Steel Scaffolding Ladder

Steel scaffolding ladders are ladders made of steel profiles and sections. There are two types of steel scaffold ladders:

Wellmade designs steel scaffolding ladders in size and specifications. You can ask for lightweight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight steel ladders.
In manufacturing, steel scaffolding ladders can be with hooks. The hooks are convenient for jointing with other scaffolding parts.
For anti-rusty purposes, the steel scaffolding ladders can be finished in painting, galvanizing, or made by Galvanized scaffolding pipes.
All of them are tested according to EN 131 in safety and load capacity. Ask us the price now.

  • Material: Steel
  • Grade: S235 or S355
  • Section: Square or Round Hollow
  • Finishing: Paint, Powder Coated and Galvanized
  • Standard: EN 131
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Delivery Term: 15-35 Days
  • Brand: Wellmade

Steel Ladders for Different Scaffolding Systems

Wellmade is a professional steel scaffolding ladder manufacturer in China.  We produce steel ladders for cuplock scaffold systems, ringlock scaffolding systems, kwikstage scaffolding systems, and tube clamp systems, frame systems.  Our engineers design the steel scaffolding ladders in sizes, specifications as well as safety load capacity for each scaffolding system.

Steel scaffolding ladders can be divided into two types. Hook on scaffolding steel ladders and steel ladders without any hooks.

Hook-on scaffold ladders are required more popular these days because it is easy to connect with scaffold horizontals and structures. In erection, ladder hooks are the only fixing parts between the scaffold and the ladders.

Traditional scaffold ladders without hooks are still used in a lot of construction access scaffold projects. They can be leaned on the scaffolding main frames. For securing purposes, they are fixed by the Ladder brackets or Scaffolding Ladder Clamps

Ringlock Scaffolding Ladders

Steel ladders for the ringlock scaffolding system include heavy-duty types ladders with spigots and square-type ladder with hooks.

Heavy duty ringlock steel ladders are for allround systems, exported to Europe. It is hot dip galvanized and made of OD48.3mm heavy-duty scaffold tubes.

Ringlock scaffold steel ladders with hooks are manufactured for Singapore scaffolding and engineering companies. It is also called monkey ladders with hooks. The ladder hooks are important elements used to fix the scaffold ladder to the ringlock system tower.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Ladders

Australian kwikstage scaffolding uses aluminum ladder more than steel ladders.

South Africa’s quick stage system use hook-on scaffold steel ladders.

Cuplock Steel Scaffolding Ladders

In cuplock scaffolding, steel ladders are manufactured by OD42mm scaffold tubes with two OD48.3mm socket tube connectors at the top end. The socket tube sleeves are used to connect each scaffold ladder vertically to a high level in the scaffold access.

Cuplock scaffolding steel ladders are not used independently. It needs to be fixed by the cuplock ladder bracket. Cuplock ladder brackets are with a half-swivel scaffold coupler. In construction, the forged swivel clamps fix the steel ladders to the cuplock scaffolding tower.

We produce all standard sizes of cuplock steel ladders, and if it is needed, our engineers will design and customize your cuplock steel ladder according to your construction requirement.

Cuplock Scaffolding Ladder Sizes

CSL033 ft steel ladder(0.914m)350 x9146.60KG
CSL055 ft steel ladder(1.52m)350×152410.35KG
CSL077 ft steel ladder(2.13m)350 x 213014.06KG
CSL088 ft steel ladder(2.44m)350x 244015.96KG
CSL1010 ft steel ladder(3.05m)350x 305019.50KG
CSL1212 ft steel ladder(3.66m)350x 366023.45KG
CSL1414 ft steel ladder(4.27m)350x 427027.19KG

Tube Clamp Scaffolding Ladders

Tube clamp scaffolding ladders are various. The most used steel ladder for tube clamp systems is a single straight ladder without hooks. The sizes include 2m to 6m and 6.4m. While you can consider both aluminium ladders and a steel ladder with hooks for your tubular scaffolding.

Aluminum Ladder Strengths:

  • Light weight
  • No Rusty
  • Easy Handle
  • Eash Stock
  • EN 131 Standard
  • Long Life

Steel Ladder Strengths:

  • Higher Load
  • Cheaper Price
  • EN 131 Standard

Frame Scaffolding Ladders

The steel scaffolding ladder for frame scaffolding includes a simple straight steel ladder and will be fixed to the frame scaffold by a ladder bracket.   There are also scaffold ladders with side scaffold clamps and scaffold lock pins. The frame scaffolding steel Ladder size can be 2′-13′ customized.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 and CE certified (EN 1090 & ISO 3834) scaffolding company. We offer high-quality steel scaffolding ladders for your access and structure construction. The excellent welding and qualified steel raw materials ensure the safety and stable scaffolding materials for your construction.

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