BS2482 Scaffold Timber Boards

BS2482 Standard Scaffold Boards is Made from Grade A USA/Canada Imported Southern Yellow Pin Wood,with GI Steel End Bands.
Wellmade Scaffold Offers 2 Catagories of BS2482 Standard Timber Scaffold Boards
  • 38x225 BSI 1.2m Support Centres-Visually Graded or Machine  Graded 
  • 63x225 BSI 2.5m Support Centres-Visually Graded or Machin Graded

BS2482 Scaffold Boards with End Plates 

BS2482 scaffold boards timber boards for tube and clamp scaffolding hanging scaffold BS2482 scaffold boards fire resistant

BS2482 Timber Scaffold Boards Size

Code No. Items Weight(KG)
WMBSTB150 1.5m BS2482 Timber Boards 7.7KG
WMBSTB180 1.8m BS2482 Timber Boards 9.2KG
WMBSTB240 2.4m BS2482 Timber Boards 12.3KG
WMBSTB300 3.0m BS2482 Timber Boards 15.4KG
WMBSTB390 3.9m BS2482 Timber Boards 20.0KG

 OSHA Scaffold Planks

DI 65 OSHA Scaffold Planks for USA

OSHA Scaffold Planks is Made From Southern Yellow Pin is Size of 2"x10".

DI65 OSHA Scaffold Planks Size

Code No. Produce Name Weight(LBS)
WMDI6516 DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 16' 64 LBS
WMDI6514 DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 14' 56 LBS
WMDI6512 DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 12' 48 LBS
WMDI6510 DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 10' 40 LBS
WMDI6509 DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 09' 36 LBS
WMDI6508 DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 08' 32 LBS
WMDI6506 DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 06' 24 LBS
WMDI6504 DI-65 OSHA Scaffold Planks 04' 16 LBS



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