A Frame Scaffold Trestle

Wellmade A-frame scaffold is also called A-frame trestle. It is a type of folding scaffolding frame. The A-frame scaffolding is versatile using in stucco, builders, masonry, painters, carpenters, bricklayers, veneer works, etc.

You can find the complete sizes of the A-frame scaffolds here. Include 2, 3’, 4’, and 6’ height in Wellmade. In fabrication, the A-frame scaffold is made from steel scaffolding material.

The A-frame scaffolding trestle is lightweight but able to bear a heavy load. It is easy to erection and dismantles too.

As an A-frame scaffold manufacturer and exporter in China. We produce high-quality A-frame scaffolds according to ISO 9001 & CE management.

Moreover, Wellmade offers you door-to-door delivery in the US and Canada. Send us your A-frame scaffold requirement now to get a good price.

Wellmade A-Frame Scaffold Trestles

Wellmade A frame scaffold trestle is made from O.D 32mm steel scaffold tube. It is formed “A” shaped by double scaffold frames.  This A-frame scaffold is like a triangle thus is very stable.

You can find painted, powder-coated, and galvanized A-frame scaffold trestle in Wellmade. The surface finishing protects the A-Frame scaffold from corrosion in recycling using and construction.

There are 4 different sizes of the A-frame scaffold trestles according to height. Including 2′, 3′, 4′ and 6′.   This height is suited for one-story homes or walls in construction.  Thus, the A-frame scaffold trestles are used for stone masonry, carpenters, plumbers, builders, brick scaffolding, painters, etc.

A-Frame Scaffolding Size and Specification

WAFT033′ A Frame Scaffolding3’xO.D32mmxO.D25mm11.69
WAFT044′ A Frame Scaffolding4’xO.D32mmxO.D25mm13.46
WAFT066′ A Frame Scaffolding35xO.D32mmxO.D25mm18.57

A frame scaffolding trestles for builders and masonry

All height of the A-frame scaffolding is foldable. With the small folding sizes, the A-frame trestle is easy in stock, transportation.  Thus the A-frame scaffold is using in both interior and exterior scaffold and construction projects.

Opened A-frame scaffold trestles are able to install with scaffold planks.  Scaffold planks and A-frame scaffold trestles form a work platform and a bench for the building and construction.

More than steel A-frame trestles, you can find aluminum A-frame trestles.  Aluminium A-frames are also called multifunction aluminium ladders or platform ladders.

Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder materials
Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder materials

A-frame scaffold and H Frame scaffold

In some countries, like Australia, A frame scaffold is walk through scaffolding frame. According to the steel structure, there are O.D 42mm and O.D 48mm A frame walk thru scaffold.

walk through scaffold frame in O.D 48mm heavy duty for hi load shoring
walk through scaffold frame in O.D 48mm heavy duty for hi load shoring

H frame scaffold is called ladder frames. Include single ladder frames and double ladder frames.  Both the A-frame scaffold and H frame scaffold are able to be used for building construction and concrete forming and shoring.

In the A-frame scaffold and H frame scaffold system, frame system accessories of cross braces, handrails, handrail post, screw jacks, and work platforms are used to form framework, access, and support propping.

You can find painting and galvanized A-frame scaffold and H Frame scaffold here.

More information, prices, and details of the A-frame scaffold are able by mail.

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