Wellmade Scaffold Worksafe Certificate

Wellmade Scaffold is Award WORKSAFE CERTIFICATE in Australia for its system scaffolding kwikstage. The kwikstage scaffolding system is also confirmed to AS/NZS1576 and AS/NZS 1577 standards.

In the testing and certificate, Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffolding whole system and system components and parts have passed the test.

In the kwiktage scaffolding system test, the test lab erects all of the modular system components and parts to form a tower. Then press strength on the whole scaffold towers.

According to the AS 1576 and AS 1577 standards, the test is also imposed on all kwikstage scaffolding components and parts. Includes the kwikstage standards, kwikstage ledger horizontals, kwikstage scaffold boards, screw jack base, etc.

You can find following the certificate of our kwikstage scaffolding modular system and components test and report.

Scaffolding Decking Components A

Scaffolding Two Board Platform (Hop Up)Bracket

Welllmade Kwikstage Scaffold Guardrail System Test Certificate

Wellmade adjustable Scaffold Screw jack Test Certificate

Wellmade Modular Scaffold Test report

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