Concrete Shuttering Clamps

In concrete forming and shuttering, a lot of formwork clamps are used to fix formwork panels for temporary shoring. Shuttering clamps are one of the rapid type formwork clamps in construction.
Shuttering clamp is a construction tool holding shuttering panels and form work tightly in place. It is used widely in column formworks. The shuttering clamps are adjustable to suit different sizes of columns in the formwork system. It is called shuttering C clamp, formwork rapid clamp, and Shikanja.

Shuttering Clamps Sizes & Specification

Shuttering clamps are with holes. They are connected and fixed by wedge pins. wedge pins can be fixed on shuttering clamps. They can be separated from the shuttering clamps as well.

In construction, you can form different sizes of column formwork by fixing different holes and positions on the shuttering clamps.

The most popular size of shuttering clamps is 600mm to 1200mm.  Customized sizes are available as well.

Shuttering clamps include types of light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty according to the thickness of the shuttering C clamps from 8mm to 15mm.

In construction, the shuttering C clamps are compatible with other formwork accessories and tools of tie rods, wing nuts, formwork clips, etc in concrete and shuttering.

Shuttering clamps can be black or self-finished. For anti-corrosion, they can be finished in painting and galvanizing.

Width:24-30mmTechnique:Hot Rolled Steel Mild
Length:2′-4′SurfaceGalvanized/Painted&MS Plate
Thickness5-10mmHS Code730840

Shuttering Clamp Usage In Formwork System

Shuttering C clamps are compatible with all types of formwork systems. Include steel formwork, wooden formwork, and aluminum formwork system. They can be used not only in column formwork but also in beam formwork, and wall formwork in construction concrete and forming.

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Shuttering Clamp FAQ Guide

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