Universal Jack For Scaffolding

Universal jack is a “universal” scaffold jack with a piece of screw stem and a jack nut. “universal” means it can be in conjunction with different scaffold parts:

  1. Universal jacks + Fixed socket base plate = Adjustable base jack
  2. Universal jacks + Fixed U head = Adjustable U head Jacks
  3. Universal Jack+ Fixed Fork Head = Adjustable Forkhead Jacks
  4. Universal Jack + Swivel Base Plate = Adjustable swivel Jacks

The out Diameters of the universal jack include OD26mm, OD28mm, OD30-34mm, OD36mm, OD38mm, and OD48mm in hollow type stem or solid screw jack stem. they are used for leveling adjustment as well as holding load from the overhead weight.
E-galvanized, pained and hot dip galvanized are all available for anti-rusty purposes.
Wellmade is a CE-certified universal jack scaffolding manufacturer. Product quality is controlled according to ISO 900 and load capacity is tested according to EN 12811. Send us a mail to enjoy the benefits of good prices too.

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Universal Jack Guide

Functions for different universal jack conjunction for Scaffolding:

Universal Jack + Fixed Socket Base Plate

Forms adjustable jack base used not only as scaffolding leveling feet at bottom of scaffolding but can be jointed with cuplock drop head to support cuplock decking beams and infill beams in cuplock slab and beam formwork system.

Universal Jack + Fixed U/J Head

Forms adjustable U jack used at top of the scaffolding to support scaffold timber(like wood H20 beams) and steel beams(like steel hollow section main beams and secondary beams) as well as aluminum beams. The U-head universal jack scaffolding is used popularly in all types of slab and beam formwork concrete and construction.

Universal Jack + Fixed Fork Head

Form adjustable fork head jacks used to support scaffold main beams and secondary beams in four ways directions. Convenient for all shapes of slab and beam formwork

Universal Jack + Swivel Base Plate

Forms Swivel Jacks used for slop base construction

How Universal Jack Works with Scaffold System

Universal jack diameters are customized from 26-48mm. Different diameters of universal jacks need to match up with the inside diameter(ID) of the scaffold vertical poles.

Sepcifications and Weight

UVJ38N600OD38x4.0x600mmHollow2.81Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ38N610OD38x4.0x610mmHollow2.85Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ38N660OD38x4.0x660mmHollow3.01Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ38N760OD38x4.0x760mmHollow3.35Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ38N860OD38x4.0x860mmHollow3.68Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ38H600OD38x5.0x600mmHollow3.24Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ38H660OD38x5.0x660mmHollow3.49Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ38H760OD38x5.0x760mmHollow3.89Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ38H860OD38x5.0x860mmHollow4.30Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ48N600OD48x4.0x600mmHollow3.40Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ48H600OD48x5.0x600mmHollow3.98Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ48N800OD48x4.0x800mmHollow4.27Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ48H800OD48x5.0x800mmHollow5.04Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ48N900OD48x4.0x900mmHollow4.71Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ48H900OD48x5.0x900mmHollow5.57Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ36N600OD36x4.0x600mmHollow2.69Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ34N600OD34x4.0x600mmHollow2.58Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ32N600OD32x4.0x600mmHollow2.46Welded&Seamless Pipe
UVJ36S650OD36x650mmSolid5.43Steel Round Bars
UVJ34S600OD34x600mmSolid4.59Steel Round Bars
UVJ32S600OD32x600mmSolid4.13Steel Round Bars
UVJ30S600OD30x600mmSolid3.70Steel Round Bars
UVJ28S600OD28x600mmSolid3.30Steel Round Bars
UVJ26S600OD26x600mmSolid2.93Steel Round Bars

Why Wellmade’s Universal Jacks

  1. Wellmade is ISO9001 certified scaffolding manufacturer
  2. Wellmade’s universal jack is tested and certified according to EN 12810, EN 1090, and ISO 3834
  3. Wellmade offers 1-year warranty from the day you received the materials
  4. Wellmade customize your universal jack diameter, height, adjustable range
  5. Wellmade design universal jacks according to your construction load capacity requirement and offer relative test results and qualifications certificate
  6. HDG galvanizing makes our universal jack the longest life
  7. ACEM (4 TPI) and Germany Type Quick Threaded Universal Jack Stems are both Available


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