Steel Formwork For Column

Wellmade’s column formwork could be steel, steel-plywood, and timber types. The steel formwork for the column formwork is a type of strong and durable column formwork. In construction, it is able to be recycled 25-35 times.

There are round (circular) column steel formwork, square column steel formwork, and adjustable steel column formwork for your choosing. In addition, We custom sizes and specifications for your column steel formwork.

More than the steel column formwork panels and angles. You can have complete steel and aluminium column and formwork accessories in Wellmade. Include formwork wing nut, anchor nut, wedge clamps, universal lock(aligner clamp), wedge lock, spring clamps, water stopper(barrier), shuttering tie rod(bar), etc. Send us your steel formwork for column requirement to get a prompt price now.

Wellmade Steel Formwork For Column

Wellmade’s steel formwork for columns is a type of modular concrete form. In manufacturing, the steel formwork for the column is made from metal plates.

With the modular designed steel formwork panels and angles, you can form the steel column formwork easily. Compare to the conventional formwork, the modular steel formwork for the column saves your time, labour during the construction of concrete.

Engineeringly, the steel formwork for the column is compatible with all of your formwork systems, including timber column forms, aluminum formworks, conventional formworks, etc.

You can find all of the components and parts for your steel column formwork. The formwork clamps for the column is also called column clamps. Column clamps are always adjustable according to the the concrete column sizes.

If you want more formwork accessories for your steel formwork column concrete. Wellmade supplies relative formwork accessories. Includes Doka formwork clamp, Peri formwork clamps, shuttering clamps, concrete tie rods, shuttering wing nuts etc.

More than column formwork, we suppliers slab formwork, wall formwork, and beam formwork forms and parts.

Steel Formwork For Column In Concrete

Wellmade steel formwork for columns is used in all types of concrete shuttering and construction.  Include Bridge column formwork, gate column formwork, civil and industrial formwork, and columns.

There are different types of steel formwork for column concrete.  Include

  • Steel Column Forms
  • Steel Plywood Column Forms
  • Adjustable Column Forms

You can choose the steel formwork type according to your concrete shuttering requirement. Wellmade offer design services for your column and concrete formwork. You can offer us the building plan and structures for the steel formwork column design purpose.

Steel Column Forms

Steel column forms include normal types and heavy-duty types. Normal steel column forms are made from a 3mm thickness steel structure. It is used for light-duty or medium-duty concrete column shuttering.

Heavy-duty steel column formworks are made from 5mm to 8mm steel structures. It is used in big size and high column concrete.

In order to fit your concrete column construction shuttering, You can choose round steel column forms or square column forms. Wellmade is able to assembly the column forms together with the formwork walers, strong backs, tie nut, and tie rod together according to your building column dimension and shape. That you can use the steel formwork for your column concrete construction directly when receiving the products.

In fabrication, the steel formwork for column is able to be in a different finishing according to your requirement. Include paint column formwork, ms shuttering plate, powder-coated steel column forms, etc.

More than the steel column formwork system set and materials, you can find complete steel column formwork components and accessories in Wellmade.

Column Formwork Clamps

You can find cast and drop forged types of steel column formwork clamps in Wellmade. We are the OEM formwork components and material manufacturer for many famous formwork companies.

You can find the standard adjustable column formwork clamps in shorter and longer types here. We also customize your column formwork clamps according to your samples and drawings.

Adjustable Column Formwork Clamps

Adjustable Formwork clamps are used for adjustable column formwork. One formwork clamp is able to fix different size columns. In concrete, the adjustable column formwork is fixed simply by the wedge pins.

The wedge pin of the adjustable formwork clamps could be fixed on or separated from the clamps’ main body.

According to the steel structural raw material used, the adjustable formwork clamps include lightweight and heavy weight according to the adjustable range of the columns.

Tie Rod for the Column Shuttering

According to the tie rod sizes, there are D12, D14, D15, D16, D20mm tie rods for the column shuttering.

According to the load capacity and fabrication types, there are hot rolled dywidag tie bards and normal cold rolled tie rods.

Wellmade’s Hot rolled dywidag tie rod ultimate load is able to reach 190KN for 15/17mm(D16) tie rod.

For the15/17mm sizes tie rod for column formwork, there are also 180KN, 145KN and 123KN ultimate load types.

Column Formwork Walers and Struts

Wellmade’s column formwork walers are strongback of the steel formwork. According to the design and load, there are double C profile steel walers, double round tube walers, and H20 beam timber walers.

Waler struts are double adjustable props. It is used to support the walers of the steel formwork for the column.

Wellmade’s steel walers are welded on the steel column formwork. It is also able to be separated from the formwork.

Formwork Nut for Steel Column Bracing

In order to fix the column formwork, need steel bracing to connect the steel column formwork walers. The column formwork waler bracing is a modular set of tie rod systems. It is composite by the formwork nuts and waler plates(washer) etc.

Column Formwork Bracket

Steel column formwork brackets support concrete and shuttering slabs and beam concrete out from the main columns. Formwork brackets are connected with the column steel formwork walers. Wellmade design for you all sizes of column formwork to match with your column formwork system.

Push Pull Props

Wellmade custom push and pull props according to the size and height of the column formwork. It is a type of double steel support for the steel column forms. In construction concreting, the push-pull props are working together with walers.

Steel Ply Column Formwork

Compare to the steel column formwork, steel ply column forms are combined with steel formwork frames and film-faced timber plywood panels.

Steel ply column formwork steel frames could be designed in heavy-duty or medium-duty. Heavy-duty steel ply column formwork is manufactured by a special steel structure in S355 grade. It includes 120mm and 80mm steel ply column formwork.

Lightweight steel formwork frames are made from high-strength steel plates or square hollow sections (SHS) and C profile channels.

Wellmade is able to design the steel column formwork according to your concrete load capacity requirement.

For film-faced plywood on the steel ply column formwork, there are brown type and black types. You can choose the film faced types according to your recycling times.

  • Brown film faced plywood will service more times than black film faced plywood
  • The film faced plywood thickness is related to the steel plywood load capacity. Normally there is 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 21mm, 23mm, 25mm thickness of film-faced plywood used for the steel plywood column formwork.
  • Film-faced plywood is fixed on the steel formwork for the column by rivet bolts.

Steel ply column formwork is able to work with other types of formwork materials include timber formwork, conventional formwork, steel formwork, and aluminum formwork.

Column formwork clamps and nuts are able to work together with the steel ply column forms and panels too.

You can use the steel ply formwork to form round columns and square columns too.

During bracing, fixing, the concrete tie rods are as connectors between the steel ply forms and corners.

steel plywood formwork using in column form concrete
steel plywood formwork using in column form concrete

Slab Beam and Wall Formwork

More than column formwork, Wellmade manufactures and suppliers slab formworks, beam formwork, and wall formworks. Include steel, aluminum, timber, and steel ply formworks for slabs, beams, and walls.

In addition, if you source the modular formwork systems, you can have various choices of the slab and beams scaffolding support:

Send us your requirement of column, slab, beams, and wall formwork requirement to get a complete price and professional services now.

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