Slab Post Adj U Head - Slab Formwork Support

Adjustable U Head is made from O.D 38mm Scaffold Tube with Holes on, adjusting into different Height according to Floor and Slab Level Requirement in  Concreting, Forming, and Construction.
O.D 38mm Diameter U Head Spigot can be inserted into OD48mm Outer Tube or Scaffolding Verticals. 
Different from Screw Jack U, it is simply fixed height by G pins or Scaffolding Lock pins. 
The Adjustable U Head is in 1.5m Overall. 
Size of the Top U is compatible with all types of beams include Aluma Beams, Timber Beams, Steel Beams.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Adjustable Scaffolding U Head Slab Formwork Steel Support

WUHScaffolding Adj U Head SupportOD38x15008.2KG


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