Scaffolding For Oil Gas Industry

Wellmade is an oil gas scaffolding manufacturer in China. You can find all types of oil gas scaffolding materials here. Include ringlock scaffolding, tube and clamp scaffold etc. In manufacturing, Wellmade control all of the oil gas scaffolding quality according to international standard, including BS EN, AS/NZ, ASTM/CSA standard.

As an ISO 9001 and CE (ISO3834&EN1090) certified scaffolding factory, all test reports and quality certificates for your oil gas scaffolding order are available here. Include MTC, steel grade test report, welding penetration test, loading capacity, galvanizing adhere etc.

Wellmade is a professional and high-quality oil gas scaffolding material supplier. It is famous for supplying scaffolding equipment to global leading oil gas companies like Shell, KNPC, KOC, Sinopec, China petroleum, etc. Send us your oil gas scaffolding requirement now, you will get an immediate reply.

Wellmade’s Oil Gas Scaffolding  

Wellmade is special in oil gas scaffolding materials. You can find all scaffold parts and components for your oil gas scaffolding construction. While the modular type scaffolding systems are complete too.

The oil gas scaffolding materials are rigged for temporary support and scaffolding frames for oil gas construction, oil gas pipeline, and oil&gas equipment fabrication. More than the oil and gas industry, oil gas scaffolding materials are also used for offshore permanent inspection and maintenance.

Wellmade is an approved oil gas scaffolding material vendor in China. We are able to meet up all requirements for the oil gas companies and projects. Not only test report and certificate, but also package, transportation customized requirements.  More than that, we can send the oil gas scaffolding products in the door to door delivery in global countries.

Hot-dip galvanizing is the main finishing for the oil gas scaffolding materials and system. It is the most durable finishing in the scaffolding industry. More than the zinc thickness test, Wellmade offer you adhere test for the galvanizing quality. Thus you can find more durable oil gas scaffolding material in Wellmade.

Oil Gas Scaffolding Types

Tube and Clamp System Scaffolding Oil and Gas  

Tube and clamp scaffolding is the most popular scaffolding for the oil and gas industry. It is a heavy-duty type oil and gas scaffold system. With 4mm thickness poles and horizontal parts, the tube and clamp scaffolding oil and gas can bear high load weight.

More than that, Wellmade’s tube and clamp scaffold are able to meet up the oil gas industry’s various shapes and variety of support requirements. Include suspended scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding access scaffolding, etc.

You can find the following tube and clamp scaffolding materials and lists for your oil gas scaffolding erection.

Oil Gas Scaffolding System Components

Code No.ItemsCode No.Items
WTBScaffold TubeWALAluminum Ladder
WSFScaffold FittingsWUBUnit Beam
WSBScaffold BoardsWBPBase Plate
WBJBase JacksWLBLadder Beams

tube and clamp scaffolding for oil gas industry

Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Tubes for Oil and Gas Construction  

The oil and gas industry uses 4.0mm scaffold tubes. The scaffolding tube standard for the oil scaffolding should be BS1139 or EN39 standard.

Hot-dip galvanizing finishing makes the scaffold tube durable in the offshore environment.  Wellmade’s scaffold tube galvanizing is conformed to ISO 1461 standard.  During the production, we help you with scaffold tube length cutting. Thus you can find all sizes of oil gas scaffolding pipes here.

4.0mm Oil Gas Scaffold Tube Sizes & Specification
CodeItemsSteel GradeStandardFinishingWeight (KG)
WTB0405Scaffold Tube 0.5mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized2.17
WTB0407Scaffold Tube 0.7mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized3.04
WTB0410Scaffold Tube 1.0mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized4.34
WTB0412Scaffold Tube 1.2mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized5.21
WTB0415Scaffold Tube 1.5mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized6.51
WTB0418Scaffold Tube 1.8mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized7.81
WTB0420Scaffold Tube 2.0mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized8.68
WTB0424Scaffold Tube 2.4mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized10.42
WTB0425Scaffold Tube 2.5mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized10.85
WTB0430Scaffold Tube 3.0mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized13.02
WTB0435Scaffold Tube 3.5mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized15.19
WTB0440Scaffold Tube 4.0mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized17.36
WTB0445Scaffold Tube 4.5mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized19.53
WTB0450Scaffold Tube 5.0mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized21.70
WTB0455Scaffold Tube 5.5mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized23.87
WTB0460Scaffold Tube 6.0mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized26.04
WTB0461Scaffold Tube 6.1mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized26.47
WTB0464Scaffold Tube 6.4mS235 & S355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized27.78

oil and gas scaffold tube 4.0mm

3.2mm Scaffold Tube is also used in oil and gas scaffolding.  But 3 type scaffold tubes for the oil and gas industry should be in a higher steel grade S355. Following are the sizes and specifications.

3.2mm(3 type) Oil Gas Scaffold Tube Sizes & Specification
CodeItemsSteel GradeStandardFinishingWeight (KG)
WTB0305Scaffold Tube 0.5mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized1.77
WTB0307Scaffold Tube 0.7mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized2.47
WTB0310Scaffold Tube 1.0mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized3.54
WTB0312Scaffold Tube 1.2mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized4.24
WTB0315Scaffold Tube 1.5mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized5.30
WTB0318Scaffold Tube 1.8mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized6.36
WTB0320Scaffold Tube 2.0mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized7.07
WTB0324Scaffold Tube 2.4mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized8.48
WTB0325Scaffold Tube 2.5mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized8.84
WTB0330Scaffold Tube 3.0mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized10.61
WTB0335Scaffold Tube 3.5mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized12.37
WTB0340Scaffold Tube 4.0mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized14.14
WTB0345Scaffold Tube 4.5mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized15.91
WTB0348Scaffold Tube 4.8mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized16.97
WTB0350Scaffold Tube 5.0mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized17.68
WTB0355Scaffold Tube 5.5mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized19.44
WTB0358Scaffold Tube 5.8mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized20.50
WTB0360Scaffold Tube 6.0mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized21.21
WTB0361Scaffold Tube 6.1mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized21.57
WTB0364Scaffold Tube 6.4mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized22.63
WTB0365Scaffold Tube 6.4mS355EN39 & BS1139Hot Dip Galvanized22.98
3.2mm oil and gas scaffold tube
Oil Gas Scaffold Fittings

In the tube and clamp oil gas scaffolding, scaffold fittings are the connector between scaffold tubes, boards, access ladders, etc.

Wellmade manufactures hot dip galvanized scaffolding couplers for your oil gas projects. The scaffold fittings are drop forged types conform to EN 74 and BS 1139 scaffolding standards. Compare to the pressed steel type of scaffolding fittings, drop forged type clamps are more durable and stable. The load capacity and distortion are much higher than pressed steel scaffold couplers.

You can find all of the following drop-forged heavy-duty scaffold fittings for your offshore oil and gas scaffolding construction.

Oil and Gas Scaffolding Fittings Types & Spec
WFDC48Forged Double Coupler 48mmHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmEN74 Class B
WFDC60Forged Double Coupler 60mmHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD60.3mmEN74 Class B
WFDC76Forged Double Coupler 76mmHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD76mmEN74 Class B
WFDC89Forged Double Coupler 89mmHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD89mmEN74 Class B
WFSW48Forged Swivel Coupler 48mmHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmEN74 Class B
WFSW60Forged Swivel Coupler 60mmHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD60.3mmEN74 Class B
WFSW76Forged Swivel Coupler 76mmHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD76mmEN74 Class B
WFSW89Forged Swivel Coupler 89mmHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD89mmEN74 Class B
WBRC38Board Retaining Coupler for 38mm BoardHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WBRC40Board Retaining Coupler for 40mm BoardHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WBRC45Board Retaining Coupler for 45mm(H) BoardHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WBRC50Board Retaining Coupler for 50mm(H) BoardHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WFLCForged Ladder ClampsHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WPLCPressed Ladder ClampHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedBS1139
WFPLForged Putlog CouplerHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WPPLPressed  Putlog CouplerHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WSVPressed Sleeve CouplerHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WFBCFixed Beam ClampHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmAS1576
WSBCSwiel Beam ClampHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmAS1576
WLP-RLimpet Clamp Round TypeHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedBS1139
WLP-SLimpet Clamp Square TypeHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedBS1139
WFJPForged Inner Joint PinHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
WPJPPressed  Inner Joint PinHot dip gal/ Zinc-platedOD48.3mmBS1139
Oil and gas scaffolding fittings in hot dip galvanizing
Oil and Gas Scaffolding Fittings in Hot-dip Galvanizing

Oil Gas Scaffolding Lattice Girder/Beams

Lattice Girder and scaffold beams allow oil gas scaffolding erection to come true when long-span scaffolding construction is required. It is also called unit beams, x beams, or scaffold beams.

Wellmade produces both steel type and aluminum type scaffold girder beams for your oil gas projects. Both of them are meet up with the TG20 compliant scaffolding. Wellmade test the lattice beam shearing resistance during manufacturing according to the TG20 scaffolding standard.

Steel Type Lattice Beam for Oil Gas Scaffolding

Steel scaffolding lattice girders are in hot-dip galvanizing for durable purposes. There are 3.2mm and 4.0mm type steel lattice beams for your choosing.

Oil and Gas Scaffolding Unit Beam In Steel
Oil and Gas Scaffolding Unit Beam In Steel
Aluminum Type Oil and Gas Scaffolding Lattice Beams

Wellmade manufactures the aluminum lattice beams for your oil and gas offshore construction. Our aluminum scaffold lattice girders are made of 6082 high-strength alloy grades raw material. The high-strength alloy beams make the aluminum beams bring you a higher safety load while keeps a lighter weight.

According to the scaffold lattice girder width and oil and gas scaffolding design, Wellmade is able to offer you the normal unit beams in 500mm width. You can also find 750mm X beams for your heavier-weight oil gas support requirement projects.

Scaffolding Oil and Gas Unit Beam and X Beam in Aluminum
Scaffolding Oil and Gas Unit Beam and X Beam in Aluminum

Oil Gas Scaffolding Boards

Steel scaffold boards are the most popular oil gas scaffolding materials. Compare to the normal civil and building construction, onshore and offshore oil gas construction need hot-dip galvanized scaffolding steel boards.

Oil and gas scaffolding boards are designed with special anti-slip surfaces for safety construction purposes.

Wellmade’s oil and gas scaffold board sizes are varied. Include 225x38mm, 210x45mm, 250x50mm, 250x40mm, 300x50mm etc.

In construction engineering, the oil gas scaffold boards are fixed by the board retaining couplers. According to the scaffold board’s height, the board retaining coupler height is 38 to 50mm customized.

oil and gas tube clamp system scaffold boards components
oil and gas tube clamp system scaffold boards components

Oil Gas scaffolding Ladders

Scaffolding ladders for the oil and gas industry is always aluminum. It is a type of single straight aluminum ladders. Wellmade’s oil and gas scaffolding aluminum ladders are conformed to EN 131 and BS 2037 standards.

According to the aluminum ladder fabrication, there are lightweight and heavy-duty aluminum single ladders for your oil and gas scaffolding construction. Heavy duty aluminum ladders are with D-shaped steps. While lightweight single aluminium ladders for scaffolding are with O shape steps.

EN131 Aluminium Step Ladder
EN131 Aluminium Step Ladder

Ringlock Scaffolding Oil and Gas  

Different from traditional tube and clamp systems, oil and gas ring lock scaffolding is a type of modular scaffold. It includes prefabricated ring lock parts and components. You can find complete ringlock scaffolding parts and components for your oil and gas scaffolding. Include ringlock standard, ledgers, diagonal brace, lattice girder, beams, side brackets, steelwork platform, base collars, adjustable leveling jacks, etc.

Wellmade’s ringlock scaffolding for the oil and gas industry is tested according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090. Thus it is certified as CE scaffolding materials for construction and offshore. At the same time, the oil gas scaffolding ringlock tower is tested according to EN 12810.

Wellmade manufactures standard sizes of ringlock oil and gas scaffolding. We also custom your sizes too according to your design.

Hot dip galvanizing makes the ringlock type oil gas scaffolding in long-life. The galvanizing quality is according to ISO 1461 standard. For the oil gas ringlock scaffold system, Wellmade does a special adhere test and salty spray test. This ensures galvanizing quality. Thus Wellmade’s ringlock scaffolding oil gas system is not only able to use as oil and gas temporary construction. It is also able to use for your permanent oil gas equipment and pipeline inspection, maintenance & support, etc.

Wellmade manufactures the ringlock scaffolding to global countries. You can find allround type ringlock scaffolding, USA & Canada type ringlock scaffolding, South East Asia type ringlock scaffolding, Latin America multidirectional type ringlock scaffolding, etc.

ringlock construction scaffold

Oil and Gas Ringlock Scaffolding Standards

Wellmade’s ringlock scaffolding standards are made of S355 high strength steel grade raw material. It ensures a high safety load for your oil gas construction support.

The ringlock scaffolding standards for oil and gas included rosettes rings. The rosette rings of Wellmade’s oil and gas scaffolding are in 10mm. They are welded on the ringlock standards at every 500mm interval. We also custom your oil gas ringlock scaffolding standards at 250mm intervals if needed.

Oil and Gas Scaffolding Ringlock Standard in Galvanizing with Bolted Spigot
Oil and Gas Scaffolding Ringlock Standard in Galvanizing with Bolted Spigot
Oil Gas Ringlock Scaffolding Standards Size&Spec
CodeItemsFinishingSteel GradeRings QtyStandard No.
WRSS24Ringlock Base CollarHot dip galS3551EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM
WRS05S0.5m Ringlock Standard with SpigotHot dip galS3551EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM
WRS10S1.0m Ringlock Standard with SpigotHot dip galS3552EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM
WRS15S1.5m Ringlock Standard with SpigotHot dip galS3553EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM
WRS20S2.0m Ringlock Standard with SpigotHot dip galS3554EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM
WRS25S2.5m Ringlock Standard with SpigotHot dip galS3555EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM
WRS30S3.0m Ringlock Standard with SpigotHot dip galS3556EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM
WRS35S3.5m Ringlock Standard with SpigotHot dip galS3557EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM
WRS40S4.0m Ringlock Standard with SpigotHot dip galS3558EN12810/AS1576/CSA/ASTM

Ringlock Scaffolding Ledgers for Oil and Gas Scaffolding 

Wellmade is not only suppliers you standard sizes ringlock scaffolding ledgers. We also manufacture for. you the custom sizes.

The horizontal parts of the ringlock system form the ringlock frames and towers together with standard verticals. It is also used as a supporter of the ringlock scaffolding work platforms.

According to the oil and gas scaffolding requirement, Wellmade suppliers both O type and U type ringlock scaffolding ledgers to meet up your construction requirement.

Oil and Gas Scaffolding Ringlock System Horizontal Parts Galvanized
Oil and Gas Scaffolding Ringlock System O Ledger and U Ledger
Oil and Gas Scaffold Ringlock O  Ledger (Layher Allround Brand)
CodeItemsFinishingSteel GradeLedger HeadWedge Pin with Rivet
WRL039Ringlock O Ledger 0.39mHot dip galS355Cast SteelPressed & Anneal
WRL073Ringlock O Ledger 0.73mHot dip galS355Cast SteelPressed & Anneal
WRL109Ringlock O Ledger 1.09mHot dip galS355Cast SteelPressed & Anneal
WRL157Ringlock O Ledger 1.57mHot dip galS355Cast SteelPressed & Anneal
WRL207Ringlock O Ledger 2.07mHot dip galS355Cast SteelPressed & Anneal
WRL257Ringlock O Ledger 2.57mHot dip galS355Cast SteelPressed & Anneal
WRL307Ringlock O Ledger 3.07mHot dip galS355Cast SteelPressed & Anneal
Oil and Gas Scaffold Ringlock U  Ledger (Layher Allround Brand)
CodeItemsFinishingSteel GradeSteel Profile
WRL039URinglockU Ledger 0.39mHot dip galS235Ribbed U Profile
WRL073URinglock U Ledger 0.73mHot dip galS235Ribbed U Profile
WRL109URinglock U Ledger 1.09mHot dip galS235Ribbed U Profile
WRL157URinglock U Ledger 1.57mHot dip galS235Ribbed U Profile
WRL207URinglock U Ledger 2.07mHot dip galS235Ribbed U Profile
WRL257URinglock U Ledger 2.57mHot dip galS235Ribbed U Profile
WRL307URinglock U Ledger 3.07mHot dip galS235Ribbed U Profile
Ringlock Scaffolding Braces  

Oil and Gas Ringlock Scaffold Braces Include Vertical Diagonal Braces and Horizontal Braces.  The oil gas ringlock scaffolding braces are designed similar to construction & building scaffolding.  You can find all bay sizes of  ring lock braces for your oil gas construction projects.

Oil and Gas Scaffold Ringlock Diagonal Braces (Layher Allround)
CodeBay SizesBrace SizeSteel GradeFinishing
WRDB07200.73x2m Diagonal Brace2.13mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB19201.09x2m Diagonal Brace2.28mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDR15201.57x2m Diagonal Brace2.54mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB20202.07x2m Diagonal Brace2.88mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB25202.57x2m Diagonal Brace3.26mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB30203.07x2m Diagonal Brace3.66mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB07150.73×1.5m Diagonal Brace1.67mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB19151.09×1.5m Diagonal Brace1.85mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDR15151.57×1.5m Diagonal Brace2.17mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB20152.07×1.5m Diagonal Brace2.56mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB25152.57×1.5m Diagonal Brace2.97mS235Hot Dip Galvanized
WRDB30153.07×1.5m Diagonal Brace3.42mS235Hot Dip Galvanized

Oil and Gas Ringlock Scaffolding Diagonal Braces

Other Components and Parts of the Oil Gas Ringlock Scaffolding
  • Ringlock Lock Scaffolding Lightweight Reinforce Ledger
  • Ringlock Scaffolding Truss Ledgers
  • Ringlock Lattice Girder
  • Ringlock Access Stairs
  • Ringlock Scaffolding O Bracket
  • Ringlock U Bracket
  • Ringlock Adjustable Bracket
  • Ringlock Steel Planks
  • Ringlock Oil Gas Scaffold Spindle

Oil and Gas Scaffolding FAQ

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