AS1576 Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledger

AS1576 Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledgers

AS1576 kwikstage scaffolding ledgers are a type of Australian standard quick stage scaffold system components. It is a horizontal part of the Australian standard steel modular scaffold.

The main tube of the AS1576 standard kwikstage scaffolding ledgers is made by O.D 48.3mm scaffold tube. At both end of the scaffolding ledgers, there are ledger ends. The ledger ends include pressed wedge pins. In construction, the wedge pins are connected with the AS1576 standard kwikstage verticals. While the kwikstage vertical include the V clips, which forms a 4-stars coupling.

AS1576 Australia standard kwikstage scaffolding ledgers are similar to UK/British type kwikstage ledgers.  While both of them are different from the South Africa Quickstage Ledgers. South African kwikstage scaffolding ledger ends are C pressing type.  

Kwisktage Scaffolding Australian Standard is always in painted or hot-dip galvanized. While painted colour is mostly in green to Australian. While the UK type kwikstage ledgers are painted in yellow.
Hot-dip galvanized AS1576 standard kwikstage scaffolding ledgers are the most durable type. If you want any identical colour, it is also available on the hot-dip galvanized AS1576 kwickstage scaffolding ledgers. While the identified colour of the AS1576 standard kwikstage ledgers is according to customer request.
Standard sizes of the AS1576 Australian kwikstage scaffolding ledger include 0.76m, 1.27m, 1 .83m, 2.44m.  While customized sizes are available too.
Wellmade AS576 kwikstage scaffolding modular system and ledgers are tested and certificated in Melbourne city, Australia. It is certified safe construction material according to AS1576 standards.
According to the Australian standards, Wellmade manufactures the AS1576 kwikstage scaffolding ledgers from high-grade steel grade raw material. While we custom your marks on the ledger together with the AS1576 standard code. According to the Australian standard, manufacturer name and production date/year is also be embossed on the kwikstage scaffolding ledgers.
More than the S1576 kwikstage scaffolding ledgers,  there are kwikstage transom, standards, tie bars, braces, planks etc. All of the components are tested according to the Australian standard.
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