Tubular Scaffolding

Wellmade is a professional tubular scaffolding manufacturer in China. You can find both steel and aluminum tubular scaffolding here. The tubular scaffolding is connected by scaffolding couplers. With the scaffold fittings joint, scaffold tubes are used as different functions of tubular scaffolding elements, like scaffold verticals, horizontals, transom, braces, etc. Scaffold planks are components of tubular scaffold systems too. It is used to form the work platform and walking board in the tubular scaffolding system.

As a traditional scaffold system, Wellmde tubular scaffolding is versatile for all types of structure works. It is able to join with prefabricated modular scaffolding systems too. Include ring lock, cuplock, kwikstage, frame scaffold, etc. Tubular scaffolds help modular scaffolding in irregular and obstruction construction.

All tubular scaffolding components and parts are manufactured according to global scaffolding standards include EN 74, BS 1139, EN 39, etc. Send us your tubular scaffolding requirement to get a competitive price now.

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Wellmade Tubular Scaffolding

Wellmade tubular scaffolding systems include components and parts of galvanized scaffold tubes, scaffolding couples, and scaffolding planks, scaffold ladders, stairs, ladder beams, 450mm and 750mm alloy beams, etc.  You can find all tubular scaffolding parts here in Wellmade.  While all of the components of the tubular system scaffolding are manufactured according to ISO 9001 & CE (EN1090 & ISO 3834 standard).

Tubular Scaffolding Pipes

Tubular scaffolding pipes are major material of the tubular scaffolding system. It is able to be used as tubular scaffold standard verticals, scaffold horizontal parts, scaffolding diagonal and horizontal braces, scaffold transoms, and formwork back walers in your construction and shoring.

The most common tubular scaffold pipes are in O.D 48.3mm diameter. While you can also find round scaffolding pipes in O.D48.6mm, O.D 42.7mm, O.D 38mm, O.D60mm, O.D 76mm, and O.D 89mm, etc.

Square and rectangular hollow sections are also called square tubes. It is used for scaffolding beams and slab concrete formwork support. The most common hollow section include 100x50mm, 100x100mm, 50x50mm, 40x20mm, 60x30mm, 50x25mm etc.

Tubular Scaffolding Steel Pipes O.D 48.3mm
Tubular Scaffolding Steel Pipes O.D 48.3mm Galvanized

You can find both heavy-duty and lightweight tubular scaffolding pipes according to the pipe wall thickness.  More than that, for the same size and specifications of tubular scaffold pipes, there are different steel grades in S235 and S355. The steel grade is equal to STK 400 and STK 500 in Japanese, Korean, and Singapore standards.

According to the BS1139, JIS 3444, and EN 39 standard, the tubular scaffolding pipes are finished in galvanized (hot-dip galvanized). Galvanizing protect the scaffold tubes from corrosion and make them recycling using in long-term construction.  While some countries and construction projects need painted and M.S pipes.   In addition, Wellmade custom your tubular scaffolding lengths. Your company names, logos, manufacturing date, and tubular scaffolding standard code are embossed on the tubular scaffolding pipes.

Aluminum Scaffold Tubes

More than the steel tubes, there are aluminum tubes using in tubular scaffolding too.  Aluminum tubes are light. It is more durable in long term. Aluminum scaffold tubes sizes are O.D 48.3mm. The wall thickness is always 4-5mm.

Aluminum scaffold tube alloy grades include 6061 T6 and 6082 T6 for tubular scaffold construction.  Wellmade manufactures all lengths of aluminum scaffold tubes according to your construction and scaffold design.  Aluminum scaffold tubes are able to be fixed by standard scaffolding couplers or special wedge clamps in construction.

Tubular Scaffolding Couplers

Scaffolding couplers are scaffold tube fittings. It is used to fix both steel and aluminum scaffolding tubes in construction.

According to the fabrication procedures, there are forged type and pressed type scaffolding couplers for the tubular scaffolding system.

Forged Tubular Scaffolding Clamps

Forged tubular scaffolding clamps are made from high-strength steel round bar structures.  The round bars are heated at high temperatures to form the forged clamp covers, bases.

According to the scaffolding clamp function and engineering, you can find the following forged scaffold clamps for your tubular system. All of the scaffolding clamps are able to be finished in both E-galvanized and hot dip galvanized.

Tubular Scaffolding Forged Putlog Coupler Single Clamps
Tubular Scaffolding Forged Putlog Coupler Single Clamps

Forged tubular scaffolding couplers are assembled by 8.8 class bolt and nut. The tubular system forged scaffolding clamps are tested and certified according to BS 1139 and EN 74 standards.

Pressed Steel Tubular Scaffolding Clamps

Pressed steel tubular scaffolding clamps are fabricated from the steel plates. Tubular pressed scaffolding clamps are always in golden(yellow) zinc plated. While white zinc color pressed couplers are available too. If you want more durable for long-term work, hot-dip galvanized pressed couplers are able to help you to succeed.

You can find the following pressed steel clamps for your tubular system scaffold. While all of the pressed scaffolding clamps are tested according to BS 1139, EN 74, JIS and KS, SG standard.

  • British Standard Pressed Right Angle Coupler
  • British Standard Pressed Swivel (Rotation) Coupler
  • Pressed Sleeve Coupler
  • JIS (Korean) Fixed Clamp
  • JIS (Korean) Swivel Clamp
  • Pressed Single Coupler(Putlog)
  • Pressed Board Retaining Clamps (BRC)
  • Pressed Ladder Clamp
  • Fence Coupler
  • Butterfly Coupler
  • Toe Board Clamps
  • Oyster Coupler
  • Staircase Coupler

Wedge Clamps for Tubular Scaffolding

Tubular Scaffolding Wedge Clamps for Aluminum Scaffold Tubes
Tubular Scaffolding Wedge Clamps for Aluminum Scaffold Tubes O.D 48.3mm

Wedge clamps are specially designed scaffolding clamps for the tubular scaffold system. There are right-angle wedge clamps, swivel wedge clamps, and half wedge clamps.

Different from the forged clamp and pressed steel scaffold clamps, wedge clamps are made from spring steel structures. Wedge clamps are requested as aluminum scaffold tube connectors in the tubular system. You can find zinc-plated (E-galvanized) and hot-dip galvanized wedge clamps in Wellmade.

Tubular Scaffolding Planks and Boards

Tubular scaffolding planks and boards are used to form the scaffold access walking board and scaffold work platform. Wellmade manufacturers both steel planks(metal decks) and wood boards for your tubular scaffold construction.

Steel Scaffolding Planks for Tubular Scaffolding

Steel scaffolding planks are prefabricated tubular scaffolding materials. There are steel planks with hooks and planks without hooks.

Hook On Scaffold Metal Planks

Scaffold metal planks with hooks make your tubular scaffolding erection more convenient. Scaffolding planks hooks sit on the horizontal parts of the tubular scaffolding system.  According to the hook on scaffold sizes and specifications. You can find the following common site hook on scaffolding planks.

Plain End Steel Scaffold Boards

The plain-end steel scaffolding boards are scaffolding planks without hooks. In tubular scaffolding construction, the plain end scaffold boards are fixed by the board clamps. In some countries, steel wires are also used to protect scaffold boards from moving.

No matter steel planks with hooks or plain end scaffold boards, tubular scaffold boards are with anti-slip treatment on the surface with punching holes or gratings. Wellmade tubular scaffold boards are tested according to EN 12811, BS 1139, and EN 1004 standards.

Timber Boards for Tubular Scaffolding

Tubular scaffolding timber boards are fabricated from woods. According to the design, there are LVL laminated scaffolding planks and solid scaffold boards.

Wooden Boards Timber Planks for Tubular Scaffolding
Wooden Boards Timber Planks for Tubular Scaffolding
LVL Planks for Tubular Scaffolding

LVL scaffold planks are laminated veneer lumber. Wellmade tubular scaffolding LVL timber planks are tested according to OSHA, AS1577 standard. All tubular scaffold LVL timber planks are with end paint for protection.

BS 2482 Solid Timber Planks

BS 2482 standard tubular scaffolding timber planks are solid wood boards.  At both ends of the solid timber plank, there are metal bands that protect the timber planks for construction safety.

Tubular Scaffolding Ladder beams

Tubular Scaffolding Steel Ladder Beams in Painted and Galvanizing
Tubular Scaffolding Steel Ladder Beams in Painted and Galvanizing

Wellmade tubular scaffolding ladder beams are made from O.D 48.3mm scaffold tubes. It is 305mm in depth. Ladder beam lengths are custom from 2m to 10m. While 6m ladder beam is the most popular size. You can find both galvanized and painted tubular scaffolding ladder beams in Wellmade.

Wellmade ladder beams are tested according to BS 1139 standard. According to the fabrication structural material, there are heavy duty tubular scaffold ladder beams and normal-duty ladder heam.

Heavy duty ladder beams for tubular scaffolding are made from 4mm scaffolding pipes. While you can find 3.2mm tubular scaffolding ladder beams in S355 steel grade. S355 tubular ladder beam has the same load capacity and weight-bearing as 4mm steel ladder beams.

More than the steel ladder beams, you are able to get aluminum tubular scaffolding ladder beams too.

Tubular Scaffolding Ladders

Tubular scaffolding ladders include two types. One is aluminum single ladders, another is steel single ladders.

Aluminum Ladders for Tubular Scaffolding

Tubular Scaffolding Aluminum Ladders and Steel Ladders
Tubular Scaffolding Aluminum Ladders and Steel Ladders

Aluminum ladders are fabricated from extruded aluminium profiles. It is tested according to EN 131 standard. According to the fabrication raw material, there are heavy duty aluminium single ladders and light weight aluminium ladders.

Heavy duty aluminum single ladder for the tubular scaffold is with D-shaped rungs. It is made from a 2.3mm aluminum extruded profile.

Light Weight aluminiuim single ladders are made from aluminum square tubes (aluminum hollow section). The square tube is in 1.2mm wall thickness.

We custom your tubular scaffolding aluminium ladder sizes. Include the width, lengths(height). Aluminum ladder width include 360mm, 390m,, 410mm, 450mm etc. While the lengths include 2m to 6m.

All the tubular scaffolding aluminum ladders are with EN 131 standard sticker with safety instructions.    Aluminium ladders are always working together with the trap door access platform in the tubular access system scaffold.

Steel Ladders for Tubular Scaffolding

Steel single ladders are made from scaffold tubes. There are square type and round type tubular scaffolding steel ladders.

According to the tubular scaffolding steel ladders design, there are hook-on steel ladders and ladders without hooks.   Hook on steel ladders is connected with the tubular scaffolding horizontal parts, while normal steel ladders are fixed by the ladder bracket or scaffold ladder clamps.

Compare to tubular scaffolding aluminium ladders, steel ladders are heavy but much cheaper in cost.

Tubular Scaffolding Stairs & Trap Door Platform

Staircases and trap door platforms are both able to be used in tubular scaffolding.  Tubular scaffold stairs are also with hooks. It offers a safe access walkway for the tubular system. The stair handrails are always used together with the tubular scaffold stairs. You can ask prices for both steel scaffold stairs and aluminum scaffolding stairs in Wellmade.

A trap door platform is also called scaffold hatches. It is integrated with the scaffold ladders and work platform. While the trap door design makes the trap door platform form an open window in the tubular scaffolding construction.

Why Tubular Scaffolding

Tubular scaffolding is a traditional scaffolding system. It is different from the prefabricated modular scaffolding system.

  1. Tubular Scaffolding is versatile in all shapes and types of construction. Include irregular, circle configuration.
  2. Tubular scaffolding is a type of high load scaffold system with a 4.0mm wall thickness.
  3. Tubular scaffolding is always with standardized components. You do not need to change according to different projects.
  4. The tubular scaffolding system is able to create different distances between elements by cutting the scaffold tubes into required lengths.
  5. Tubular scaffolds save cost than using the modular system.
  6. Because of the galvanizing, tubular scaffolding saves maintenance costs.
  7. Tubular scaffolding is able to compatible with all types of modular systems by using scaffolding couplers and fittings.
  8. Tubular scaffolding is safe scaffolding materials instead of timber and bamboo scaffolding.

Tubular Scaffolding In Oil Gas and Marine Industry

Tubular scaffolding is not only used in civil and building scaffolding. It is also widely used in industrial, commercial, infrastructure scaffolding.

Among the above, the oil gas industry uses tubular scaffolding more often than any other industry.  It is not only because oil gas scaffolding has a lot of nonrectangular structures, special shape buildings, pipelines, maintenance platforms, but also needs a high load.

In addition, oil gas scaffolding is always onshore or offshore projects. Tubular scaffolding is more durable in the marine environment.

Wellmade has been the oil gas company authorized tubular scaffolding vendors in long term. Include Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, KOC, China Petroleum, etc.

In the oil gas scaffolding, Wellmade always manufactures hot dip galvanized tubes, HDG coupler HDG planks for durable purposes.

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