Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards

When your construction is related to petrochemical plants or with potential risks of fire hazards, fire-retardant scaffold boards are always needed.

Wellmade is a leading fire-retardant scaffold boards manufacturer in China. Our flame-resistant scaffolding planks are certified according to BS EN 15301 and BS 476.

You can find both laminated scaffold planks (LVL) and solid scaffolding boards with flame-resistant treatment. While Wellmade customs your fire-resistant timber boards sizes.

All of the fire-retardant scaffold boards are tested according to OSHA and BS 2482 standards.  Send us your fire retardant scaffold boards requirement to get competitive prices now.

Wellmade Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards

Fire retardant scaffold boards are also called flame-resistant timber scaffolding planks. The fire retardant scaffold boards are requested mostly by the oil gas companies and petrochemical plant construction projects.

Wellmade fire retardant scaffold boards are made from European white&yellow pines. According to fabrication, there are laminated scaffold boards and solid scaffold boards.

Wellmade fire retardant laminated scaffolding boards are tested according to OSHA and AS 1577 standards.  While the solid scaffold boards are always with end bands and conform to the BS2482 standards.

Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards Ends Treatment

There are 2 types of end treatment for your fire retardant scaffold boards. One is painted, another one is with metal hoops bound at both ends of timber planks.

Painted ends fire retardant scaffold boards are used mostly for your LVL planks. The painting is able to protect your wooden boards in good status for long term construction working.

According to the BS2482 standard, metal bands are bound as hoops for the fire retardant wooden planks.  The end hoops are mostly used in solid type, while laminated timber planks are available too.

End  Hoops for 38mm and 63mm Thickness Scaffold Boards

For solid fire retardant scaffold boards, there are 2 popular scaffold boards sizes: 225x38mm and 225x63mm. For different sizes of the fire retardant scaffold boards, there are two sizes of end hoops.

  • 225x38mm Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards End Hoops

225x38mm fire retardant scaffold boards hoops are in sizes of 25×0.6mm. The hoops will be extended to each edge of the fire retardant scaffold boards at a minimum of 150mm. While it is always fixed by rusty proof nails or staples.

One the metal hoops, manufacturer names and BS2482 standard and 1.2m max span support are embossed.

  • 225x63mm Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards Hoops

For 225x63mm scaffold boards,  the metal hoops size is 47×0.6mm. It is extended at least 100mm on each edge of scaffold boards. 63mm scaffold boards are 2.5m max span between support.

Flame Resistant Standards

The flame-resistant class of the fire retardant scaffold boards are always tested according to construction safety standards of BS EN 15301-1:2002 Euro Class C and BS 476 part 7 class 1.

Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards Length

Wellmade customs your fire retardant scaffold boards sizes and lengths in fabrication. The width and thickness are able to cut to your specifications. While lengths include 13ft, 8ft, 5ft, 6ft, 10ft, 4ft etc. While you can find 2.4m, 3.6m, 3m, 1.8m,2m, 3.9m, 4m scaffold boards too.

Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards FAQ Guide

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