Black Scaffold Tube

Wellmade is black scaffold tube manufacturer in China. We offer all types of black scaffold tubes include self-colour steel scaffold tube, black powder-coated scaffold tube,  black anodised aluminium scaffolding pipes.

Wellmade’s black scaffold tubes are fabricated according to BS EN Standard. It is used as your scaffolding raw materials. During your construction, black scaffold tube is fixed by scaffold fittings used to form the scaffolding frames and shoring support.

We customize your black scaffold tube. You can find all size, specification and metal grade black scaffold tubes in Wellmade. More than that, Wellmade offers door to door services in global 55 countries.

Send us your requirement of black scaffold tube to get an immediate competitive price.

Wellmade’s Black Scaffold Tube

Wellmade’s black scaffold tubes include small tube and big diameter scaffolding pipes.

Small black scaffolding tubes

Small black scaffolding tubes are mainly raw material of the scaffolding systems. The Diameter of the small black scaffold tube in O.D 20 to O.D 42.7mm. Small black scaffold tubes are used as scaffolding frame braces, horizontal elements, vertical poles, support strengthen part pipes etc. They are also used as scaffolding props inner tube and outer tubes in scaffolding manufacturing.  O.D 48mm scaffold tubes are also tube and clamp system scaffold parts, working with scaffolding couplers.

Wellmade customize the scaffold tubes. While you can also find the following common sizes

WBT19O.D 19mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT34O.D 34mm Black Scaffold Tube
WBT20O.D 20mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT38O.D 38mm Black Scaffold Tube
WBT22O.D 22mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT40O.D 40mm Black Scaffold Tube
WBT25O.D 25mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT42O.D 42mm Black Scaffold Tube
WBT27O.D 27mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT48O.D 48mm Black Scaffold Tube
WBT33O.D 33mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT50O.D 50mm Black Scaffold Tube

small black scaffold tubes

Big Diameter Black Scaffold Tubes

Compare to small scaffold tubes, there are big diameter black scaffold tubes. Include the following common diameters. Big diameter black scaffold tubes are used for heavy duty post shore props,  bridge leg post, heavy duty shoring system scaffolding system components and parts manufacturing.

WBT56O.D 56mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT70O.D 70mm Black Scaffold Tube
WBT57O.D 57mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT72O.D 72mm Black Scaffold Tube
WBT60O.D 60mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT76O.D 76mm Black Scaffold Tube
WBT63O.D 63mm Black Scaffold TubeWBT89O.D 89mm Black Scaffold Tube

big diameter black scaffold tubes

Galvanised Scaffold Tube VS Black Scaffold Tube

Galvanised scaffold tube is moe durable type of scaffolding pipes. It is normally used in construction scaffolding and shoring directly. There are Pre-galvanized and hot dip galvanized scaffolding pipes of the galvanised tubes.

Hot dip galvanized scaffolding pipes come from black scaffold tube.  Put the black scaffold tube in galvanizing treatment.

Pre-galvanized scaffolding pipes are from GI steel coil. It is also called GI pipes. GI Pipes with thinner zinc thickness. But protect scaffolding pipes from corrosion too.

galvanised scaffold tube

Compare to galvanised scaffold tube, black scaffold tubes are normally in the function of raw material. When it used as construction, maintenance service is required in long term span.

Black powder-coated scaffold tube is another surface treatment comparing to galvanised scaffold tubes. It is more durable than self-colour (self-treatment) of black scaffold tubes.

Black Power Coated Scaffold Tubes

Black Powder Coated Aluminium Scaffold Tube

Compare to steel scaffold tubes, aluminium scaffold tubes are lighter weight. It is not easy to rusty in construction. You can find all sizes of the aluminium scaffolding tubes in Wellmade. While the O.D 48.3mm sizes of aluminium tube is the most commonly required for construction.

Powder-coated on the aluminium scaffolding tubes makes the aluminium pipes more nice and durable.

black powder coated aluminium scaffold tube

Wall Thickness of the Black Scaffold Tubes

Wellmade manufactures thin and thicker wall black scaffold tubes.  You can find the black scaffold tube from o.7mm wall in thinnest to 10mm thickest for your scaffolding pipes here.     Thinner scaffold tubes are for light duty and medium duty scaffolding, while thick black scaffold tubes are required for heavy-duty scaffolding materials.

Steel Grade of the Black Scaffolding Poles

According to the steel scaffold tube yield and tensile strengths, you can find different black scaffolding poles. Include S235, S355, S275 steel grade.

S235 steel grade is the most popular steel grade for steel scaffolding. While S355 is higher strengths in yield and tensile. Thus the same size&specification of steel scaffolding poles, S355 steel grade is able to take more weight and load.

S275 steel scaffolding poles are steel grade between S235 and S355. It is required for some scaffolding companies for their medium-duty &heavy duty scaffolding vertical and horizontal manufacturing.

Scaffold Fittings for Black Scaffold Tubes

If you want to use the black scaffold tube in construction as a tube and clamp system components. Scaffold fittings are the connectors between scaffold tubes.  You can choose E-galvanized scaffold fittings for the scaffolding tube clamp system. The scaffold fittings include:

The Scaffolding couplers and clamps fix the scaffold tubes with other scaffolding accessories of scaffold boards, scaffolding ladders, scaffolding beams etc.   All of the scaffold fittings are tested and certified according to EN 74 and BS 1139 Standard.   You can choose scaffolding couplers and fittings according to your sizes of black scaffold tubes. For example, O.D 48mm scaffold couplers, OD 60mm, O.D76mm, O.D89mm scaffolding swivel clamps etc.

Plastic Tube Clamps for Black Scaffold Tubes

For black and galvanised scaffold tubes, end plastic caps are always required for protection and safety requirement in construction.  While, for scaffold fitting safety, bolt caps are used too

black and galvanised scaffold tube with end cap protection in construction wellmade

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