Snap-On Scaffold Apartment Frames

Snap-On scaffolding apartment frame includes a top higher walk-through frame and a bottom shorter walk thru frame. Both the top and bottom frames are welded with snap-on lock pins. The snap-on lock pins connect to the locking clamps of snap-on cross braces and guard rails to form frames for building and construction. The apartment frame scaffold is used popularly in stucco&plastering contractors and masonry construction in Western USA.

According to the height, there are two sizes of the apartment frame scaffold. Include 10’8” and 8’8”. While the width of the snap-on apartment frame is 3’ and 2′. An apartment scaffold frame with an 18” ladder is available too.

One Set of snap-on scaffold apartment frames includes two frames, 2 sets of X braces, 4 pcs of stacking pins(coupling pin), and 4 roll pins to fix the coupling pin on the frames.

In manufacturing, the snap-on scaffold apartment frames are made of 1.625” scaffold tubes in 2.4mm (0.095”)thickness. Steel grade could be S355 and S235 as requested.

Wellmade customize the snap on scaffold apartment frame color according to your favorite: Green, white, blue, yellow, purple, and red are great.  Send us your request to get an immediate price now.

Snap On Apartment Frame Specifications

Code No.ItemsWidthHeightTube SpecWeight
WSF005Apartment Frame 3’x8’8″3‘8’8″1.629″x0.095″21.30 KG
WSF025Apartment Frame 2’x10’8″2′10’8″1.629″x0.095″20.96 KG
WSF006Apartment Frame 3’x10’8″3′10’8″1.629″x0.095″23.82 KG
WSF015Apartment Frame 3’x8’8″ with 18″ Ladder3′8’8″1.629″x0.095″32.22 KG
WSF016Apartment Frame 3’x10’8″ with 18″ Ladder3′10’8″1.629″x0.095″39.06 KG

Snap On Lock Pin Quantity for Apartment Frame

Code No.ItemsLock Pin QTY
WSF005Apartment Frame 3’x8’8″12
WSF025Apartment Frame 2’x10’8″12
WSF006Apartment Frame 3’x10’8″16
WSF015Apartment Frame 3’x8’8″ with 18″ Ladder12
WSF016Apartment Frame 3’x10’8″ with 18″ Ladder16


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