Scaffolding Tag

Wellmade scaffolding tags are designed to identify scaffold safety. Thus, It is also called scaffold safety tag or scaffolding inspection tag.

The scaffold tag system is a scafftag kit, including scafftag inserts, scafftag holders, scafftag pens. While scafftag inserts include green, yellow and red scaffold tags.

Wellmade designs the scaffolding tags according to OSHA, European standard. While we customise scaffolding tag template for your special requirement too.

The scaffolding tags could be delivered to you by air or by sea.  Send us your scaffolding tag and scafftag kit requirement to get competitive prices now.


Wellmade Scaffolding Tags

Scaffold tag is simply called scafftag or scaff tags. It is a scaffolding tagging system for scaffolders or workers safety during construction.

Wellmade scaffolding tag system includes accessories of scaffold tag inserts, scaffold tag holders and scafftag pens.

The scaffolding tag warning scaffolding is safe or unsafe by using different colour inserts: red, green or yellow.

scaffold tag inserts and holder yellow and green
Yellow and Green Scafftag Inserts with Scafftag Holder

Scaffold Tag Holder Size & Specification

Code No.CountrySize(mm)Material
WSFT-01Gulf Type305×90ABS
WSFT-02Southeast Asia Type295×90ABS
WSFT-03Europe Type305×90ABS
WSFT-04General Type211×56ABS

Scaffolding Tag Inserts Size & Specifications

Code No.CountrySize(mm)Material
WSTI-01Gulf Type200×85Polypropylene
WSTI-02Southeast Asia Type195×81Polypropylene
WSTI-03Europe Type195×81Polypropylene
WSTI-04General Type165×50Polypropylene

Scaffolding Tag Inserts Colour

According to the scaffolding erection inspection, the scaffolding tag inserts include three colours: red tags, yellow tags and green tags.

What is the difference between the three different colours of scaffolding tags?

  • Red scaffold tags mean “unsafe for use” or it is an incomplete scaffolding structure not able to use.
  • A green scaffold tag means “the scaffold has inspected and safe for us”. On the green scaffold tag, a “SAFE FOR USE”.
  • Yellow scaffold tag inserts are “caution” scaffolding tags in construction. It indicates the scaffolding needs to be identified for safe use. It is not allowed to remove until a further inspection is completed and returned to a safe condition.

Scaffolding Tag Pens

Scaffolding tag pens are used to mark and record on the scaffolding tag inserts. In one box scaffolding tags always include some scaffolding tag pens for your construction tagging system management convenience.

scaffolding tag kits with holder inserts and pens
Scaffolding Tag kit with pens

Wellmade scaffolding tags are always packed by carton box. In one box, you can find 10 pcs of scaffold tag holders, 20 pcs of scaffold inserts and 2 pcs of scaffold pens.  Customised scaffolding tag packages are available too.

scaffold tag holder
Scaffold Tag Holder

Scaffolding Tag FAQ

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