Scaffolding Coupling Spigot Connector

Scaffolding Coupling is Stacking Connector Between Scaffolding Verticals and Poles. It is also called a spigot joint pin or spigot connector.

Wellmade produces all sizes&types of scaffolding coupling. The Scaffolding Coupling Connectors are used for frame scaffolding and system scaffold of ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, quick lock scaffolding, etc. It allows scaffolding frames and verticals stacking in upright.

As parts of scaffolding frames and towers, scaffolding coupling is a conjunction and fixing by spring clip lock, bolt and nut, toggle pins, span pin, cotter pin, etc.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 and CE-certified scaffolding manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer you high-quality scaffolding coupling at a competitive price. We offer Door to door delivery scaffolding service as requested. Send us your scaffolding coupling requirement to get the best price now.

Wellmade’s Scaffolding Coupling Pins are customized sizes according to the inner diameter of the scaffolding frame verticals, scaffolding pipe and system scaffold poles internal dimensions.

How to Choose Scaffolding Coupling Size

Scaffolding Coupling Sizes are customized in Wellmade. When you choose scaffolding coupling, you can tell us your scaffolding frame and system scaffold vertical tube sizes. Wellmade will calculate according to your scaffolding vertical dimension.

  • Traditional Scaffolding Frames: OD 42.7mm (1.68″) Scaffold Pole
  • Shoring Frame Scaffold: OD57mm & OD60mm
  • Euro Frame (Marco): OD 48mm
  • Cuplock Scaffolding: OD 48mm
  • Ringlock Scaffolding: O.D48mm and OD 60mm Heavy Duty
  • Kwikstage Scaffolding: O.D 48mm

Types of Wellmade’s Scaffolding Coupling Connectors

In Wellmade, You can find all types of scaffolding coupling Connectors for Your Scaffold Frame and System.

  1. Scaffolding Coupling Pin with 1″ Collar
  2. Scaffolding Coupling Spigot with Bolt and Nut
  3. Simple Single Scaffolding Coupling Connector
  4. Scaffolding Coupling Pin with Washer
  5. Square Type Scaffolding Coupling Pins
  6. Round Type Scaffolding Coupling Pins
  7. Hex Type Scaffolding Joint Pins

Scaffolding Coupling Connector Conjunction Accessories

Scaffolding Coupling and Spigot Connector is an important part of the scaffold frame and towers. It is used together with other components and accessories.

For scaffolding frames, the spring clips or named button clip fixes scaffolding coupling pin with collar.

Roll Pins is used for snap-on lock pin scaffolding frames.

You can also use toggle pins, pigtail pin gravity connect scaffolding frame vertical tubes.

For System Scaffolding, scaffolding spigot joint pins are mostly fixed by bolt and nut onto scaffolding vertical standard. You can also use cotter pins and pigtail, span pins as connectors.

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