Swivel Jack Base

Swivel Jack Base is a type of Adjustable Screw Jack Used on Uneven Ground Falsework and Scaffold. There is a threaded rolled tubular hollow type or solid bar type. 
The swivel jack base includes base plate heavy-duty C20 steel grade cold-formed, jack collar nut adjusting height of the swivel jacks, and fasten scaffold tube. Lugs on a base plate riveted with threaded bars or hollow tubular stem. 
An adjustable swivel jack base is in more than 100KN load capacity that offers stable support to the large heavy structure of stage, tunnel, bridge, and subway construction and formwork for an inclined leveling. 
Swivel Jack Base can be Cold Galvanized or hot dip galvanized. Threaded sizes can be round heavy-duty Layher type or normal square threaded.
According to construction safety requirements, an adjustable screw jack base should be inserted 20%(1/4) or 150mm inside of the scaffold tube verticals.
Wellmade Scaffold, produce the swivel Jack Base according to ISO9001 and En74 standard. Welding Quality and Welding Controlling is according to ISO3834 and EN1090, which trained, certified by Europe Experts. 
All swivel jack bases can be produced according to customers’ requirements or designs according to structure construction requests by wellmade scaffold.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Hollow Tubular Swivel Jack Base

SJH040Hollow Tubular Scaffold Swivel Jack Base 400mmO.D 38x400mm3.99KG
SJH060Hollow Tubular Scaffold Swivel Jack Base 600mm O.D 38x600mm4.80KG
SJH080Hollow Tubular Scaffold Swivel Jack Base 800mm O.D 38x800mm5.62KG

Solid Type Swivel Jack Base

SJS040Solid Swivel Jack Base 400mmOD35x400mm5.04KG
SJS0461(24″)Solid Swivel Jack Base 610mmOD35x610mm6.45KG
SJS080Solid Swivel Jack Base 800mmOD35x800mm7.72KG
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