BS2482 Timber Scaffold Board - Wooden Plank

Wellmade’s Wood Scaffold Boards is Used Import European Spruce and Canada Yellow Pine.  The Safety Load Capacity is Tested According to BS 2482 and OSHA Standard. You can find from us Laminated Wood Scaffold boards and Solid Wood Boards.

More than that, we do fire-resistant treatment for your Wood Scaffold Boards and Customize Your Scaffold Boards Dimensions In Length and Width.

In Addition, As Wood Scaffold Boards Manufacturer In China, Wellmade is able to supply you not only top quality wood scaffold boards but also bring you benefits in price and door to door delivery services.

Wellmade Wood Scaffold Boards Timber are imported from Europe.

Wellmade Wood Scaffold Planks

Wellmade specializes in wood scaffold planks for more than 20 years. We are capable to produce a complete range of wood scaffold planks at more competitive prices.

Wood is best used for scaffold planks because it is high and abundant in strength for its weight. Wellmade wood scaffold planks are made from grade A USA/Canada imported southern yellow pin wood, with GI steel end bands.

We can expertly manufacture wood scaffold planks for different industrial applications. You can find wood scaffold planks in the construction industries, civil engineering, and building projects, commercial and residential markets.

Wellmade offers wood scaffold planks in different types and sizes. Depending on your applications, our wood scaffold planks are usually available in size 225 x 38mm.

As a leading manufacturing factory, we can customize wood scaffold planks according to your specifications.

At Wellmade. We ensure that all of our Wood Scaffold Boards are tested according to BS 2482 standard. If you want to custom your wood scaffold boards dimension, thickness & length, Wellmade is able to satisfy your requirement.

Wellmade is your one-stop solution for superior-quality wood scaffold planks products. We provide perfect after-sales service to your requirements.

You are assured to receive the best performance and well package of our wood scaffold planks products. With more than 10 years of wood scaffold planks manufacturing experience, Wellmade caters to a lot of projects, whether commercial or industrial applications, we will be your best choice.

As one of the best wood scaffold planks manufacturers and suppliers, we will let you experience value-driven services and excellent quality wood scaffold planks. We have a wide selection of high-class wood scaffold plank supplies.

We will provide excellent services from wood scaffold plank designing and project plan to shipping, production, and installation.

Wellmade provides only high-end products at a reasonable price. With years of experience, Wellmade has successfully contacted wood scaffold plank projects in many countries such as UK, US, German, Ireland, Malaysia, and so on.

If you are interested in wood scaffold planks, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team!

BS2482 Timber Scaffold Boards Size

Code No.ItemsWeight(KG)
WMBSTB1501.5m BS2482 Timber Boards7.7KG
WMBSTB1801.8m BS2482 Timber Boards9.2KG
WMBSTB2402.4m BS2482 Timber Boards12.3KG
WMBSTB3003.0m BS2482 Timber Boards15.4KG
WMBSTB3903.9m BS2482 Timber Boards20.0KG


DI65 OSHA Scaffold Planks Size

Code No.Produce NameWeight(LBS)
WMDI6516DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 16′64 LBS
WMDI6514DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 14′56 LBS
WMDI6512DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 12′48 LBS
WMDI6510DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 10′40 LBS
WMDI6509DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 09′36 LBS
WMDI6508DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 08′32 LBS
WMDI6506DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 06′24 LBS
WMDI6504DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 04′16 LBS


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