Steel Grating Scaffold Boards Offshore

Galvanized steel grating scaffold boards 300 x 50mm is a type of offshore scaffolding components for Industrial shipbuilding scaffolding construction, Use together with scaffold tubes, scaffold fittings in the suspended hanging scaffold.
The length of the steel grading scaffold boards is customized from 1m to 3m normally.
The steel grating scaffold boards are fixed by board retaining couplers or galvanized steel wires in offshore construction. 
Board retaining coupler should be in 50mm height locking.  
Steel grating scaffold boards are always in galvanized finishing for durable purpose.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Offshore Steel Grating Scaffold Boards

WSGB101.0m Steel Grating Board300 x 507.50 KG
WSGB151.5m Steel Grating Board300 x 5011.00 KG
WSGB202.0m Steel Grating Board300 x 5014.5 KG
WSGB252.5m Steel Grating Board300 x 5018.10 KG
WSGB303.0m Steel Grating Board300 x 5021 KG
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