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Wellmade is a scaffolding floor manufacturer in China. You can get steel, aluminum& wood scaffolding floors here for different scaffold systems. Include ringlock, cuplock, kwisktage scaffolding flooring, and tube and clamp metal planks, etc.

There are complete sizes for the metal scaffolding floor planks. Include scaffold boards with hooks and without hooks here. For wood scaffolding floors, there are hardwood and LVL planks. The wood scaffolding floors are tested according to BS2482 and OSHA standards, AS1577 standards, etc.

Wellmade scaffolding floors are manufactured according to ISO 9001 & CE (ISO 3834 &EN1090) management. While the scaffolding floor products are tested according to EN 12811, EN 1004, AS 1576 standard, etc.

In addition, Wellmdae scaffold floors are authorized using in oil gas scaffolding for Sinopec, KNPC, Shell, etc with approved high quality. Tell us your scaffolding floor requirement to import the scaffolding flooring now.

Wellmade Scaffolding Floor

Wellmade scaffolding floor is also called scaffolding floor plate.  According to different scaffold systems, there are ringlock scaffolding flooring, cuplock scaffolding flooring, kwikstage scaffold floors, tube and clamp scaffold floors, etc.

Ringlock Scaffolding Floor

Ringlock scaffolding floor is steel scaffold plank with hooks.  According to the plank hooks, there are O type scaffolding floors and U type scaffolding floors.

O Type Plank Hook Ringlock Scaffold Floor

O type ringlock scaffold floors are used to connect with ringlock O ledgers. The ringlock O ledgers are made by O.D 48.3mm scaffold tubes. Scaffolding floor plank hooks are able to fit with O.D 48.3mm diameter.

U type Plank Hook Ringlock Scaffolding Floors

Ringlock U type scaffolding floors are used to connect with the ringlock scaffolding U ledgers. Different from O ledgers, the ringlock U ledgers are made from steel ribbed profiles.

According to the ringlock scaffolding floor plate fabrication, you can find 2 types of galvanizing steel scaffold floorings. One is made from pre-galvanized steel plate, which is called GI or pre-galvanized scaffolding floors. Another one is hot dip galvanized scaffolding floors. The HDG scaffold flooring planks are made from steel M.S plate(black) and hot dip galvanizing after welding.

Ringlock Scaffolding Floor Sizes & Specification

Wellmade custom your scaffolding floor sizes and specifications according to your scaffold design.  While you can find the following most common scaffold flooring sizes.

Ringlock Scaffolding Floor
CodeFloor Size (WxD)Scaffold Floor SpecificationGradeFinishing
RSF0327320x76mm1.5-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0325320x50mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0305300x50mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0255250x50mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0245240x45mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0247240x76mm1.5-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0236230x67mm1.5-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0215210x45mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0405400x50mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0425420x50mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0455450x50mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0485480x50mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
RSF0505500x50mm1.2-2.0mm Steel PlateS235GI&HDG
Ringlock Scaffolding Floors for Staging Scaffold Dancing
Ringlock Scaffolding Floors Staging

Among the above ringlock scaffolding flooring, you can find Europe Layher type in 320x76mm scaffold floors. While you also can find cheap scaffolding flooring designs in 240x45mm. If you want wide scaffolding flooring for your scaffolding access, 420-500m width scaffold walk boards will be your best choice.

Cuplock Scaffolding Flooring

Cuplock Scaffolding Floors
Cuplock Scaffolding Floors

Cuplock scaffolding flooring planks include steel flooring planks with hooks and scaffold battens without hooks.

Same as ringlock scaffolding flooring, steel scaffolding flooring with hook sizes are customized. While the most common cuplock scaffolding flooring is in size of 230x67mm. The 230x67mm scaffold floor includes 4 pieces of square plank hooks. Other steel scaffolding floorings in width of 210-500mm is able to be used in cuplock scaffolding access systems too.

Cuplock scaffold battens should be used together with the cuplock omega transom and omega brackets. Which is the seat for the cuplock battens.

You can find cuplock scaffolding floors in pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized. While painted cuplock scaffolding flooring is available too.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Flooring

Wellmade Australia kwikstage scaffolding system use scaffold floor without hooks. It is also called scaffold boards or kwikstage scaffold battens. The size of the Australia kwik stage scaffolding floors is always 230x63mm. While the lengths of the Australia scaffolding plank include 740mm, 1250mm, 1810mm, 2420mm, etc. The kwikstage scaffold batten lengths are compatible with standard kwikstage scaffolding ledgers in 760mm, 1270mm, 1830mm, and 2440mm.

Wellmade South Africa kwikstage scaffolding floors are hook on scaffold boards.  The hooks of the South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding floors are connected with the kwikstage scaffold ledgers which are in O.D 48.3mm diameter.   South Africa kwikstage scaffolding flooring is always in painted finishing.

Tube and Clamp Scaffold Flooring

Tube and clamp scaffold flooring metal deck steel planks
Tube and clamp scaffold flooring metal plank

Different from system scaffold floors, tube and clamp scaffolding floors are always with plain ends. You can find the following metal planks for the tube and clamp scaffolding decking.

Tube and Clamp Scaffolding Flooring Sizes & Specifications
CodeSize & SpecSteel  Plate Wall ThicknessSteel GradeFinishing
WTCF22538225x38mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF21045210x45mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF24045240x45mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF25040250x40mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF25050250x50mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF30050300x50mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF40050400x50mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF42050420x50mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF45050450x50mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF48050480x50mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG
WTCF50050500x50mm1.0-2.0mmS235GI | HDG

Aluminium Scaffold Floor & Aluminum Plywood Trap Doors

More than steel and wood scaffolding floors, you can also use Wellmade aluminium scaffolding planks for your construction platform.  The aluminium scaffold flooring is lightweight with modular hooks and wind protection safety locks.

If you want to integrate the access system with the work platform and walking boards, a scaffold hatch deck with a trap door and aluminium ladder will be a good choice.  According to width sizes, there are 19″ aluminium scaffold floors and 610mm & 600 trap door scaffolding for your construction in Wellmade.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 and CE-certified scaffolding floor manufacturer in China. All of our scaffold floors are quality controlled according to ISO 9001 management. While we keep high-quality welding for all metal and aluminium scaffolding floors.  In addition, the scaffold floor raw materials are tested qualified before using in mass production. While scaffold floor load capacity is available for your shipment order.

As an OEM scaffolding manufacturer, we are able to mark your company name and logos on the scaffolding flooring with standard no.

With more than 20 years of scaffolding flooring exporting from China, Wellmade is able to deliver the scaffold floorings to your address, especially, in the US and Canada.

Tell us your scaffold flooring requirement, you can get not only high-quality scaffolding floors here but also competitive prices buying directly from scaffold floor manufacturers in China.

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