Acrow Prop Size 0

Wellmade is a CE Certified Acrow Prop Manufacturer. We produce All Acrow Props Sizes for your Construction Builder. Acrow Prop Size 0 is the Shortest Acrow Props. Other sizes include Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 and Size 4.

Adjustable Range of the size o Acrow Props is 1.05 m to 1.8 m.  Accessories  include:

  • Top and Bottom Base Plate
  • Props Adjustable Sleeve,
  • Props Lock Pins
  • Prop Nut with Handle

We offer Top Quality Acrow Prop Size 0 with Test Report and Certificate.

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Acrow Props Size 0 Base Plate

Our Size 0 Acrow Prop base plates include a top plate and bottom plate. You can choose square type base plate and flower shape base plate for your acrow props.

Acrow Prop Size o Lock Pin

You can choose straight Lock Pin or G Pin for Your Acrow Prop Lock Pins.  Acrow Prop Lock pins insert the inner tube holes and outer tube slot to fix an acrow prop in a height for your construction shuttering support.   We use 8.8 Class Acrow Prop Lock Pins to keep stable and strong load capacity.

Acrow Prop Size 0 G Pin Accessories

Acrow Props Size 0 Inner Tube and Outer Tube

Acrow Prop Inner Tube with Top Base Plate and Holes. Size of the Acrow Prop Size 0 Inner Tube is always O.D 48.3mm.

Acrow Props Size 0 Outer Tube with Bottom Base Plate and Adjustable Threaded Sleeve. Size of the Acrow Prop Size 0 Outer Tube is O.D 60.3mm

Acrow props Size O Sleeves

Wellmade offer you Acrow Prop size 0 with Welded Sleeve and Sleeve Screw Threaded from Outer Tube.

Acrow Prop Size 0 with G Pins and Prop Nut

Acrow Prop Size 0 Prop Nut

Acrow Prop Size 0 Could be with Cast Iron Prop Nut. While Cast Steel or Drop forged prop nut is available too in Wellmade.  Prop Nut of the Size 0 Acrow Prop includes handle easily running in construction.

Acrow Props Surface Treatment

You can choose galvanized Acrow props or painted, powder-coated Acrow Prop size 0 in Wellmde.

Load Capacity of Wellmade’s Acrow Prop Size 0

Wellmade Acrow Prop Size 0 Ultimate Load Capacity is about 90-101 KN at weakest position and height.  The test method is according to EN 1065.

Wellmade Design Lightweight, Middle Duty and Heavy Duty Acrow Prop Size 0 according to your construction load capacity requirement.

Acrow Prop Size 0
AKP0LLightweight Acrow Prop Size 01.05-1.8m
AKP0MMiddle Duty Acrow Prop Size 01.05-1.8m
AKP0LHeavy Duty Acrow Prop Size 01.05-1.8m

Customized OEM Service for Your Acrow Prop Size 0

Wellmade offers OEM service on your Acrow Prop Size 0 with embossing or sticker.

Acrow Prop Size 0 With Sticker

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