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Hi Load V Shore Frames For Sale

Wellmade’s V shore frames is a type of hi load scaffolding shoring frames. It is supplied to the Australia construction and formworks.

The V shore frames are manufactured according to ISO 9001. We ensure your v shore frame scaffolding quality by high quality welding, testing, and surface treatment conform to CE certificate.

In construction, the V shore frame scaffolding is erected as shoring steel post support your formwork and shuttering. It also forms a heavy duty scaffold tower for your commercial and industrial building construction.

Wellmade customized your shoring frames, we design for you the V shore and H shore frames according to your construction slab and beam requirement. Send us your shoring frame requirement to get a competitive price now.

V Shore Frames Size & Components

3ft v shore frames scaffolding

4′ (Width) x 3′(Height)

2′ Lock Pin Distance



4ft v shore frames scaffolding

4′ (width) x 4′ (height)

3′ Lock Pin Distance

5ft v shore frames scaffolding

4′ (Width) x 5′ (Height)

4′  Lock Pin Distance

6ft v shore frames scaffolding

4′ (width) x 6′ (height)

4′ Lock Pin Distance

7ft v shore frames scaffolding

4′(width) x 7′ ( Height)

5′ Lock Pin Distance

V shore frame scaffolding cross braces x brace

V Shore Frame X Braces


v shore frame scaffolding u head jack top screw jack

Heavy Duty V Shore Frame U Head Jack


V shore frame scaffold base jack

Heavy Duty V Shore Frame Scaffold Jack Base


v shore frame scaffolding connector joint pin coupling

Vertical Connector Pin Coupling


Galvanized V Shore Frame Scaffolding

For V shore frame scaffolding system, the most popular surface treatment is galvanizing. The galvanizing makes the v shore frame system more durable in a long life.

More than galvanizing v shore frame scaffolding, you are able to get painting and powder-coated v shore frames here too.

Hot Dip Galvanized VS Galvanized Tube Frame Scaffolding

There are 2 types of galvanizing for the v shore frame scaffolding.

  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • Welding from galvanized scaffolding tube

Hot dip galvanizing is the most durable type of galvanizing.  It is made from a black steel scaffold tube, surface treatment is after the welding and assembly.

You can ask your v shore frame system made from HDG scaffold tube too. After welding, Wellmade do a double zinc painting on the welding lines. Thus V shore frame scaffolding made from HDG scaffold tube is much cheaper than hot dip galvanizing scaffolding.

V Shore Frame Scaffolding Application

V shore frame scaffolding for concrete slab formwork support

Wellmade V shore frames are used in slab formwork, beam formwork, bridge formwork, etc. It is specially designed for a thick slab to share heavy-duty concrete weight from top shuttering.  You can choose a suitable scaffolding frame size according to your concrete slab height.

V shore frame scaffold tower

More than concrete slab formwork support. You can use the V shore frame scaffolding for your heavy duty required industry and commercial construction. Wellmade is able to design and calculate required v shore system quantity according to your building plan.

V Shore Frame Scaffolding Specifications

Wellmade customize your v shore frame scaffolding components. While you can find standard sizes and specifications for the v shore frame parts.

V Shore Frames Size&Specification

Code no.ItemsTube SpecBend Tube SpecFinishing
WVS60033′ V Shore FramesO.D 60×4.0mmO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized
WVS60034′ V Shore FramesO.D 60×4.0mmO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized
WVS60055′ V Shore FramesO.D 60×4.0mmO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized
WVS60066′ V Shore FramesO.D 60×4.0mmO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized
WVS60077′ V Shore FramesO.D 60×4.0mmO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized

V Shore Frame Scaffold Cross Brace Size

Code No.ItemsTube SpecFinishing
WVSCB33′ Frame Cross BraceO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized
WVSCB44′ Frame Cross BraceO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized
WVSCB55′ Frame Cross BraceO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized
WVSCB66′ Frame Cross BraceO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized
WVSCB77′ Frame Cross BraceO.D 26×2.0mmGalvanized

V Shore Frame Base Jack Size

Code No.ItemsSpec(mm)Plate Size
WVSBJ90900mm Jack BaseO.D 48×900150x150mm

V Shore Frame U Head Jacks

Code No.ItemsSpec(mm)U Plate Size
WVSUJ90900mm U JackO.D 48×900226x100x150mm

Wellmade Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

Wellmade is an expert shoring frame scaffolding manufacturing & supplier.  You can find not only V shore frames, but you can also find heavy duty h frames for your construction shoring too.  More than that, we have our engineers design the shoring frames according to your construction requirement.

You can get benefits from Wellmade of the high-quality shoring v frames and h frames. Wellmade is able to bring you more benefits in door to door delivery, scaffolding products warranty, and great competitive price.

If you want your company’s logo and marks on your v shore frame. Wellmade is able to offer the customized special services.

In conclusion, if you seeking scaffolding and shoring material, Wellmade will be your best choice.

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

V Shore Frame Scaffolding FAQ Guide

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