Scaffolding Ladder with Clamps

Wellmade’s scaffolding ladder with clamps is a type of steel scaffold ladder. It is fabricated with American half swivel scaffolding clamps. The scaffolding ladder with clamps is used as access parts and components.
Engineeringly, the scaffolding ladder with clamps is attached to the scaffolding frame vertical poles by the half swivel scaffolding clamps.
You can use the scaffolding ladder with clamps work in all types of your frame scaffolding systems. Include Walk Through Frames, Masonry Frame, Ladder Frame, Box Frame, Snap-on Scaffolding Frames etc.
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Wellmade’s scaffolding ladder with clamps

Wellmade’s Scaffold Ladder with Clamps is Safety Access Parts of the USA Scaffold Frame System. With the help of standard sizes of scaffolding clamps, this type of scaffold steel ladder is easy to assemble in construction.

You can get both powder coated or galvanized (Hot-dip & Cold galvanizing) finishing for the Scaffold Steel Ladder.  The scaffolding ladder finishing is normally Same as the other scaffolding frame components finishing requirement.

Scaffold Steel Ladder with American Type Half Swivel Clamps Sizes

WSL-SWScaffold Ladder with Half Swivel ClampsOD42.7mmCoated | Gal
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