Scaffolding Monkey Ladder

Scaffolding Monkey Ladder is made from galvanized steel scaffolding pipes. It is a type of ladder with hooks, connect with scaffolding tubular horizontal parts. 
The Scaffolding monkey ladder is self hang type. No need for any extra components or parts fittings.  
There are round pipe type monkey ladder and square type ladders. 
This monkey ladder can work with all system scaffolding of ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage. 

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Scaffolding Monkey Ladders

Scaffolding Monkey Ladder Size & Spec

WMSL252.5m Monkey Ladder390×250014.25KG
WMSL303.0m Monkey Ladder390×300017.30KG
WMSL353.5m Monkey Ladder390×350019.04KG
WMSL404.0m Monkey Ladder390×400021.68KG
WMSL454.5m Monkey Ladder390×450024.50KG
WMSL505.0m Monkey Ladder390×500027.10KG

Scaffolding Monkey Ladder

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