Forged & Casting Wedge Lock Clamps for Formwork

Wellmade is a formwork wedge lock clamps manufacturer in China. We manufacture DOKA & Peri Type wedge lock clamps. Custom formwork wedge lock clamps are available too. While the standard formwork wedge lock clamps include:

  • Casting Wedge Lock Clamps
  • Forged type Wedge Lock Clamps
  • Pressed Wedge Lock Clamp

All of the formwork wedge lock clamps are used to fix your concrete formwork panels, columns, and beams in position.  There are other formwork accessories that work together with the wedge lock clamps in construction. Include water stopper, anchor nut, tie rod, rapid clamps, wing nut, base plate, etc. Send us your wedge lock clamp and formwork accessories inquiry to get a good price now.

Wellmade’s Formwork Wedge Lock Clamps

Wellmade wedge lock clamps are one type of formwork clamps with wedges. In the wedge lock clamp formwork, you can find versatile types of wedge lock clamp products. As an ISO 9001 & CE formwork and scaffolding manufacturer, you can find top-quality formwork accessories and wedge lock clamps here.

Casting Wedge Lock Clamp Working with Concrete Tie Rod

Tie rod wedge lock clamp is also called butterfly formwork clamp, formwork flat clamp, or rapid clamp. It is tightened by the wedge lock clamp tensioners in the concrete tie rod system. Thus the rapid clamp tensioner is also called the tool of the wedge lock clamp.

You can find galvanized and painting-type wedge lock clamps in Wellmade. In manufacturing, there are heavy-duty and normal-duty wedge lock clamps.

Formwork Tie Rod Wedge Lock Clamp

WWLC010.42 KGCastingPaint/Galvanizing
WWLC020.45 KGCastingPaint/Galvanizing
WWLC030.5 KGCastingPaint/Galvanizing

Peri Pressed Steel Type Wedge Lock Clamp

WPW110Peri Wedge Lock Clamp4.5KGE-galvanized
Peri Formwork Wedge Lock Clamp

Doka Forged Type Wedge Lock Formwork Clamp

WDKWC01FQuick Acting Wedge Lock ClampDOKAForged3.3KG
WDKWC02FMultifunction Wedge Lock ClampDOKAForged6.0 KG
WDKWC03FAdjustable ClampDOKAForged5.1 KG

Casting Type Wedge Lock Clamps For Columns Walls and Corners

Casting formwork wedge lock clamps are the most popular wedge lock clamps. It is much cheaper than forged wedge lock clamps.  Wellmade custom casting formwork wedge lock clamps according to your drawings, samples, and specifications. While you can choose the following wedge lock clamps in casting.

Casted Multifunctional Wedge Lock Clamp

WWL05CCast Wedge Lock Clamp Short Type 052.85KGE-galvanized
WWL06CCast Wedge Lock Clamp Short Type 063.41KGE-galvanized
WWL07CCast Wedge Lock Clamp Short Type 073.20KGE-galvanized
WWL08CCast Adjustable Multifunctional Wedge Lock5.25KGE-galvanized

Short type formwork wedge lock clamps adjustable range is about 90mm to 130mm. While the long-type formwork wedge lock clamps are able to fix your concrete formwork structurals in the range of 0-350mm.

In addition, Wellmade offers one-stop formwork clamps and accessories supply. More than the formwork wedge lock clamps, there are formwork anchor nuts, tie rods, water stopper, rapid clamps for your choosing. All of them are tested and certified according to international standards.

As an ISO9001 & CE-certified formwork manufacturer in China, all of the formwork materials, accessories and wedge lock clamps are tested before shipping. Wellmade formwork wedge locks quality controlling system goes through the whole manufacturing process. You can find test reports of raw material, welding penetration, loading capacity, and galvanizing adhere etc.

During import and buying the formwork wedge lock clamps, you are able to get more benefits in price, services, and professional services in the door-to-door delivery, etc.  Send us your formwork and wedge lock clamp requirement to enjoy the benefits from Wellmade.

Formwork Wedge Lock Clamp FAQ


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