Wedge Bolt for Euro Form & Symons Form

Steel ply form is a type of modular formwork system with steel frames and a 12mm formwork plywood surface, called euro form, Symon form, Uni form, etc. When you want to fix the steel ply form panels and fillers, you need to use wedge bolts. What is a wedge bolt? What are the types and sizes of wedge bolts? How to use the wedge bolt in the steel ply euro form? You will get answers in this article.

Wedge bolts are high-strength steel triangle wedge pins with holes designed for Euro form and Symons form, named wedge anchor bolts, wedge pins, etc.  Wedge bolts enable unskilled laborers to become consistently productive.  Connecting and fixing all components of steel ply form panels, steel fillers, and ties.

Wedge bolt types include USA Symons type and Korea type.  USA-type standard wedge bolts are 100mm in length. Korea-type standard wedge bolts are in 80mm length. More than standard wedge bolts (pins), there are long wedge bolts for both USA and Korea types.

Steel ply form wedge bolts are in steel C45 with quenching treatment. Nature color or galvanized available.

Steel Ply Form Wedge Bolt Sizes & Specification

Euro Form Wedge Pin Sizes

Euro Form Wedge Pin Size & Spec
Code No.DescriptionSizeWeightFinishing
WEFW01Standard Wedge Pin28x80mm25 GNature & Gal
WEFW02Long Wedge Pin29x85mm26 GNature & Gal

Symons Form Wedge Bolt Sizes

Symons Form Wedge Bolt Size & Spec
Code No.DescriptionSizeWeightFinishing
WSFW01Standard Wedge Bolt31x99mm50 GNature & Gal
WSFW02Long Wedge Bolt36x111mm68 GNature & Gal

How to Use Steel Ply Form Wedge Bolt In Concrete Form Work

  1. Put one wedge bolt inside of the holes/slots of the sides of the steel ply form(Euro form or Symons form) panels or fillers
  2. Cross another wedge bolt into the slots of the first wedge bolts
  3. Secure the two crossed wedge bolts with a hammer
  4. If using steel angle type outer corner, need to use the long wedge bolt for securing and fixing (see guide of the following photo)
euro form wedge pins steel ply form wedge bolt 80mm
euro form wedge pins steel ply form wedge bolt 80mm
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