Acrow Prop Size 1

Wellmade’s Acrow Prop Size 1 is Designed in 1.76m Closed. When it is Opened, the Acrow Prop Size 1 is able to Fully Extended to 3.13m.  Our Acrow Prop Size 1 is used in the Construction Industry as Temporary Support for Ceiling, Wall, Trench and Formwork Concrete.

Wellmade has tested the Acrow Prop Size 1 with Ultimate Load Capacity of 73.8KN at Closed 1.76m Height. While the Load Capacity at 3.13m can reach 38.5 KN.

You can get Other Sizes of Acrow Prop in Size 0, Size 2, Size 3 and Size 4.  In Addition, We offer you Painted and Galvanized Acrow Prop Size 1 for your Choice.

More than that, Wellmade Engineers Design the Acrow Prop Size 1 according to your Construction Safety Load Capacity Requirement too.

Send Us Your Acrow Props Requirement to get a competitive price.

Acrow Prop Size 1 Test Report Data

Wellmade Acrow Prop Size 1 Weight and Specification

Code No.ItemsInner TubeOuter TubeAdjustable RangeWeightSteel GradeSurface
WACP1Arow Prop Size 1OD 48mmOD 60mm1.76-3.13m17.31 KGS355Painted|Gal

Wellmade Acrow Prop Size 1 Components

The acrow prop size 1 components include:

  • Top and Bottom Plate
  • Acrow Prop Inner Tube with Holes for Lock Pin
  • Acrow Prop Outer Tube with Threaded Sleeve
  • Steel Prop Nut with Handle On
  • Lock Pin  of Straight and G Type

How Much Does Acrow Prop Size 1# Weight?

Normal Acrow Prop Size can load 73.8KN at 1.76m. When the telescopic formwork prop extended to 3.13m, It can take 38.5KN overhead weight.  If you want heavier duty than normal acrow props, we can design for you. Lightweight acrow prop size 1# is available if request. Lightweight save cost of the acrow props.

Acrow Prop Size 1


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