Snap On Lock Frame Scaffold

There are varied lock pins for American Types of scaffolding frames. Snap-on lock pin scaffolding frame system is one of the most popular frame system scaffolding produced in the USA. This frame system scaffolding includes walk-through frames, box frames, narrow frames, mason ladder frame types. All of these frames are with snap-on lock pins.
The cross braces of the snap-on the lock pin frame system are specially designed with a stud clip. Which safer and easier assembly between different frames horizontally in construction.
Vertically, it is connected by coupling pins fixed by roll pins normally.
Size of the snap-on lock frames is varied too. For example, the single walkthrough frame type includes 3′, 5′ width and walk through a frame with ladders, apartment frames with bottom part to make this frame system meet up all height, all shapes building scaffolding requirement.
Snap on lock pin frame scaffolding is always used in building construction like stucco, plastering work.  The surface treatment can be powder coated or hot dip galvanized.
Powder coated snap on frame scaffolding color is customized according to clients requirements.
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