6'8" Snap On Scaffold Walk Thru Frame

Walk-through frame scaffolding with snap-on lock pins welded, called snap-on walk thru frames. Sizes include 3’x6’8”, 2’x6’8”, and 5’x6’8”. It forms a snap-on scaffolding frame set in 10’,7’, 8’ long and 3’, 5’, and 2’ wide by assembly with snap-on scaffold cross braces and guard rails.
One snap-on walk-through frame set includes two walk-through frames, two sets of cross brace(x brace), and 4 coupling pins fixed on the main frame by roll pins.
Powder coated is the most popular finishing for the snap-on scaffold walk thru frames. You can ask for your favorite colors, blue, green, red, yellow, white, purple, etc.
6’8” walk-thru snap-on scaffold frame sets are required by stucco and plastering contractors for building construction and maintenance. Sometimes, they are used for masonry construction as well.

Wellmade Manufactures all parts and components of snap-on scaffolding systems according to OSHA standards. Meanwhile, you can find apartment frames, mason frames, and box frames with snap-on lock pins.  Send us emails for more details.

  • Tube Size: 1.625″ -1.69″
  • Finishing: Galvanized & Powder Coated
  • Height: 6’8″
  • Width: 3′ and 2′
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: Wellmade
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Trade Term: CIF, Door to Door (DDU)
  • Delivery: 15-35 Days
  • Shipment: By Sea and Container

6’8″ Snap On Walk Thru Frame Technical Data

Code No.ItemsWidthHeightWeightLBS
WSPW2-63’x6’8″ Walk Thru Frame3′6’8″16.7 KG36.62
WSPW2-62’x6’8″ Walk Thru Frame2′6’8″15.98 KG25.03
WSPW2-65’x6’8″ Walk Thru Frame5′6’8″18.15 KG39.81
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