Scaffolding Outriggers

Wellmade’s scaffolding outriggers are parts of the scaffold frame system. It is a triangular bracket with scaffold clamps. The scaffolding outrigger is always used as a scaffolding stabilizer in construction access and support frame systems.

Wellmade customs your scaffolding outrigger according to your scaffold design. It includes heavy-duty and lightweight outrigger brackets. In addition, we design the scaffolding outrigger compatible with your scaffold sets and frame towers. Include aluminum scaffolding, baker scaffold, narrow scaffold, mobile rolling scaffold, wide span scaffold, etc.

Wellmade manufactures the scaffold outriggers according to ISO9001 management. As a CE-certified scaffold factory, we do welding penetrate tests according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090.

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Wellmade’s Scaffolding Outrigger

If you are seeking scaffolding outriggers for your frame scaffolding system. Wellmade will be your best choice.

Wellmade is a scaffolding outrigger manufacturer. We custom your sizes of the scaffolding outrigger. While you find standard outrigger sizes include 30″, 18″, 14″ etc. The outrigger brackets are able to be used for all types of frame scaffolding systems. Include:

Wellmade’s outrigger scaffolding is designed for the USA and Canada-type narrow & wide span scaffolding frames in 5′ ft, 6 ft, 3 ft sizes. For Southeast Asia countries, Wellmade’s outrigger scaffolding is used for main scaffolding frames in sizes of 1219x1700mm, 1219x914mm, 914x1700mm, 1219x1930mm, etc.

galvanized scaffolding outrigger in walk through frame

In fabrication, the scaffolding outriggers are made from steel scaffold tubes. Swivel clamps on the outrigger brackets are connecting at bottom of the scaffold system. We manufacture the outrigger scaffolding with custom scaffolding clamps. Include pressed steel type and forged type scaffold half swivel clamps. There are also JIS (Japanese&Korean standard) type scaffolding clamps connected with the scaffolding frame vertical poles too.

Wellmade’s scaffolding outrigger system includes complete components and parts. Include outrigger brackets, adjustable screw jack base, scaffold caster wheels, main frames, cross braces, catwalk boards and scaffold access stairs, end frames, scaffold arms, coupling pins, etc.

As a structure member of the support scaffold, the outrigger scaffolding makes the scaffold tower base wider. Thus, it increases the stability and safety in construction.

Engineering, Wellmade’s scaffolding outrigger system is compatible with both aluminum scaffold towers and steel scaffolding towers. In the high floor aluminium scaffolding tower construction, the outrigger scaffold could also be designed as scaffold stabilizer braces.

aluminium scaffold tower-aluminum scaffolding-baker scaffold-mobile scaffold-indoor light weight wellmade scaffold

Baker Scaffold Outrigger Bracket

Wellmade’s outrigger scaffolding system is popularly used in a baker scaffold tower. Different from the traditional scaffolding frame system, the baker scaffolding outrigger system is designed with scaffold caster wheels.  It is a multi-use scaffold span system combined with both access and rolling function.  Same as the baker scaffolding system finishing requirement, Wellmade’s baker scaffold outrigger bracket is finished in powder-coated too.  In the mobile baker scaffold tower, 4 pieces of the outrigger brackets are used.

baker scaffolding tower with outrigger and caster wheels

Scaffolding Outrigger VS Cantilever Frames

The scaffolding outrigger is also called a scaffolding stabilizer.  It is always a part of the frame system scaffold.  In scaffolding erection and uses, the scaffolding outrigger is at foot of the scaffold tower for scaffold base widen.

Cantilever frames are the components of modular scaffold systems. It is used to form a hanging scaffold in cuplock system, ringock system, and kwisktage system construction. In scaffolding engineering, the scaffolding cantilever frames are at the top of the scaffold tower to form a scaffolding work platform and walking boards when the main scaffolding tower is not able to reach.

Scaffolding Brackets VS Scaffolding Outrigger

Wellmade produces both scaffolding brackets and scaffolding outriggers.  The scaffolding bracket includes different types. Include the side bracket, end bracket, saddle bracket, hop up bracket and adjustable bracket, etc.

Same as the cantilever frame function, the scaffolding bracket continues the construction scaffolding tower at the top. It used when the hanging scaffold work platforms are needed. According to the scaffold board’s widths and sizes, there are one board scaffold bracket, two boards, and three board scaffold brackets. You can find scaffold brackets for all system scaffolds in Wellmade. Include scaffolding frame system, cuplock scaffold system, ringlock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffold, etc.  While The scaffolding outrigger is at bottom of the aluminum and steel frame scaffolding. The purpose is to make the scaffold tower stable. In construction, outrigger brackets are working with the leveling screw jacks, fixed or adjustable scaffolding casters, etc.

Welmade’s Scaffolding Outrigger Specification

Wellmade’s outrigger scaffold brackets are made from O.D42mm scaffold steel tubes.  It is able to connect with O.D 1 11/16″ and 1 5/8″ scaffolding frame poles in construction. The inner diameter of the scaffolding outrigger is compatible with the adjustable screw jack stems and scaffold caster spigot.

Scaffolding Outrigger Surface Treatment

According to different frame system scaffold durable requirements, you can find hot-dip galvanized, pre-galvanized, E-galvanized, painted and powder coated scaffolding outriggers in Wellmade. While hot-dip galvanizing scaffolding outrigger has the longest life and able to work in all atmospheres include offshore and marine scaffolding.

Outrigger scaffolding standard

Wellmade scaffold produces the outrigger scaffolding according to ASTM and CSA standards.  In addition, you can find all test reports at every stage during the outrigger scaffolding manufacturing. Include Mill Certificate, steel and aluminium scaffold grade test report. Welding penetrates test report, galvanizing and painting adhere test, hardness test report and loading capacity report, etc.

OEM Scaffolding Services

Wellmade is a famous OEM scaffolding manufacturer, we offer outrigger scaffolding manufacturing according to your design and drawings too. We supply you with custom emboss marks or stickers on the scaffolding outrigger products. Wellmade cooperate with global scaffolding companies and formwork companies under OEM scaffolding manufacturing services.  Clients achieve great benefits in long-term cooperation with Wellmade.

Export and Door to Door Delivery

As a leading scaffolding exporter in China, Wellmade offers door-to-door delivery to global 55 countries. The delivery service is offered to the USA and Canada countries too.

In conclusion, Wellmade is not only ensuring your quality of the outrigger scaffolding. We also bring great benefits to your scaffolding industry market. Send us your outrigger requirement now to get professional services now.

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