Steel Scaffold Boards

Wellmade is a scaffolding manufacturer designs your steel scaffold boards according to your sizes and requirement. The scaffold steel boards are used in both System Scaffolding and Tube Clamp Scaffold sizes and requirement.

You can find Hook-on steel scaffold boards and plain end metal boards here. While scaffold steel boards without hooks are fixed by our board clamps.

Wellmade’s steel scaffold boards are tested with certificates. We ensure the scaffold steel boards safety for your construction. As a CE &ISO9001 certified scaffold factory, you can find steel scaffold boards welding line is strong and smooth. More than that, we test your scaffold steel boards in the whole production process.

Send us your requirement for the steel scaffold boards.  You will have the most benefits not only high quality but also an immediate best price. If you want the door to door delivery, simply tell us your delivery address. Wellmade will send the steel scaffold boards material till your construction site or stock yard.

Our Steel Scaffold Boards is 20 containers every day. The Production Line is swift according to different scaffold size and specification requirement.

Wellmade’s Steel Scaffold Boards Dail Test Include Steel Raw Material Test, Welding Test and Safety Load Capacity Test. This is the video showing 320mm layher type steel scaffolding platform safety load testing.

Wellmade make further anti-rusty paint on Pre-galvanized steel scaffold boards welding lines. We use zinc-rich paint on the welding line for better protection.

Steel Scaffold Board – The Ultimate Guide

Wellmade is your professional steel scaffolding boards manufacturer. We Customize Your Steel Scaffold Boards Size and Specifications Especially according to your Construction Building Scaffolding Installation Requirement.

Wellmade’s hook on scaffolding planks is used mostly for system scaffold, like Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Kwikstage Scaffolding, Scaffolding H Frames, Main Frames and Shoring Frames.

However, the Plain End Steel Scaffold Boards without Hooks (named metal decks too) are used widely in Tube and Clamp System Scaffold and Transom Scaffolding like Kwik Stage and Cuplock as scaffold battens.

Wellmade’s steel scaffold boards are tested by SGS, MTS and TUV Lab House. It is also tested and certified in countries of Australia, Malaysia etc.  All of our steel scaffold boards are Meet up and Exceed Europe, Australia and USA, Canada Scaffolding Standard Requirement.

Hook On Steel Scaffold Boards

Hook On Steel Scaffold Boards Connect Scaffold System Ledgers and Transoms by Steel Hooks.  According to Scaffolding System Ledger and Transom Types. There are O Ledger and U Ledger Type Hook-On Steel Scaffold Boards.

O Ledger Steel Scaffold Boards

O Ledger Steel Scaffold Boards with Hooks Connect with Round Type Scaffolding Horizontal Parts.  According to Horizontal Out Diameter Sizes, You can find from Wellmade Steel Scaffold Boards for O.D 48.3mm and O.D 42.7mm Tubes.

Layher Type O Ledger Steel Scaffold Boards

Layher O Ledger Steel Scaffold Boards is a Steel Platform Parts with O.D 48.3mm Steel Hooks and Safety Locks. It is used for Layher All Round Scaffolding System.  In Specification, Layher O Type Steel Scaffolding Platform include Two Width: 320mm and 190mm.

O Type Steel Scaffold Board 0.32 m Wide(Layher)
Code No.Dimensions(m)Weight(kg)
SOSD073-320.73 x 0.327.00
SOSD109-321.09 x 0.329.40
SOSD140-321.40 x 0.3210.80
SOSD157-321.57 x 0.3212.00
SOSD207-322.07 x 0.3216.00
SOSD257-322.57 x 0.3219.20
SOSD307-323.07 x 0.3222.50
O Type Steel Scaffold Board 0.19 m Wide(Layher)
Code No.Dimensions(m)Weight(kg)
SOSD073-190.73 x 0.195.00
SOSD109-191.09 x 0.197.00
SOSD157-191.57 x 0.1910.00
SOSD207-192.07 x 0.1912.70
SOSD257-192.57 x 0.1915.50
SOSD307-193.07 x 0.1918.20

320mm steel scaffold boards for layher scaffolding allround system

Dog Ear Steel Scaffold Plank for Pin Lock Scaffold

Dog Ear Steel Scaffold Boards is a type of Scaffolding Steel Planks in 240mm Width. It is produced by Wellmade exported to The USA Scaffolding Companies. These Steel Scaffold Boards are used popularly in Pin Lock Scaffold

AT-Pac Steel Scaffold Board  240mm With Dog Ear Hooks
Code No.Dimensions(m)Weight(kg)
SSD088-240.88 x 0.246.55
SSD091-240.91 x 0.246.75
SSD106-241.065 x 0.247.64
SSD115-241.15 x 0.248.34
SSD112-241.1219 x 0.248.64
SSD152-241.524 x 0.2410.23
SSD157-241.57 x 0.2410.52
SSD182-241.82 x 0.2411.56
SSD213-242.13 x 0.2414.47
SSD243-242.43 x 0.2415.65
SSD305-243.05 x 0.2419.95

240mm Dog Eear Steel Scaffold Boards for Pin Lock Scaffold

Square Hook Steel Scaffold Boards

Square Hook Steel Scaffold Board is for Cuplock Scaffolding System. It is also used in Ringlock Scaffolding. Square Hook Steel Scaffold Boards Specifications is in 228mm Width and 67mm height. Length of the Square Hook Boards is Customized according to Cuplock and Ringlock Ledger Centre to Centre.

square hook scaffold steel boards for cuplock and ringlock scaffolding system

Catwalk Scaffolding Metal Boards

Catwalk Scaffolding Steel Boards are used in Frame Scaffolding: Main Frame Scaffolding, H Frame Scaffolding, Shore Frame etc. The Catwalk Walk Board could be in double metal decks or single metal decks. Catwalk Steel Walk Board Specifications: 500mm, 450mm, 480mm, 420mm, 400mm, 210mm, 240mm, 250mm.

Catwalk Scaffolding Steel Boards

310mm Scaffold Steel Boards

310mm Steel Scaffold Boards special designed for Chile Scaffolding Companies. It is with Safety Lock and Used for Ringlock Scaffolding too.

310mm Steel Scaffold Boards

Interlock Steel Scaffold Board

Interlock Steel Scaffold Board is Specially Designed for Ringlock Scaffolding System. It is in 240mm with Strong Load Capacity. Interlock Steel Scaffold Boards Could be Hot Dip Galvanized.

Interlock Steel Scaffold Boards

Kwik Stage Hook-On Steel Scaffold Boards

Hook On Steel Scaffold Boards for Kwik Stage Scaffold (Quick Stage) is produced to South Africa and Surround Countries. It is always Painted Surface. The Hook is Designed for O.D 48.3mm Scaffold Tube Horizontal.

Kwik Stage Scaffold Hook On Steel Scaffold Boards

U Ledger Steel Scaffold Boards

U Type Hook-On Steel Scaffold Boards is Connected with Scaffolding System U Ledger and Transom Parts.  It is also called Steel Work Platform. U Ledger Scaffold Boards is Required in Layher All Round System Scaffold.

Layher Scaffold 320mm and 190mm Steel Scaffold Board

There are 190mm and 320mm Width Steel Scaffold Boards for Layher All Round Scaffolding System. The Hooks of the Layher U Type Deck is different with O Type Deck.

U Type Steel Scaffold Boards  0.32 m wide(Layher)
Code No.Dimensions(m)Weight(kg)
SUSD073-320.73 x 0.326.00
SUSD109-321.09 x 0.328.40
SUSD129-321.29 x 0.329.80
SUSD140-321.40 x 0.3210.60
SUSD157-321.57 x 0.3211.60
SUSD207-322.07 x 0.3215.00
SUSD275-322.57 x 0.3218.20
SUSD307-323.07 x 0.3221.50
SUSD414-324.14 x 0.3229.80
U Type Steel Scaffold Boards  0.19 m wide(Layher)
Code No.Dimensions(m)Weight(kg)
SUSD073-190.73 x 0.195.10
SUSD109-191.09 x 0.196.40
SUSD140-191.40 x 0.198.00
SUSD157-191.57 x 0.198.50
SUSD207-192.07 x 0.1910.20
SUSD257-192.57 x 0.1913.20
SUSD307-193.07 x 0.1915.30

U Type Steel Scaffold Board

300mm Steel Scaffold Boards to Chile Metal Scaffold Companies

U Type 300mm Steel Scaffold Boards is designed for Chile Scaffolding (Andamios) Companies. This 300mm Steel Planks Connect with U Shape Horizontal Elements of Frame Scaffolding(Marco).

U Type Scaffold Steel Board 300mm for Marco Andamios Scaffolding Metal

Plain End Metal Deck Steel Scaffold Boards

Plain End Metal Decks is Fixed onto Scaffold Tube and Clamp System By Board Retaining Couplers. Galvanized Steel Wire is also used as Scaffolding Connector with the Metal Decks in Construction.

Wellmade manufactures Plain End Steel Scaffold Boards In All Sizes: 210mm, 240mm, 230mm, 250mm, 300mm. We Customize Your Steel Scaffold Board Specifications too.

Grating Type Plain End Steel Scaffold Boards is designed by Wellmade Using Popular in Shipbuilding Industry.

Plain End Steel Scaffold Boards Length is produced according to Your Requirement. While The Following Scaffold Metal Decks Lengths are the Most Common:

Plain End Steel Scaffold Boards
Width x HeightWidth x HeightWidth x Height

Galvanised Steel Scaffold Boards

If you are looking for galvanized steel scaffold boards. Wellmade offer you Pre-galvanized and Hot Dip galvanized Steel Scaffold Boards.

Pre-galvanized VS Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Boards

Firstly,  Raw Material is different. Pre-galvanized scaffold boards steel raw material is GI Coil.  Hot dip galvanised Steel Scaffold Boards steel raw material is black steel plates.

Secondly, Production Process different. Pre-galvanized Steel Scaffold Boards Welded from Galvanized Material. Hot dip Scaffold Boards Galvanizing after welding.  Pre-galvanized need further painting on weld lines after welding.

GI Steel Coil raw material for pre-galvanized steel scaffold boards

Thirdly, Zinc Thickness is different. Hot dip galvanized steel scaffold boards zinc thickness is more than 280 g/m2. Pre-galvanized Steel Scaffold Boards Zinc thickness is about 120-200 g/m2

Fourthly, Corrosion Resistant and Maintenance Cost is different.  Hot-dip galvanized steel scaffold boards are more durable in Anti-rusty Function.  That means a longer life span. It is suitable for oil gas, onshore and offshore, island construction and maintenance. Wet environment countries, like Sri Lanka, Brunei choose Hot-dip galvanized steel scaffold boards mostly.  Pre-galvanized steel scaffold boards need more maintenance in a long term.

Fifthly, Scaffold Boards Price and Cost is different.  Pre-galvanized steel scaffold boards are much cheaper than hot-dip galvanized ones.

Steel Scaffold Boards VS Aluminium Scaffolding Planks 

Both Steel Scaffold Boards and Aluminium Scaffolding Planks are great choices In Construction Scaffolding.  You can Choose Steel or Aluminium Type Scaffold Boards to Form a Work Platform in Access Scaffold Tower. How to choose?

Firstly, Steel Scaffold Boards is Heavier in Weight than Aluminium Scaffolding Planks.  If you want lightweight scaffolding material, do not forget to buy aluminium scaffold boards.

Secondly, If your Budget is lower. Steel Scaffold Boards would be a good choice. Because it is a type of cheap scaffolding solution compare to aluminium scaffolding planks.

Thirdly, If you want lightweight and a bit cheaper. Aluminium Plank with Plywood Platform would be another choice in a decision.

Steel Painted Scaffold Boards

Painted Steel Scaffold Boards is another surface treatment. You can paint the scaffolding steel plank from galvanised boards. You can also paint from black steel scaffold boards.

Painting whole pieces of steel scaffold boards or mark colour at both ends of the galvanised steel boards is always applied by clients.

Some clients, paint their company names and logo on the galvanized steel scaffold boards too for advertisements and marketing.

In Conclusion, Wellmade manufacturer whatever scaffold boards you want. We not only save your cost but also secure your steel scaffold boards safety. Send Us your Enquiry Now.

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