Swivel Jack Base

The scaffold swivel base jack is a type of scaffold screw jack with a swivel base plate, a threaded stem, and a  scaffold jack nut handle.
When you want to set scaffolding on uneven ground, a scaffold swivel base jack is needed. It helps you level scaffolding at a required height for scaffolding.
The swivel base jack is compatible with tube and fitting scaffolds as well as scaffold systems like cuplock, ringlock, kwikstage, and frames.

Swivel Base Jack
Information:DetailsCustomized Size
Base Plate Size150x150mm
Threaded Stem Diameter30-34mm, 38mm, 48mm
Overall Height650mm
Adjustable Height0 – 500mm
FinishingZinc-Plated & HDG

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  • Trade Term:  FOB, CIF , EXW, FCA
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin: China

Swivel Base Jack

The swivel base jack is a type of scaffold base jack, but it is with a swivel function.  Scaffold base jack stems are fixed on the base plate. While the swivel base jacks are with two lugs (shaped vertical plates) on the base plate. The lugs are used to connect with the swivel base jack stems by bolt and nut. The bolt and nut connection is allowed the swivel base jack stems to turn 180 degrees and make the swivel function come true.

Types of Swivel Base Jacks

There are two types of scaffold swivel base jacks:

  • Solid Stem Swivel Base Jacks
  • Hollow Stem Swivel Base Jacks

Solid Stem Swivel Base Jacks

Solid stem swivel base jacks are made of steel round bars. According to the solid stem diameter, there are 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 38mm solid swivel base jacks.  Among them, 34mm solid swivel base jacks are used for frame scaffolding, while 36mm solid swivel base jacks are used for ringlock, kwikstage etc.

The solid swivel base jack is heavier in weight. It can take more load than the hollow swivel base jack of the same size.

Hollow Stem Swivel Base Jacks

Hollow stem swivel base jacks are made of hollow scaffold pipes.  The stem out diameter sizes includes 34mm, 36mm, 38mm, 48mm, etc.  38mm hollow swivel base jack is the most popular size, used for kwikstage, ringlock, quick lock, cuplock, etc. These scaffold system vertical poles are 48mm out diameter, and 38mm swivel base jacks are suited for the inner diameter of the vertical poles.

While 48mm swivel base jacks are used for the shoring systems including the 60mm ring shore system, shoring frames, crab 60 shoring system, etc.   These shoring scaffolding vertical poles are made of OD57-60mm scaffolding poles. That is why need 48mm swivel base jacks.

Hollow swivel base jacks are lighter in weight. According to the load capacity, there are 4 tons of swivel jacks and 6-ton swivel jacks.

Threads Type of Swivel Base Jack

Swivel base jack threads can be ACME threads. The threads are 6.35mm teeth distance. It is also called 4 TPI (4 threads per inch).

You can also ask for coarse threads (fast threads) for your swivel base jacks. The course threads are 8mm teeth distance. It is called strong jacks and is used popularly in Layher scaffolding allround systems.

Jack Nut of Swivel Base Jacks

Types of Swivel Base Jack Nut

Swivel base jack nut is also called jack handles. There are drop forged, cast steel, and cast iron types of jack nuts. Among them, cast iron jack nuts are the most used. The reason is the jack nut is cheaper, fast in delivery.

Forged and cast steel jack nuts are expensive and slower in production. But the surface is more smooth and the quality is more stable.

Jack Nut Lengths

You can have short and long jack nuts for your swivel base jacks.  Shorter ones are less in cost and the price is cheaper. Long jack nuts are heavier and the cost is higher.  We customized your jack nut lengths and shapes as per your drawings and samples.

Swivel Base Jack Finishing

For anti-corrosion purposes, swivel base jacks are always finished with galvanizing and coating. There are hot dip galvanized, zinc-plated, and painted swive base jacks.

Hot dip galvanized is the most durable jack base among them with more than 40 micro zinc thicknesses.

Zinc-plated swivel base jacks are less cost than hot dip galvanized. It is the most commonly required finishing for most swivel base jacks.

Painted swivel base jacks can be in different colors to identify your material at the construction site.

Swivel Base Jack List and Weight

Hollow Tubular Type Swivel Jack Base Weight

SJH040Hollow Tubular Scaffold Swivel Jack Base 400mmO.D 38x400mm3.99KG
SJH060Hollow Tubular Scaffold Swivel Jack Base 600mmO.D 38x600mm4.80KG
SJH080Hollow Tubular Scaffold Swivel Jack Base 800mmO.D 38x800mm5.62KG

Solid Type Swivel Jack Base Weight

SJS040Solid Swivel Jack Base 400mmOD35x400mm5.04KG
SJS0461(24″)Solid Swivel Jack Base 610mmOD35x610mm6.45KG
SJS080Solid Swivel Jack Base 800mmOD35x800mm7.72KG

Why Wellmade Swivel Base Jacks

Wellmade fabricates the swivel Jack Base according to ISO9001 and En74 standards. All of our swivel jack bases are quality controlled from raw material to welding quality till construction safety load capacity.

Wellmade is a CE-certified scaffolding manufacturer. All of our swivel jack bases and scaffold materials are of high standard welding quality. The welding quality is tested and controlled according to ISO3834 and EN1090 standards. Our welders are expertly trained and certified by European CE.

We customize your swivel base jacks too. Your company’s logo and marks are able to be engraved on the swivel base jacks for free.

Wellmade test all swivel base jack ultimate load capacity to ensure all of our scaffold jacks are safety in bearing weight in construction.

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