Trench Struts

Wellmade’s Trench Struts are smaller type steel acrow props. It is called trench props too.  Different from vertical shoring acrow props, the trench struts are used for the horizontal trenching wall support.

In fabrication, trench struts end plates are designed with clawed shape. It is able to grip trenching bearing timber in trench wall support. You can find 4 sizes for the steel trench struts here, include trench Strut Size 0, Size 1, Size 2 and Size 3.

Wellmade is a CE certified (ISO3834 & EN1090) formwork and scaffolding manufacturer.  We supply high quality trench struts to ensure your trenching construction safety. Our QC test and inspect from steel raw material till loading capacity.

More than that, Door to Door delivery is available in 55 countries when you buy the trench struts from us.  Send Us your trench struts requirement to get a competitive price.



Wellmade Trench Struts

Wellmade is an OEM Trench Struts manufacturer in China. Our trench struts are exported mainly to scaffolding and formwork companies for hire and for sale purpose. Our OEM service includes producing according to clients drawing. Emboss clients marks on the trench props and sticker on the props.
We also have our own brand “Wellmade” for construction contractors and structure companies.
Wellmade manufactures all sizes of trench struts for different lengths across the trenching support.
  • Trench Struts Size 0: Closed at 0.32m, Fully Opened at 0.47m
  • Trench Struts Size 1: Closed at 0.49m, Fully Opened at 0.73m
  • Trench Struts Size 2: Closed at 0.69m, Fully Opened at 1.09m
  • Trench Struts Size 3: Closed at 1.03m, Fully Opened at 1.73m
As an ISO9001:2000 and CE certified trench struts manufacturer, the quality of our trench props is the first class. We control trench props quality in raw material steel before production, welding during production and loading after production.
 Wellmade’s trench strut prop is always in green finishing. While you can choose galvanized ones if want.
The element parts of the trench struts include steel base plates, lock pin, sleeve, strut prop nut etc.

trench strut acrow prop nut

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