Frame Scaffold Cross Brace

Scaffolding cross braces are called X braces. It is a scaffolding component by crossing two diagonal braces.

Cross bracing is used in framing system scaffolding. Measurement of cross brace includes three sizes: 1) distance between two frames, eg 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′. 2) size of frame lock pin distance, like 2, 3′, 4′, 5′ etc. 3) size of cross brace overall length, the hypotenuse of the right triangle with straight sides formed by both the frames and lock pin distance.

There are two types of cross braces. One is a tubular cross brace, another one is an angle cross brace. The tubular cross brace diameter is 1″ – 1.5″. The thickness of the cross brace is 1.1-2.5mm.

Frame Scaffolding Cross Braces

Types of frame scaffolding cross braces

  • Tubular Cross Braces
  • Angular Cross Braces
  • Snap On Cross Braces

Tubular cross braces

Tubular cross braces are made of round scaffold pipes with a diameter of 1″ – 1.5″.  At the ends of the X braces, holes are punched, used to connect lock pins on the frame.

Angular Cross Braces

Angular cross braces are formed by two crossed angular irons.  The two angular irons are fixed by bolts and nuts. Every end of the angle iron has two holes. Adjustable lengths.

Snap On Frame Cross Braces

Cross braces are specially designed for snap-on frame systems. Snap-on X bracings are with automatic locking system.

Cross Brace Manufacturing Video in Wellmade

Cross Brace Sizes & Specifications

South East Asia Walk Through Frame & H Frame  System Cross Braces

CodeOverall LengthBay SizeLock Pin DistanceSpecificationWeight

Tubular Cross Braces For USA & Canada Frame System

Cross Brace Sizes for USA & Canada Frame System  
CodeItemLengthLock PinDia x ThickWeight
WXB03073’x7′ Cross Brace7‘3′1″ x 0.079″11.92 LBS
WXB04074’x7′ Cross Brace7’4′1″ x 0.079″12.60 LBS
WXB05075’x7′ Cross Brace7‘5′1″ x 0.079″13.42 LBS
WXB03103’x10′ Cross Brace10’3′1″ x 0.079″16.23 LBS
WXB04104’x10′ Cross Brace10‘4′1″ x 0.079″16.73 LBS
WXB05105’x10′ Cross Brace10’5′1″ x 0.079″17.36 LBS
WXB03083’x8′ Cross Brace8‘3′1″ x 0.079″13.33 LBS
WXB04084’x8′ Cross Brace8’4′1″ x 0.079″13.94 LBS
WXB05085’x8′ Cross Brace8‘5′1″ x 0.079″14.69 LBS

Angular Cross Brace

Angle Iron Cross Brace Sizes
CodeItemLengthLock PinIron x ThicknessWeight
WXB03077′ x 3′ x 4′7‘3′ & 4′30 x3mm15.68 LBS

Wellmade’s Scaffold Cross Braces

Wellmade manufactures all types of cross braces for different types of frame systems: H Frame Scaffolding, A-Frame Scaffolding, Snap-on Scaffolding, Walk Through Scaffolding, Box Frame, etc.
More than standard sizes of scaffold cross bracing, we customize your sizes for your frame system construction.
The cross brace finishing in Wellmade can be white galvanizing, golden galvanzing, hot dip galvanizing, powder coated or painting, GI etc.
scaffold cross braces use in frame system scaffolding x braces
scaffold cross braces used in a frame system


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