Scaffold Wall Tie Bracket

In construction scaffolding, a wall tie bracket is used popularly in securing and safety. What is a wall tie bracket? How to use the wall tie bracket? When a scaffold should be tied and How to tied? In this article, you will get answers.

A wall tie bracket is an important connection part that fastens scaffolding to a permanent or solid building or structure. It is a fabricated scaffold part made of scaffold tubes with hook or hole plates at one end. The holes on the end plate of the wall tie brackets allow bolts to be installed into the building or structure. The hook of the wall tie bracket is working with eye bolts and anchors during the connecting and fixing. The wall tie bracket is also called an anchorage connect unit.

Wall tie brackets have two types: end plate type and hook type. End plate wall ties include A type and B type. A type end plate is 90 degrees with the scaffold tube. B Type end plates are 180 degrees with the scaffold tube. The out diameter of the wall tie bracket tube is 48.3mm and O.D 42.7mm(1.68″)

You can find how to fix the wall tie bracket in the next content.

How to Use Scaffold Wall Tie Bracket In Construction

Scaffold wall ties are fixed with anchors to the wall by the end plates and hooks at the end. In securing, bolts and eye bolts will tie one end of the wall tie brackets to the wall of the building. Another end of the wall tie bracket will be fixed to the scaffold by scaffold fittings. This system with a wall tie bracket is called a tie scaffold. Tie scaffold prevents scaffold from collapsing under bad weather like high wind etc.

galvanizing steel eye bolt
galvanizing steel eye bolt

Do all scaffolds need to be tied? Basically, in the scaffolding industry, there is a rule of 4:1, which means if the height-to-base ratio is over 4:1. A tie scaffold with a wall tie bracket to a solid building or structure is needed.

How To Set Wall Tie Bracket In Construction and Scaffolding

The wall tie bracket is connected to scaffold standards/verticals by scaffold fittings, and can not be connected to the ledgers.  The time of the wall tie bracket arrangement should be at the same time as the scaffold being erected. Cannot be attached later as an afterthought.

Wall tie brackets should be set every 3 bays horizontally, and the maximum vertical space is 4m or 2 lifts. First vertical wall ties should be at the maximum height of 4 times of the narrowest base dimension.

You can calculate the wall tie bracket quantity for your scaffolding according to the following table of quantity for the vertical height by how many times of 3 bays of horizontal.

Wall Tie Bracket Quantity Calculation

Wall Tie Bracket Quantity ( Vertical )
No.Scaffold HeightVertical Ties Quantity
1Up To 6m2
2Up to 12m3
3Up to 18m5
4Up to 24m6
5Up to 36m9

Scaffold Stabilizing

For scaffold stabilizing, you need not only to consider wall ties to solid building but also need to use the scaffold diagonal braces and horizontal braces to make the scaffold tower stable and consolidated.

The tie scaffold devices and bracing system can also increase the load capacity in construction and shoring.

Wall Tie Brackets Types and System Scaffold

Wall tie brackets with OD48.3mm scaffold tube are compatible with all scaffold systems including ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, and tube and clamp.

Wall tie brackets with OD42.7mm(1.68″) are special components for frame system scaffolding (walk-through frame, snap-on scaffold, ladder frame etc), scaffolding in the USA and Canada for masonry, stucco, plastering etc.

Wall Tie Bracket Surface Treatment

Wall tie brackets are made of steel. For anti-corrosion purposes, the surface will be finished by galvanizing, painted or powder coated.

Sizes and Lengths of Wall Tie Bracket

Wall tie bracket lengths are customized from 0.3m to 7′(2.1m) according to the distance between the wall and the scaffold.

Plate Type Wall Tie Bracket Specification

WSTI-AScaffold Wall Tie AOD42.7mm x 4′Galvanized | Coated
WSTI-BScaffold Wall Tie BOD42.7mm x 4′Galvanized | Coated
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