Concrete Shuttering Clamps

Shuttering clamps are a type of adjustable formwork clamps. It is used to fix concrete formwork columns. You can use the adjustable shuttering clamps to fix different sizes of the formwork columns. Thus, the shuttering clamps are also called formwork rapid clamps.

Wellmade is a concrete formwork shuttering clamp manufacturer in China.  In fabrication, formwork shuttering clamps are manufactured by high-strength mild steel plates according to BS EN standards.  In addition, you can find both black(MS) and painted shuttering clamps for your concrete construction.

More than that, Wellmade customs your steel shuttering clamps sizes according to your column formwork designs. Send us your shuttering clamp requirement now.

Wellmade Shuttering Clamps

The concrete shuttering clamp is a type of construction tool. It is always working together with other construction tools in concrete shuttering. Like, tie rod, wing nut, formwork clips, etc.

Wellmade shuttering clamp is also called C clamps for shuttering or formwork rapid clamp.  You can use it in all types and sizes of formwork columns in construction.

Shuttering clamp’s most popular length would be 600mm to 1200mm. While Wellmade always customs your shuttering clamp lengths too. concrete shuttering clamp C clamp for column and wall formwork shutter

According to the shuttering clamps specifications, you can find light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty shuttering clamps here. Light duty shuttering clamps are made from 6mm steel bars. While heavy-duty steel adjustable shuttering clamps are made from 10mm to 15mm steel bars.

Small column formwork can use light duty shuttering clamps. While big sizes of formwork columns need heavy-duty shuttering clamps. Which is able to bear more weight from the concrete shuttering work.

In construction, engineers always choose black finished steel shuttering clamps for their concrete column shuttering. If you want the steel shuttering clamps with longer life for repeat concreting, painting finishing will make the formwork clamps more durable.

Shuttering Clamp Size &Specifications

Width:24-30mmTechnique:Hot Rolled Steel Mild
Length:2′-4′SurfaceGalvanized/Painted&MS Plate
Thickness5-10mmHS Code730840

Shuttering Clamp In Formwork System

Wellmade shuttering clamps are compatible with all types of formwork systems. Include steel formwork, wooden formwork, and aluminum formwork system.

In the concrete shuttering, the C clamp is able to use not only in column formwork but also in beam formwork, wall formwork, etc.

Formwork Accessories Using in Shuttering Clamp Construction

tie rod formwork materials
tie rod formwork materials

Wellmade adjustable shuttering clamps are also called shikanja in some countries.  In the concrete formwork construction, the shuttering clamps are used together with other formwork accessories and components:

Shuttering Clamp FAQ Guide

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