Snap On Scaffold Cross Braces

Scaffold cross brace with snap-on locking mechanism called snap-on cross braces(x brace). It is a component of the snap-on scaffolding frame system, used to fix the size of scaffold frame sets and form construction and support scaffolds.
The snap-on scaffolding cross braces length is the diagonal between the frame lock pin space and the distance of the two snap-on frames. Standard snap-on frame distances used in building and construction could be 5,7’,8’, and 10’. While the lock pin distance includes 32”, 48”, and 24” for different sizes of snap-on scaffolding frames.
One set of cross braces includes 2 single braces. Bolt and nut fix the two single braces together to form X cross braces.
For anti-rusty, the snap-on cross braces are finished in galvanizing or powder coated.
More than snap-on cross braces, there are punching hole cross braces for flip lock scaffold frames, V lock scaffold frames, C lock frames and drop lock frames, etc.
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Snap On Cross Brace Sizes & Specifications

SPXB05015′ x 48″ Snap On Cross Brace1″4.57 KG
SPXB07017′ x 48″  Snap On Cross Brace1″5.72 KG
SPXB08018′ x 48″  Snap On Cross Brace1″6.32 KG
SPXB100110′ x 48″  Snap-On Cross Brace1″7.59 KG
SPXB07027′ x 24″  Snap-On Cross Brace1″5.17 KG
SPXB100210′ x 24″  Snap-On Cross Brace1″7.19 KG
SPXB07037′ x 32″  Snap-On Cross Brace1″5.32 KG
SPXB100310′ x 32″  Snap-On Cross Brace1″7.30 KG

Snap On Cross Brace Standard

Wellmade snap-on cross braces are made of high-strength steel scaffold tubes in 25.4mm (1″).  It is manufactured according to OSHA USA standards and CSA Canada standards.

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