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Wellmade Shoring Tower Bring You Great Benefits

If you are seeking shoring towers for your concrete slabs and beam formwork, Wellmade is able to bring you great benefits. In Wellmade, there are complete scaffold shoring tower systems. Include shoring frames, ringlock system, cuplock system, crab shoring system, adjustable props etc.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified shoring tower scaffold manufacturer, we ensure the high quality of your scaffolding shoring tower.  Our QC test the shoring tower material from raw material, welding lines, size mock-up and load capacity to surface treatment test. You can find MTC, Test Report and Quality Certificate against each batch.

More than that, the shoring tower components are available too. Include levelling jacks, posts, u heads, forkheads, h20 beams, film faced plywood, structural beams. Send us your shoring tower requirement to get a competitive price now.

Wellmade Shoring Tower System

W60 Ringlock Shoring System Tower

Wellmade W60 ring shore system is a type of heavy duty ringlock system. It is made by O.D 60mm scaffold tube, rather than an O.D 48.3mm post. The W60 shoring towers are used to bear hi load capacity weight from concrete slabs and beams. Wellmade ring shore scaffold load capacity is more than 800 KN for 3 ties ring shoring towers.

ST 60 Shoring Tower Frame Tower System with Brace Wellmade

ST 60 shoring tower is one of the hi load shoring frame scaffold systems. The hi load shoring frames are made from heavy-duty OD60mm scaffold tubes. Thus it is always used for your heavy load construction concrete bearing. More than scaffold frame X braces, the ST60 shoring tower vertical main frame itself is fabricated with a diagonal brace. Thus it saves you diagonal elements in concrete construction.

Wellmade Shoring Tower Frames Peri Type Galvanized

Peri shoring towers are manufactured for Peri formwork. It is designed with O.D 57mm high strength steel scaffold tube. Thus the shoring tower weight is lighter but with high load capacity too. Wellmade produces the peri shoring tower with hot dip galvanizing surface. The galvanizing make the shoring tower in a longer time repeat construction. You can find the complete components of the peri shoring tower include horizontal plain braces, x braces, adjustable base jack with washers etc.

v shore tower -wellmade concrete shuttering work support

Wellmade fabricated the V Shore Scaffold Tower for the Australian formwork and scaffolding companies. The V shore tower is a type of heavy-duty shoring frame too. In the centre of the vertical frames, there are two V-shaped braces.  The V Shore scaffold tower vertical tube is in 60mm diameter. With the centre brace support, the V shore tower is able to take the heavier weight for your construction.

crab 60 shoring tower scaffolding -wellmade

Wellmade Crab 60 shoring tower standards is in S355 steel grade. The heavy-duty shoring system is designed in French.  The vertical post and triangle frame of the Crab 60 shoring tower O.D 60mm diameter. Crab 60 horizontals and braces are with drop forged type wedge pins. It is a type of self-lock scaffold shoring system. The wellmade crab 60 shoring tower system is tested and approved by the CIDB construction bureau.

adjustable shore post for the concrete shoring tower

Adjustable post shore props are one of the most popular shoring concrete materials. According to EN1065 standard, there are give load classes of the adjustable post shore props. Include Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D and Class E. In addition, Wellmade is able to design the adjustable formwork props according to your slab and beam height.

Shoring Tower In Concrete

Formwork concrete shoring towers are used for all types of horizontal and vertical formwork systems. Include slab formwork, beam formworks etc. You can use different scaffolding systems to form your shoring towers in the concrete shuttering work. While shoring tower components are required to work together with the scaffolding shoring system(verticals, horizontals and braces). The shoring tower components include formwork beam support, levelling jacks, concrete plywood etc.

Shoring Tower Components and Parts

Steel Shoring Tower VS Aluminium Shoring Tower

Wellmade Shoring Tower Frames Peri Type Galvanized

Wellmade steel shoring towers are made from steel structures. According to the steel shoring tower manufacturing, You can find S235 and S355 steel grade shoring towers. During the concrete shoring support, the S355 steel shoring tower is able to take more weight from the concrete slabs and beams. While in the opposite, S235 is more popular with lower cost than the S355 steel shoring towers.

Aluminum Formwork For Concrete Formwork

Wellmade aluminium shoring towers are made by aluminium profiles. Compare to the steel shoring towers, aluminium shoring materials are lighter. Thus it is easy to handle. According to manufacturing, you can find 6061 and 6082 aluminium grade shoring towers for your construction in Wellmade. In addition, the steel shoring tower is compatible with the aluminium shoring towers.

Heavy Duty and Light Wight Shoring Towers

In Wellmade, you can find both heavy-duty and light weight shoring towers. Heavy-duty shoring towers takes more load during the concrete shoring. The heavy duty shoring tower system includes:

Lightweight shoring tower systems are normal duty. It is made by O.D 42 or O.D 48mm scaffold tubes. Which is different from the heavy-duty shoring tower systems. You can find the following lightweight shoring system for your concrete shoring towers.

The heavy duty shoring tower system takes more weight from concrete shoring. Thus it is used to support thick concrete slabs and beams. While light weight shoring towers are used a lot in civil construction, commercial construction.

Wellmade Shoring Tower Details

Wellmade shoring towers are assembled by shoring scaffolding systems.  According to the scaffolding system, you can find different types of shoring towers.

H Frame Shoring Tower

H frame shoring towers are the most used shoring material in concrete construction.  In the shoring frame tower, the shoring scaffold materials include:

  • Vertical Shoring Frame
  • Cross Braces ( X Brace)
  • Guard Rails
  • Adjustable Base Jack
  • U Head and U Head Jacks
  • Fork Head and Fork Head Jacks

H Frame Sizes for Shoring Tower

Shoring tower H frame verticals are always made by O.D 60mm scaffold tubes. While, there are also O.D 57mm, O.D48mm vertical frames.   Wellmade customs your shoring frames in size, specifications, steel grade etc. While you can find the following types of shoring frames for your shoring construction.

USA(Canada) Type Shoring Frames and Sizes
shore frame scaffolding heavy duty construction steel shore support
shore frame scaffolding heavy duty construction steel shore support

Shoring tower frames for USA slab and beam formwork is always in O.D 60mm. The steel structure grade for the h frame tower is S355.  It is always powder-coated finished for surface protection purposes.

Lock pins of the USA shoring tower frames could be a fast lock, flip lock pin, C lock pin, drop lock pin etc.  Coupling pins are used to connect between different shoring tower frames vertically.

Item CodeWidthWidth(mm)HeightHeight(mm)
ST60 Shoring Tower
st 60 shoring tower for concrete slab formwork
st 60 shoring tower for concrete slab formwork

ST60 shoring towers are formed by ST60 shoring frames. The ST60 shoring frames are fabricated with one diagonal brace. It is also called h elements for slab formwork concrete. You can find the ST60 shoring tower vertical frame in the following sizes:

ST 60 Shoring Frame Sizes


Using the ST60 shoring frames, you can form the shoring towers in the following area sizes

ST 60 Shoring Tower Area Size


V Shore Frame Shoring Tower

V shore frame shoring towers are manufactured for Australian concrete construction and shuttering.  O.D 60mm scaffold tube is the vertical tube of the V shore frames. According to the fabrication, you can find hot-dip galvanized V shores and V shore frames made by galvanized tubes.

There are 2 sizes of V shore frames for your construction. Include 1219x1830mm(4’x6′) and 1219x1219mm(4’x4′). Flip-lock pins are fabricated on the V shore vertical frames. It is used to connect with the X Braces and guard rails in the shoring tower scaffold construction.

Heavy Duty Scaffold V Shore Frame Scaffold
Heavy Duty V Shore Frame Scaffold

W60 Ring Shore System Shoring Tower

W60 ring shore system is another type of modular shoring tower for heavy-duty concrete slabs and beams. Compare to the normal ringlock scaffolding system, W60 ring shore systems are made by O.D 60mm scaffold tube in S355 steel grade. The bearing weight of the W60 ring shore shoring tower is more than 800KN for 3 tier shoring tower.

W60 Ring Shore Shoring Tower Components & Parts

Wellmade customs W60 ring shore components size according to your concrete shoring. The following are the standard sizes of the W60 ring shore tower.

W60 Ring Shore Vertical/Standard Size
O.D 60x 500mmO.D 60x 2000mm
O.D 60x 1000mmO.D 60x 2500mm
O.D 60x 1500mmO.D 60x 3000mm
W60 Ring Shore Horizontals/Ledgers
O.D 48x 600mmO.D 48x 1500mm
O.D 48x 900mmO.D 48x 1800mm
O.D 48x 1200mmO.D 48x 2400mm

W60 Ring Shore Diagonal Braces 

W60 Ring Shore Plan Braces

Crab 60 Shoring Tower

Wellmade Crab 60 Shoring Tower Galvanized
Wellmade Crab 60 Shoring Tower Galvanized

Crab 60 shoring tower is one of the most popular shoring tower systems in Wellmade. We manufacture the Crab 60 shoring towers mainly exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, France countries etc.

The crab 60 shoring tower has a high load capacity. Thus it is popularly used in heavy weight-bearing concrete shuttering in industrial construction, building and infrastructure constructions. Include bridge, highway construction scaffolding etc.

Crab 60 soring towers are composited by triangle frames, O.D 60mm standard, self-locked horizontals, socket U head jack and jack base etc.

You can find hot-dip galvanized, painted, zinc-plated and self-finished crab 60 shoring system in Wellmade.

Wellmade fabricated the crab 60 shoring system with high strength steel structures. Thus you can find a more stable Crab 60 shoring system with higher load capacity.

Heavy-Duty Shoring Tower VS Lightweight Shoring Tower

Above 4 types of shoring systems are all heavy-duty type shoring towers. The heavy-duty shoring towers are used in thick and heavy concrete slabs, beams and horizontal formworks like bridges, highways slabs shuttering.

There are also lightweight shoring towers in construction. The lightweight shoring towers are able to erect by normal modular scaffolding systems like ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwisktage scaffolding, quick lock scaffolding, crab 25 scaffold etc.

In addition, the traditional frame systems are able to use in lightweight shoring tower support too. Include mason frames, walkthrough frames, ladder frames, box frames etc.   You can use the lightweight shoring towers are used for civil construction, commercial and industrial construction.

Types of Formwork Beams in Shoring Tower

In concrete formwork construction, formwork beams are necessary components for the shoring towers. You can find different types of formwork beams in Wellmade. Include

  • H20 Timber Beams
  • Steel Beams
  • Aluminium Beams(Aluma)

Among H20 timber beams are used very popular globally. While Aluminium beams are lightweight but expensive in cost. Steel beams could be rectangular hollow sections, steel profile etc.

Steel VS Aluminum Shoring Towers

In construction, there are 2 types of modular shoring towers.

  • Steel Shoring Tower
  • Aluminum Shoring Tower

Steel shoring towers are made from the steel structure. Normally, there are S235 and S355 steel grade shoring towers.

Wellmade aluminium shoring materials are made from 6061 and 6082 aluminium profiles.

Surface Treatment for Steel Shoring Towers

Steel shoring tower is the most used shoring material for concrete and construction. It is cheaper and compatible with other formwork materials.

You can find painted, powder-coated and galvanized steel shoring towers in Wellmade. While galvanized shoring towers include:

  • Fabricated by galvanized tubes
  • E-galvanized Shoring Tower
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Shoring Tower

Among the three different galvanized steel shoring towers, hot dip galvanizing finishing is the most durable and most expensive type of surface treatment.

Shoring Tower Feet and Leveling Jack

For scaffold shoring tower, one of the important components is the scaffold feet and U head(or Fork Head, J Head). Scaffold feet are at the bottom of the scaffold shoring tower. It is used to level your scaffolding materials. While the scaffold U head or Forkhead is at top of your scaffold shoring tower.

U head or forkhead are used to connect with your formwork beams in the shoring. It is compatible with all types of formwork beams. Include steel formwork beams, aluminium beams and timber beams, etc.

You can find both adjustable and fixed levelling components for your shoring tower. Adjustable jack base and u head jacks are with screw stem.

Dimeters of the shoring tower adjustable levelling jacks and u head are designed according to the shoring tower vertical inner diameter. For example, O.D 60mm shoring tower standards are using O.D48mm adjustable jack be and U head jacks.

Shoring Tower Load Capacity Test

Wellmade ensure the showing tower quality according to ISO 9001 and CE certification requirements.  You can find the following test report.

  1. MTC
  2. Material and Parts Test Report
  3. Welding Line Penetration Test Report
  4. Components Load Capacity
  5. Shoring Tower Load Capacity

More than that, Mock Up Inspection of the shoring tower are the necessary step in the quality controlling system. This ensures all of the shoring tower components and parts are compatible with each other.

Shoring Tower Safety Load Capacity

Shoring tower safety load capacity is based on the design and breaking load. You can consider a safety factor of 2:1 and 3:1 in construction.  According to the shoring tower safety load capacity. There are the following loading classes of shoring towers in Wellmade.

  • 10K Shoring Towers
  • 20K Shoring Towers
  • 30K Shoring Towers
  • 40K Shoring Towers

Wellmade shoring towers are able to be used for both vertical shoring and horizontal shoring for your concrete shuttering and structural shoring. We are able to design the shoring tower according to your building structures. Send us your requirement to get more good price now.

Shoring Tower FAQ Guide

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