576&EN1004
240 x 45mm Metal Scaffold Plank
240 x 45mm Metal Scaffold Plank

230(width)x63mm(thick) Metal Planks(Boards)

WSB307230x63x740mm Scaffold BoardsGalvanizedAS/NZS1577
WSB312230x63x1250mm Scaffold BoardsGalvanizedAS/NZS1577
WSB318230x63x1810mm Scaffold BoardsGalvanizedAS/NZS1577
WSB324230x63x2420mm Scaffold BoardsGalvanizedAS/NZS1577

  250(width)x40mm(thick) Metal Scaffold Decks

WMD5405250x40mmx0.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5410250x40mmx1.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5415250x40mmx1.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5420250x40mmx2.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5425250x40mmx2.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5430250x40mmx3.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5435250x40mmx3.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5440250x40mmx4.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004

250(width)x50mm(thick) Scaffold Metal Planks

WMD5505250x50mmx0.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5510250x50mmx1.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5515250x50mmx1.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5520250x50mmx2.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5525250x50mmx2.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5530250x50mmx3.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5535250x50mmx3.5m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004
WMD5540250x50mmx4.0m Metal DeckGalvanizedEN12811|EN1004

Hook On Scaffold Boards Types

Code no.DescriptionWeight(KG)
WSKHB300Hook-on Scaffold Boards 3000 Non-Tilt21.4
WSKHB270Hook-on Scaffold Boards 2700 Non Tilt19.5
WSKHB250Hook-on Scaffold Boards 2500 Non Tilt17.84
WSKHB200Hook-on Scaffold Boards 2000 Non Tilt15.39
WSKHB150Hook-on Scaffold Boards 1500 Non Tilt11.17
WSKHB121Hook-on Scaffold Boards 1219 Non Tilt9.1
Scaffold Plank for Cuplock Scaffold and Ringlock Scaffold
Code No.DescriptionWeight(LBS/KGS)
WCP33′ Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks16.89 LBS/ 7.68 KGS
WCP44′ Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks21.36 LBS/ 9.71 KGS
WCP55′ Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks25.80 LBS/ 11.73 KGS
WCP66′ Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks30.27 LBS/ 13.76 KGS
WCP77′ Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks34.71 LBS/ 15.78KGS
WCP88′ Cuplock Steel Planks with hooks39.16 LBS/ 17.80 KGS
WCP99′ Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks43.62 LBS/ 19.83 KGS
WCP1010′ Cuplock Steel Planks w hooks48.07 LBS/ 21.85 KGS
Pin Lock Scaffolding Ringlock Metal Planks
Pin Lock Scaffolding Ringlock Metal Scaffold Plank
Pin Lock Scaffolding Ringlock Metal Scaffold Plank
Code No.Description
WMRSSP088Steel Plank 0.88m/ 2/9″
WMRSSP091Steel Plank 0.91m/ 3′
WMRSSP106Steel Plank 1.065m/ 3’6″
WMRSSP115Steel Plank 1.15m/ 3’10”
WMRSSP121Steel Plank 1.219m/ 4′
WMRSSP152Steel Plank 1.524m/ 5′
WMRSSP157Steel Plank 1.57m/2/ 5’2″
WMRSSP182Steel Plank 1.82m/ 6′
WMRSSP213Steel Plank 2.13m/ 7′
WMRSSP243Steel Plank 2.43m/ 8′
WMRSSP305Steel Plank 3.05m/ 10′
Interlock Scaffold Planks
Code No.Description
WMSP001Interlock Scaffold Planks 2.5m
WMSP002Interlock Scaffold Planks 2.0m
WMSP003Interlock Scaffold Planks 1.5m
Layher Scaffolding Metal Plank
Layher type metal scaffold plank
Layher type metal scaffold plank
Code No.DescriptionWeight(KGS)
WLP7300.73m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks6.2KG
WLP1071.07m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks8.8KG
WLP1571.57m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks12.6KG
WLP2072.07m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks16.4KG
WLP2572.57m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks20.2KG
WLP3073.07m Layher Scaffold Steel Planks24.1KG
Frame Scaffolding Catwalk Plate Walking Board
Code No.Size(WxL)
WMSB009-1450x1829mm Cat Walk Board
WMSB009-2450x1219mm Cat Walk Board
WMSB010-1500x1829mm Cat Walk Board
WMSB010-12500x1219mm Cat Walk Board

 Wellmade Metal Planks

Wellmade is a Metal Scaffold Plank Manufacturer In China.  We Produce Galvanised and Painted Steel Planks, Aluminium Planks, and Wood Planks.

Our Metal Scaffold Planks are Customized Designed for System Scaffold (Ringlock, Cuplock, Kwisktage, Frames) and Scaffold Pipe Clamps.

You can Find All Sizes&All Types of Metal Scaffold Planks One Stop in Wellmade.

Wellmade is CE certificated Metal Scaffold Plank Manufacturer. We Bring You the Highest Quality Scaffolding Plank Tested and Certified.

Wellmade offers a one-stop solution for all your construction needs. Depending on your applications, Wellmade offers a wide array of excellent quality metal planks for your construction work.

Wellmade metal planks are made up of Q195 and Q235 steel. They are the main parts of the scaffolding system that are convenient for every worker to walk on high buildings.

You can find Wellmade metal planks with stamping holes, designed to resist skidding for workers. Depending on your specific applications, we have galvanized metal planks and painted steel planks. In addition to this, you can also find aluminum planks and wood planks here.

At Wellmade, you will find the most popular steel metal scaffold planks available in a width of 210mm, 225mm, 230mm, 240mm, 250mm, 300mm, 320mm, 450mm, and 500mm.

Wellmade is expert in most metal plank manufacturing. Mainly are HDG metal scaffold, metal scaffold planks box stiffeners, aluminum scaffold planks, and ringlock scaffold plank.

Wellmade metal planks can be with hooks or without hooks in plain ends. Metal scaffold planks without hooks are fixed by board retaining couplers. We also offer standard sizes for metal planks:

  • 210 x 45 mm metal scaffold planks
  • 240 x 45 mm metal scaffold planks
  • 320mm plank O type

Scaffold board with hook is in sizes of 210mm to 500mm. We have scaffold boards for ring lock scaffolding system, cuplock scaffolding system, kwikstage scaffolding boards, and frame scaffolding. They are available in different hook design and mainboard shapes.

Meanwhile, the scaffold board with hook can also be in hot-dip galvanized and pre-galvanized. The thickness of the mainboard plate should be thicker than the metal deck, consider construction worker safety.

Mostly in oil gas companies, hot-dip galvanized metal scaffold planks are always required for onshore and offshore construction and maintenance. It is scaffolding tube clamp system components for oil gas scaffolding, chemical scaffolding, power plant scaffolding, energy scaffolding as well as mining and refining scaffolding.

Scaffold Metal Decks without hooks are supported every 500mm-1500mm by a scaffold tube under the mainboard. Scaffold Boards and planks with hooks are always supported by modular middle transoms in the construction scaffolding system. Wellmade metal planks can be customized according to your detailed specifications.

Also, if you require specific sizes for metal planks, Wellmade can cut metal planks based on your specifications. Here at Wellmade, you can find all sizes and all types of metal scaffold for your construction projects. With more than 20 years of experience, we manufacture and export metal planks to different companies around the world.

As an ISO9001 certified company, we bring you the highest quality, tested, and certified metal scaffold planks for your business.

Wellmade’s team of expert is familiar with all international scaffolding standards such as Europe Standards, British Standards, Australian Standards, Japanese Standards, Canada Standards, South Africa Standards, USA Standards, Singapore Standards, KNPC, KOC Standards, Sinopec Standards, and Sheel DAP Standards.

If you have questions regarding Wellmade metal planks, don’t hesitate to contact our team. You will get an instant quote for the metal planks order.


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