Speed Shore Scaffold Cantilever

Welmade’s speed shore scaffold cantilever is a side bracket parts of Indonesia speed shore system. The speed shore scaffold system is a heavy duty support scaffold using support construction formwork slabs.

Wellmade manufactures the speed shore scaffold according to PCH and star shore system samples. Thus all of the speed shore scaffold parts and cantilevers are compatible with original speed shore.

In production, the speed shore scaffold cantilever is manufacturing according to ISO9001 management. The welding quality is at the top level because Wellmade is the CE certified scaffold factory certified by Europe union.

Wellmade, as a leading OEM scaffolding factory, is able to offer you cost-effective and high quality speed shore system scaffold cantilever. Ask us a quote now.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Wellmade Speed Shore Scaffold Cantilever

Wellmade Scaffold produces PCH Speed shore Formwork Scaffold Cantilever in a standard size of 914mm and 1219m.
It is components of speed shore system scaffolding kwikstage for Indonesia and Australian Construction and Formwork.
Customized sizes of the cantilever bracket are available upon request.

Speed Shore Cantilever Bracket Sizes

speed shore formwork scaffolding pch cantilever bracket-indonesia concrete formwork materials

WSPC09914mm Cantilever Bracket1219x1500mm
WSPC121219mm Cantilever Bracket914x1000mm



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