Scaffold Wall Tie Bracket

Wellmade’s scaffold wall tie bracket is a connector fixing between your building walls to scaffolding frames. The scaffold wall tie brackets are made from O.D 48.3mm scaffold tubes. This diameter of wall tie bracket is easily joint by scaffolding clamps and couplers and compatible with all scaffolding systems.

At one end of the wall tie bracket, there is a steel plate.  The steel plate is designed with a hole. The hole allows your concrete dynabolt tools.

Wellmade manufactures the scaffold wall tie bracket according to ISO9001 management system with high-quality welding according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standard.

You can find powder-coated, painted and galvanized scaffold wall tie bracket for your construction anchorage connect the scaffold unit.

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Wellmade’s Scaffold Wall Tie Bracket

As a scaffolding and wall tie bracket manufacturer and supplier in China, Wellmade always offers high-quality scaffold products to you.

Our scaffold wall ties are mainly export to the USA and Germany countries.  The wall tie bracket is compatible with all scaffolding systems include frame scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, tube and clamp scaffolding etc.

Using Wellmade’s wall tie bracket is able to make your scaffolding towers in extra safety and stable. It helps to increase your scaffolding tower loading capacity too.

Engineeringly, you can use the eye bolt connected with the buildings or walls with the wall tie bracket. Wellmade is able to offer you all sizes of galvanized construction eye bolt too.

galvanizing steel eye bolt
galvanizing steel eye bolt

You can find wall tie bracket anchor tube A and anchor tube B  in Wellmade according to the scaffold steel plate direction. You can choose according to your construction design and angles between the building walls.

Wellmade customizes your anchor wall tie bracket. You can also find the standardized length for your wall ties scaffolding construction from 0.5m to 2.3m.

If needed, you can ask Wellmade to produce for you both O.D 42.7mm and O.D 48.3mm sizes wall tie bracket with endplates.

Wellmade’s wall tie bracket is popular using in USA constructions, maintenance and stucco and pasting project. It is working a lot with the USA frame scaffolding system.

According to the function, the scaffold wall tie brackets is also called anchorage connect unit. It is used in fixing & tying scaffolds to slab & adjacent vertical structure.

Scaffold Wall Tie Bracket-Tube Anchor Sizes&Specification

WSTI-AScaffold Wall Tie AOD 42.7 -OD48.3Galvanized | Coated
WSTI-BScaffold Wall Tie BOD 42.7 -OD48.3Galvanized | Coated
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