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Wellmade's Acrow Props Quality & Safety

Wellmade is CE Certified Scaffolding and Formwork Manufacturer. More than that we have complete QC Systems to control Acrow Prop Quality and Load Capacity from Start to End.

  1. Raw Material Quality: Wellmade Test Chemical, Tensile, Yield, Elongation, Flatten Before putting into mass production.
  2. Welding Quality: Wellmade’s Acrow Props welding quality is controlled according to ISO3834
  3. Mock-Up Inspection: Mock up all acrow prop parts and components make sure running great.
  4. Galvanizing & Paint Quality: We Ensure Your Arow Props long life by salty spray testing.
  5. Load Capacity Test: Our QC engineer tests load capacity against acrow props orders.

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Wellmade's Acrow Props Sizes

Acrow Prop Size 0

Acrow Props Size 0 is the shortest telescopic acrow props. The adjustable range is 1.05mm closed and 1.78m Open.

Acrow Prop Size 1

Wellmade’s Acrow Props Size 1 is in Adjustable Height Range 1.76m  closed and 3.13m opened.

Acrow Props Size 2

Acrow Props Size 2 is an acrow prop with telescope range in 1.98m closed and 3.34m opened.

Acrow Prop Size 3

Wellmade’s Acrow Prop Size 3 is designed in adjustable height 2.59m closed and 3.97m opened.

Acrow Prop Size 4

Acrow Props Size 4 is a high acro props with up to 4.82m. We can design the acrow prop size 4 with your weight load requirement.

2.2-3.9m acrow props adjustable steel prop jacks for formwork scaffolding

2.2-3.9m Acrow Props In Lightweight, Heavy Duty and Middle Duty. Painting and Galvanized.

4.0m Acrow props galvanized

4.0m Acrow Props  In Lightweight, Middle Duty and Heavy Duty.

C55 Acrow Props Adjustable heavy duty props galvanized

C55 Acrow Props is a type of heavy duty props in 5.5m. It is in C class in 63.5mm inner tube and 76mm outer tube.

3.6m Shoring Prop Steel Acrow Formwork Jacks

3.6m Adjustable Shoring Props with Cup Sleeve. 48/56mm Italian Type and 40/48mm Spanish Type

EN 1065 Standard Acrow Props

Wellmade customize your acrow props. Our engineers design the acrow props according to your construction application in size and load capacity requirement. While you can also choose your acrow props from standard EN 1065.

Tell us your construction acrow props requirement to get free design and immediate price now.

EN 1065 Standard Acrow Props Size & Load Capacity Class
A 25 Class2,50 m (max)20,4 KNC 50 Class5,00 m (max)20,4 KN
A 30 Class3,00 m (max)17,0 KNC 55 Class5,50 m (max)18,6 KN
A 35 Class3,50 m (max)14,6 KND 25 Class2,50 m (max)34,0 KN
A 40 Class4,00 m (max)12,8 KND 30 Class3,00 m (max)34,0 KN
B 25 Class2,50 m (max)27,2 KND 35 Class3,50 m (max)34,0 KN
B 30 Class3,00 m (max)22,7 KND 40 Class4,00 m (max)34,0 KN
B 35 Class3,50 m (max)19,4 KND 45 Class4,50 m (max)34,0 KN
B 40 Class4,00 m (max)17,0 KND 50 Class5,00 m (max)34,0 KN
B 45 Class4,50 m (max)15,1 KND 55 Class5,50 m (max)34,0 KN
B 50 Class5,00 m (max)13,6 KNE 25 Class2,50 m (max)51,0 KN
B 55 Class5,50 m (max)12,4 KNE 30 Class3,00 m (max)51,0 KN
C 25 Class2,50 m (max)40,8 KNE 35 Class3,50 m (max)51,0 KN
C 30 Class3,00 m (max)34,0 KNE 40 Class4,00 m (max)51,0 KN
C 35 Class3,50 m (max)29,1 KNE 45 Class4,50 m (max)51,0 KN
C 40 Class4,00 m (max)25,5 KNE 50 Class5,00 m (max)51,0 KN
C 45 Class4,50 m (max)22,7 KNE 55 Class5,50 m (max)51,0 KN

Wellmade's Acrow Props Types

Post Shore Acrow Props Wellmade with prop nut and handle

The Post Shore Acrow Props include steel inner tube & outer tube, sleeves and collar nuts with handle.

Shoring Jacks Acrow Props for Construction Shuttering Wellmade

Shoring Jacks is another type of acrow props. It includes cup sleeves and inner threaded collar. You can have O.D40/48mm and O.D48/56mm Shoring Jacks.

Push Pull Props Acrow Formwork Props

Push-Pull Props is special arow props used to support wall formwork and column formwork. You can find double and single push-pull props for your concrete wall support.

trench struts acrow props

You can find all sizes of trench struts acrow props for your structure construction in Wellmade.

heavy duty acrow props c 55

Heavy Duty Props are Hi Load Acrow props. Include EN1065 Standard C Class , D Class and E Class.

u head props for acrow formwork construction

Acrow Props with Top U Head. Integrated adjustable steel props for formwork slab and beam support.

Acrow Prop Construction Accessories

In Construction, Acrow props are always used together with construction scaffolding and formwork accessories. You can find from Wellmade all of the accessories used together with your acrow props:

  1. Fixed Fork Head: Four Way Type U head support steel, timber or aluminium beams in the concrete slabs and beams forming.
  2. Adjustable Fork Head: Fixed Fork Head with Adjustable Threaded Bar for different height requirement.
  3. Fixed U Head:  U Head with tubular or shaped spigot. The Spigot is inserted into acrow prop baseplate as a connector.
  4. Scaffold Tripod: Tripod gives strong support against the arow props at the foot.

Wellmade Acrow Props

Complete Steel Acrow Prop Construction Solution

Wellmade’s Steel Acrow Props is used for all type of construction. It is a temporary support for the overhead load. During construction support, the acrow prop takes the weight of the roof, wall, the ceiling above the beam.

Our acrow props are also used for Trench Struts.  Thus it also has names Formwork Props, Scaffolding Props, Shuttering Props, Wall Props and Masonry Props, Trench Strut Props etc.

When you use Acrow Prop, normally outer tube at the bottom and Inner Tube is at the top.  Wellmade is able to offer a solution makes your acrow props outer tube at the top. These special designed acrow props are able to take more load with same specifications.  In this case, the acrow prop inner tube is not able to apart from the outer tube.

In a conclusion, Wellmade offer complete solution for your acrow props. We design not only according to your slab and floor height, but also design according to your special requirement in function and application.

Special Designed Acrow Props with an unseparated inner tube and outer tube

Lightweight VS Middle Duty and Heavy Duty Acrow Props

Lightweight Acrow Props is required in a lot of countries including Gulf Countries, Southeast Asia etc. The lightweight Acro props are required lower cost than heavy-duty props. While could reach the concrete slab thickness weight load.

Lightweight Acrow props could be in the galvanized or painted finish for durable purpose.  Among all of the sizes, 3.9m and 4.0m lightweight arow props are request the most.

Heavy-duty Acrow props can take more weight from slab and beams. But the cost is much higher than the lightweight steel props.  The heavy-duty prop is required for industrial and infrastructural construction and thick slab and beams.

Galvanized, Painted and Powder Coated Acrow Props

  • Galvanized Acrow Props include E-galvanized(Zinc-plated) and Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel props.  Zinc thickness of the E-galvanized Acrow Props is less than HDG  Props. Thus HDG props always with longer life span than E-galvanizing props.
  • You can choose Acrow Props made by HDG Scaffold tubes and Hot Dip from black Acrow Props.
  • Painting Acrow Prop is customized in any colours you want.  Wellmade has its Salty Spray Surface Test Facility to ensure the painting Acrow Props better durability.
  • Powder Coated Acrow Props is shine and smooth on the surface. It colourful and looks nice. More durable than painting Acrow prop.

Wellmade Acrow Props Package Method

Acrow Props could be packed by pallet or by bundles.  One container quantity is different when packaging methods different.  Steel Prop by bundle would save a lot of space thus load more Acrow Props.

For example, 3.9m Acrow Steel Props lightweight can load 2020 pcs by 20’ctn if by bulk.  If load by pallet only 1650 pcs by 20’conatainer.

Free OEM Service for Your Acrow Props

Wellmade is a famous OEM Acrow Props Manufacturer. You can get free OEM service for your acrow props with your company name and logos on the products.   The Acrow props could be with embossing mark or sticker on.

Free Design Service for Your Acrow Props

If you want any Acrow props, but do not have size and specification. It is no problem for us. Just tell us how much weight you want it taken and what height you want. Wellmade engineers will offer you perfect design along with the competitive unit cost.

Send us Your Acrow Props Requirement now!

Door to Door Delivery for Your Acrow Props

If you do not have any experience in acrow props import. Let Wellmade help you to solve the problem.  We can help you send the acrow props material until your project.

Acrow Prop Specifications and Weight

Code No.ItemsInner TubeOuter TubeAdjustable RangeWeightSteel GradeSurface
WACP0Arow Prop Size 0OD 48mmOD 60mm1.05-1.82m13.00 KGS355Painted|Gal
WACP1Arow Prop Size 1OD 48mmOD 60mm1.76-3.13m17.31 KGS355Painted|Gal
WACP2Arow Prop Size 2OD 48mmOD 60mm1.98-3.36m20.00 KGS355Painted|Gal
WACP3Arow Prop Size 3OD 48mmOD 60mm2.59-3.97m22.61 KGS355Painted|Gal
WACP4Arow Prop Size 4OD 48mmOD 60mm3.20-4.82m30.00 KGS355Painted|Gal

Acrow Prop Accessories

In Wellmade, when you buy Acrow props, the Accessories are ready for you too. You can find from Wellmade the prop components accessories and construction tools and parts working together with acrow props for wall support and shoring scaffolding.

Wellmade’s Acrow Prop G Pins

G Pin is very smart lock pin. It makes your acrow props fixing at a required height. Wellmade’sAcrow Prop G Pins are made from 8.8 class steel. It shares more load capacity from overhead or wall support.

Acrow Prop Nut

Prop Nut helps Acrow Props Adjust to a Required Height. Wellmade’s Prop Nut with One big hole at one side and a handle at another side. This acrow prop design protects the worker’s safety. It also makes the acrow prop run easily in construction. You can choose cast iron prop nut or cast steel and drop forged prop nuts.

Acrow Props Strongboy Mate

Stongboy is an acro prop mate. It is a conjunction between acrow props and walls. Stongboy is used popularly during wall and masonry construction. Wellmade’s acrow prop is compatible with all strong boys.

Acrow Prop Sleeves

You can choose prop sleeve threaded directly from outer tube. There is also a type of welded prop sleeves.  Prop sleeve sizes and specifications are customized too. Common lengths of the sleeves would be in 195mm, 200mm, 205mm, 210mm, 220mm and 300mm, 350mm overall length.

Wellmade Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

In Wellmade, we keep win-win benefits philosophy. We believe if we are able to bring benefits to you, then we win.

Scaffolding and Formwork Acrow Prop FAQ Guide

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