Crab 60 Scaffold Shoring System U Head Jacks

Crab 60 scaffolding U head jacks are components of hi load crab 60 shoring system scaffold. It includes 48mm adjustable screw stems, a big u head, a socket tube welded on the U head as well as an adjustable handle(jack nut).  Between the big U head and the socket tube, there are 2 stirrups for reinforcement during high load bearing.

In construction, the heavy-duty scaffold U heads are inserted into the Crab 60 scaffolding posts and triangle frame poles.  These two vertical parts are made of OD60mm scaffold tubes. That is why the inserted U-head jack stems need to be smaller than the inside diameter of the vertical posts.

Crab 60 shoring system U-head jack stems are 600mm in height. You can adjust the U head jack to a height of a max of 350mm. For anti-corrosion purposes, the Crab 60 system adjustable U head is always hot dip galvanized.

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  • Diameter: 48mm
  • Height: 600mm
  • U head: 286(L)x150(W)x115(H)
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Type: Heavy Duty Load
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Package: 200 pcs/Pallets
  • Delivery: 15-35 Days

Crab 60 Shoring Scaffold U Head Jacks

Hollow Type U Head Jacks

Crab 60 shoring scaffold U-head jacks are made of hollow tubes. Thus it is a type of hollow scaffold jack. You can ask for the hollow u head jacks manufactured by welded tubes or seamless tubes.

48mm VS 38mm Scaffold U Head Jacks

48mm scaffold U head jacks are used for heavy-duty scaffold systems. Like Crab 60 scaffolding, 60mm hi load ringlock shoring system, shoring frame system etc.

38mm scaffold U head jacks are used popularly for normal modular scaffold systems like ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, quick lock scaffold, etc as well as the tube clamp system. The reason is the modular scaffold verticals are made of 48mm scaffold tubes. Thus 38mm u head jacks are compatible with the scaffolding vertical members.

While normal scaffold system no needs such a big bearing capacity. Thus 38mm jacks are enough to work with the normal duty modular scaffold.

Other Types of Scaffold Adjustable U Head Jacks

WUJHHollow Scaffold U Head JackOD30-48mm0-800mm
WUJSSolid Scaffold U Head JackOD26-48mm0-800mm

Why Wellmade U Head Jacks

Wellmade is the leading manufacturer and supplier of different industrial equipment such as scaffolding jacks and accessories.

We manufacture scaffolding U head jack for different applications. You can use Wellmade scaffolding U head jack for building construction, commercial, and residential project sites.

Wellmade U jack is made from prime quality steel, iron, etc. We manufacture and design Wellmade U head jack for conjunction with adjustable system scaffolding. They can hold timber beams in place securely.

Wellmade U head jack is available on various surfaces. There are painted U head jacks, zinc plated U head jacks, and hot-dip galvanized U head jacks. These surface treatments help U head jack protects from corrosion. The zinc-plated finish of U head jack adds shine to it.

You can find from Wellmade various types of U head jack scaffolding. We can expertly manufacture adjustable U head jack scaffolding, double-walled u head jack scaffolding, stainless steel U head jack scaffolding, and many more.

Wellmade U head jack is available in numerous sizes, types, specifications, and dimensions. You can find a 750 mm U head jack, 600 mm U head jack, 650 mm U head jack, 450 mm U head jack, etc. Our U head jacks are manufactured and designed functional and advantageous features:

  • Optimum quality
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent performance
  • Durable
  • Easy to fix

Wellmade’s Adjustable U Head Jack conjuncts system scaffolding with formwork beams. Our U Head Jacks are adapter with all types of formwork beams including timber H20 Beams, steel formwork beams, and aluminum beams.

Wellmade U Head Jacks are combinate by threaded screw bars, U head plate, and screw jack nut. This screw jack nut will help you adjust your U Head Jacks in the right height and position.

U Head Jack threaded screw bar is connecting to system scaffolding. So, you will find our U Head Jacks are designed to make sure it works well with Scaffolding System Verticals.

There are two types of Wellmade U Head Jack Thread Bar:

  • Hollow bars made from Hollow Pipe Structure
  • Solid Threaded Stem, made By Solid Round Bars.

Wellmade is offering a complete range of U head jack which is manufactured from excellent grade raw materials. We had conducted numerous checks on our U head jack manufacturing.

Wellmade fabricated adjustable scaffolding screw jacks, according to ISO9001 Management and Quality Controlling System. Test & Control Steel Grade, Welding Quality, Sizes, and Specifications 24 hours throughout the Whole Production Process.

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