Scaffolding Coupling & Spigot Pin

When you are using scaffolding erected to a required height in construction, say 125 feet high or more. You need to join scaffold poles together by a connector. This connector is called scaffolding coupling pins or scaffold spigot pins, or joint pins. What are scaffold coupling pins, what is the coupling pin used for and what are the sizes of the scaffolding spigot pins? We will talk this scaffold parts in this article.

Scaffolding coupling pins or spigot pins are scaffold parts used to join two scaffold tubes/poles together vertically from the inside of the tube. The sizes of scaffold spigot pins are smaller than the inner diameter of the scaffold tubes and pols.
Scaffolding coupling pins are used as joint elements for scaffold systems of ringlock, cuplock,kwikstage, quicklock, frame scaffolding, and scaffold steel and alloy beams.
The sizes of scaffolding spigot pins are related to the inner diameter of the scaffold tubes. 38mm diameter, 3mm thick and 300mm length is a standard spigot pins for ringlock and cuplock systems. We will give all sizes of spigot pins for different scaffolds in the next table.

Wellmade’s Scaffolding Coupling Pins are customized sizes according to the inner diameter of the scaffolding frame verticals, scaffolding pipe, and system scaffold poles internal dimensions.

Sizes of Scaffolding Coupling Spigot

Scaffolding Coupling & Spigot Joint Pin Sizes
No.Scaffold SystemSpigot Pin SizeThicknessSpgiot Pin Length
1Ringlock ScaffoldOD38mm3mm300-500mm
2OD60mm Ring Shore SystemOD52mm3mm300mm
3Cuplock ScaffoldOD38mm
4Kwikstage ScaffoldOD38mm3.0mm & 4.0mm215mm
5OD42mm Frame ScaffoldOD36mm1.8-2.5mm225mm & 9″
6OD48mm Frame ScaffoldOD38mm3.0mm & 4.0mm198mm – 250mm
7OD57mm Frame ScaffoldOD48mm3.0mm & 4.0mm198mm – 250mm
8OD60mm Frame ScaffoldOD52mm3.0mm & 4.0mm198mm – 250mm
9Alloy BeamsOD38mm3.0-6.0mm450-600mm

Types of  Scaffold Coupling Pins

  1. Scaffolding Coupling Pin with 1″ Collar
  2. Scaffolding Coupling Spigot with Bolt and Nut
  3. Simple Single Scaffolding Coupling Connector
  4. Scaffolding Coupling Pin with Washer
  5. Square Type Scaffolding Coupling Pins
  6. Round Type Scaffolding Coupling Pins
  7. Hex Type Scaffolding Joint Pins

How to Fix Scaffold Coupling Pin On Scaffold Tube

In construction, scaffold coupling pins are inserted into the ends of scaffold tubes.  To tighten the scaffold spigot on the scaffold tubes and poles, bolt and nut, or scaffolding clips are used to fix them well by holes on the coupling spigot.

The fixing scaffolding clips could be toggle pins, pigtails, gravity pins, spring clips, roll pins, cotter pins, span pins, etc. Bolts and nuts are used for center tightening of the scaffold spigot pins for ringlock, cuplock vertical products.

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