Universal Jack Scaffolding

Wellmade is Universal Jack Scaffolding Manufacturer In China.  You Can Find All Sizes & Dimension of Universal Jacks Here. Customized Universal Jack Scaffolding Is Available Upon Request.
Wellmade’s Universal Jacks are Tested According to EN 12811 In Safety Load Capacity.
Our Scaffolding & Universal Jack Welding Seam is Plump and Strong According to EN 1090& ISO 3834 CE Standard.
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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade Universal Jack

Wellmade’s Universal Jack is used together with Base Plate and U Head.
  1. Universal Jack with Base Plate: Same Function of Jack Base as Leveling Parts In Construction Scaffolding  at Bottom
  2. Universal Jack with U Head/ J Head/ Fork Head: Use as Adjustable U Jack In Slab, Beam Formwork Support At Top
  3. Universal Jack with Swivel Base Plate: Swivel Jacks for Inclined Base Structure.
Wellmade’s Universal Jack is versatile with all Scaffolding System: Ringlock System, Cuplock Scaffolding and Kwisktage, Frame System Saffold.
Meanwhile, Wellmade’s Engineer and Technical Team is able to Design the Universal Jack Scaffolding According to Your Load Capacity, System Vertical Diameter etc.
There is Hollow Type of Universal Jack and Solid Type of Universal Jacks In Wellmade.
Hot dip galvanised Scaffolding Universal Jack make Longer and More Durable Life in Repeating Scaffolding Work.
UVJ01Universal Jack with Socket TubeOD34-OD48mm600-1200mm
UVJ02Universal Jack Without Socket TubeOD34-OD48mm600-1200mm


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