Scaffolding Frame Accessories

Scaffolding Frame Accessories Include Scaffolding Lock Pins of Toggle Pins, Spring Retainers, Gravity Lock Pins, Span Pins, Replacement Lock Pins of Flip Lock Pin, Drop Lock Pin, Snap On Lock Pin, Fase Lock, V Lock, C Lock, and Canada Lock Pins for Main Frame. Scaffolding Coupling Pins and Joint Pins as well, as Connectors between Tow Main Frames. Scaffolding Frame Base Plate, Swivel Base Plate, and Curved Base Plate for Different Frame System.

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Frame Scaffolding Fixed &Swivel Square Base Plate
No.ItemsSizesfixed scaffolding base plate for frame scaffolding to usa
15″ Fixed Square Base Plate5″x5″ w/ 2″ Position Hole Compatiable w/ 1.69″ or 1.625″ Frame Tube
25-1/2″ Swivel Square Base Plate5-1/2″x5-1/2″ w/ 2″ Position Hole Compatiable w/ 1.69″ or 1.625″ Frame Tube


Scaffolding Swivel Screw Jack Base
No.ItemsSize24 inch Adjustable swivel jack base for frame scaffolding to usa
124″ Swivel Screw Jack1-3/8″x24″ with 18″ Adjustable Tread


Scaffolding Frame Coupling Pins
No.ItemsSizesframe scaffolding coupling pin with washer and collar 1-5/16 and 1-7/16 inch
11-5/16″ Coupling Pin1-5/16″x7″ Coupling Pin with 2-1/2″ Holes Center
21-5/16″Coupling Pin with Washer1-5/16″x7″ Coupling Pin with 1/8″ Washer and Lock Pin Holes at 2″ center
31-7/16 Coupling Pin with Collar1-7/16 x9″ Coupling Pin with Collar, Lock Pin Holes at 2-1/2″ Center


Scaffolding Gravity Lock Pin
No.ItemsSpecificationframe scaffolding gravity lock pin to usa
1Gravity Lock PinGalvanized, Fixing scaffold tube in 1.69″,1.625“ and 1-3/4″


Frame Scaffolding Span Pin
No.ItemSizes&Specificationframe scaffolding lock pins connecting pins galvanized span pin
12.5“ Span Pin0.31″x2.5″,Galvanized
23.25″ Snap Pin0.37”x3.25″,Galvanized


Frame Scaffolding Toggle Pins
No.ItemsSizes&Specificationframe scaffolding lock pins galvanized toggle pins for connecting between frames
1Toggle Pins0.35″ Diax3.5″ Long,Galvanized


Frame Scaffolding Spring Retainer Rivet
No.ItemsSizes&Specificationscaffolding frame spring retainer rivet to usa
1Spring Retainer Hollow StudGalvanized,0.51″W x3.18″L,Stud Dia 0.38″,Hollow
2Spring Retainer Solid StudGalvanized,0.51″W x3.18″L,Stud Dia 0.38″ Solid


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