Forged and Cast Scaffold Screw Jack Nut

Adjustable screw jacks include jack base leveling spindles, u head jacks, and forkhead jacks. Which are an essential part of system scaffold, frame scaffolding, and traditional tube clamp scaffold?  
Jack nut is an important adjusting handle running jacks into different height&keep the same level in construction, making scaffolding poles horizontally even.  
Globally, jack nuts are different mainly include 3 types according to production and nature property performance. 
1) Forged Type Jack Nut: 
It is drop forged from a round bar under high-temperature heating. Thus forged jack nut is very durable, ductility, less hardness.
Forged jack nut can use long life and more recycling even under-hit and rough handling in construction scaffolding erection and disassemble. 
But jack nut is not so popular using compare to cast iron type of jack nut. The main reason is it is a higher cost compare to casting production process.
The inner screw thread needs an extra mechanical process after this forged semi-finished products.  
All of these reasons make forged jack nut less output, longer lead time delivery. 
2) Cast Iron Jack Nut  
It is the most popular used jack nut among all of the three types of handles. The reason is mainly, Cast iron is cheapest in cost and the inner thread part can come out directly one time from the casting. Thus the production output is big. Quick out from production line. 
Cast iron is not as good fuction as forged type in construction.
Repeat hit, rough handling may make bigger damage of the jack nut itself. 
Thus, construction company can consider stocking more jack nut replace of the damaged ones. 
3) Cast Steel Jack nut 
This jack nut is more durable then cast iron articles. But the cost is much higher similar like forged jack nut. But the mechanical property is not as good as forged type. Thus cast steel jack nut used least in actual scaffolding production. 
All of these three types of jack nuts can be finished in hot dip galvanized, painted or zinc-plated ( E-galvanized). 
jack nut forged type screw jack parts
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