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Wellmade is a stucco scaffolding manufacturer in China. The stucco scaffolding is also called plaster scaffolding. You can find all types of stucco & plaster scaffolding here. Include walk through frame scaffold, snap on scaffolding, masonry scaffolding frames, box frames, and narrow frame set, etc.

Wellmade always brings the stucco scaffolding material to your address. The door-to-door service is available in all cities in the USA and Canada country.

There are both powder-coated (color) and galvanizing stucco scaffold materials for your choosing.

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Wellmade Stucco Scaffolding

Wellmade stucco scaffolding is frame sets used for stucco and plaster contracting. In the stucco scaffolding frame set, there are scaffolding components of main frames, cross braces, scaffold bars, side brackets, scaffolding planks, adjustable jack bases, swivel jack, fixed base plate, curved base plate, extension base plate, and coupling pins, etc.

stucco scaffolding cross brace
stucco scaffolding cross brace

Stucco scaffolding main frames are the vertical frames of the framesets. It is fabricated with lock pins. The lock pins of the stucco scaffolding main frames are connected to cross-bracing and guard rails etc.

Stucco scaffolding cross braces are x brace with 2 single bars. According to steel structure raw materials, there are tubular type scaffold bracing and angular bracing. The two single structural bars are fixed by 8.8 class bolts and nuts in Wellmade.

Stucco scaffolding cross brace sizes depend on bay sizes of lock pins span and main frame horizontal distance(working place) designed in the stucco scaffold construction.  Lock pin span distance could be 3’, 4’, 5’ etc. While the frame distance could be 7’,8’,10’ etc.

Stucco scaffolding planks could be in LVL OSHA standard, steel planks, and aluminum planks. It forms walking boards and work platforms in stucco and plastering construction. While the side brackets allow hanging scaffold working area in plaster.

A Frame and H Frame fro Stucco Scaffolding

Basically, the stucco scaffolding system could be A-frame or H frame set.

A-frame stucco scaffold includes walk through frame system, snap on walk-thru scaffold system, etc.

While h frame scaffold includes masonry scaffold frame, ladder frame, narrow frame, box frame, etc.

Stucco scaffolding sizes are custom include 5’x5’, 5’x6’4”, 42”x6’4”, 3’x6’8” 3’x8’8” etc.

snap on scaffolding stucco scaffold plaster frame
snap on scaffolding stucco scaffold plaster frame

Stucco Scaffolding Lock Pins

According to the USA and Canada standards, there are different types of lock pins in stucco scaffolding manufacturing include flip lock pin, fast lock pin, Canada lock pin, drop lock pin, C lock pin and snap-on lock pin, etc.

All of the stucco scaffold frames could be in powder-coated finishing. You can choose red, blue, yellow, white colors.

While hot-dip galvanizing stucco scaffolding is the most durable in anti-corrosion.

Wellmade Stucco Scaffolding Quality Control

As a leading OEM scaffolding manufacturer in China, Wellmade manufactures high-quality stucco scaffolding materials. Our quality is tested and confirmed to ASTM and OSHA standards. While we do 100% quality control before, in, and after the production. For each batch of stucco scaffolding manufacturing, you can find relative test reports for metal raw materials, welding line, load capacity, surface adhere, etc.

For the stucco scaffolding raw material test, we test both chemical composition and physical properties like tensile strength, elongation, yield strength, bending, and welding.

For welding quality, we do penetrate tests according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090.

For load capacity, we test according to the American and Canadian standards as clients request.

For stucco scaffolding surface, Wellmade control the quality by 24 hours salt spray test and adhere test.

Snap On Scaffolding for Stucco Construction

Snap on scaffolding is the most popular frame scaffold system for stucco construction.  There are a lot of different sizes and types of frame systems with snap on lock for stucco construction.

  • Walk through snap-on stucco scaffolding
  • Apartment Scaffold Frame Suttco Scaffolding
  • Walk Through Frame with 18″ Ladder
  • Apartment Frame with 18″ Ladder
  • Box Frame Snap On Frame
  • Mason Frame Stucco Scaffolding
  • Ladder Frame Stucco Scaffolding

Different from other scaffold frame lock pins, the snap on lock pin stucco scaffolding cross braces and guard rails are with snap lock end, while other lock pins x braces are with punched holes.

stucco scaffolding snap on frame cross braces
stucco scaffolding snap on frame cross braces

Stucco Scaffolding FAQ Guide

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